Wholesale Buying

You Should Know These 5 Wholesaler Warning Signs

Here are five ways you can identify a wholesaler who is dishonest, who is merely running a subscription membership service, or who is simply a middleman operation pretending to be a wholesaler.
1. The Wholesaler is “Internet Only”
While some legitimate wholesalers do request that you conduct your business through their site, they should at least provide a phone number and street address to you. If […]

An Introduction to Drop Shipping

What is Drop Shipping?
Drop shipping is the process of having a product distributor maintain a product inventory and handling the shipping while you, their associate, handles the marketing and selling the product as well as some other customer relationship functions.
This relieves you from having to order products in bulk and trying to find space […]

Tips for Successful Storage Unit Auction Buying

A very common question that new eBay sellers ask is, “Where can I get stuff to sell?” One of my favorite answers is, “Storage unit auctions.”
As you probably know storage units are the little warehouse units where people can store stuff they don’t want in their house, what was left over from Grandma’s house or […]

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