Free 125×125 Ads

Update: Offer Ended on 11/7/2008

I’ve decided to stop showing these ads at this time. If you participated in this promotion, thanks.

I’m giving bloggers and other site owners an opportunity to promote their site by placing a free 125×125 button ad on rotation on OpTempo. Just read the rules and submit a request form.

Ad Rules

1. You will need to supply the 125×125 ad button graphic, the URL of your site/landing page and any ALT or TITLE text you wish to use.

2. Please provide a link to the 125×125 graphic on your site. I’ll download it and then upload it to OpTempo.

3. The buttons may be JPG, PNG or GIF. They cannot be animated GIFs.

4. The links can’t be to sites with auto-generated or scraped content or that have ‘bad neighborhood’ content.

5. The linked site must have meaningful, original, content. It can’t just be just an affiliate marketing landing page although I might consider one that is very well designed with a good product. BANS stores are OK if you want to submit one but remember that traffic from here probably won’t be targeted traffic.

6. I reserve the right to accept or reject or remove from rotation any ad or site that is objectionable to me in any way.

7. If you would like to make changes to a graphic in rotation or discontinue it, please use the contact form and let me know with the same information you used to submit the ad. I should have the change made within 24 hours.

8. All links are nofollowed on these buttons.

9. I may discontinue the Free 125×125 ads offer at any time.

10. Ads are randomly rotated. Some affiliate ads of mine are mixed into the rotation. Ad Click-Thru-Rate (CTR) on these buttons averages about 3% across all ads.

Request Form

Fill out the contact form to request an ad. Make sure you include a link to your site, the link to the 125×125 graphic you want to use and alt and title text. I process requests about every 7-14 days.


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