Get Interviewed

This opportunity has ended as of April 1, 2008. I may reopen it at a later date so subscribe to my RSS feed to find out if I do this again.

I’m giving bloggers and other site owners an opportunity to promote their site by taking an interview. Just fill out the interview by answering the questions appropriate for their site type and email it back to me using the contact form. I’ll clean up the formatting and post the interview.

Interview Rules

1. Please make sure you tell me the URL of your site and answer all required questions for your blog type.

2. The sites mentioned in the interview can’t have auto-generated or scraped content.

3. The sites mentioned in the interview must have meaningful, original, content.

4. The sites mentioned in the interview can’t be ‘bad neighborhood’ sites.

5. You may include a picture of yourself or a screen shot of your blog no bigger than 350×263. I may provide other graphics.

7. I reserve the right to edit interviews and to refuse interviews that are inappropriate in any way. If you think there might be problem, please ask up front.


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