Some Links

Some Links - Blogroll Edition

Some Links - Blogroll Edition

Here’s some info about some of the links in the randomly rotating blogroll, particularly some recent additions to it.

Some Links - eBay Niche Edition

Some Links - eBay Niche Edition

Some interesting links I found about eBay Niche marketing.

Some Links: EntreCard Edition

Some Links: EntreCard Edition

I haven’t done one of my ‘link round-up’ posts in a while so I decided to gather up some interesting links about the EntreCard widget, both good and bad. Most people seem to either really like it or really hate it. See what they’re saying about it.

Some Links #10

Some Links

It’s time for another edition of “Some Links”, links to blogs of people who’ve commented on OpTempo.

Some Links #9

It’s time once again for another edition of "Some Links"
Carla Chadwick wrote this nice checklist you should use before clicking the submit button: Posting checklist.
Courtney Tuttle described his early failures at social media and bookmarking in this article: 5 Reasons I Used To Suck At Social Media.
Homemade Vanilla Extract from is a great description […]

Some Links #8

First of all, a science fiction writer from ‘down under’, Simon Haynes, visited with a comment on my Top 10 Dark Science Fiction Movies post. His site promotes his book series, Hal Spacejock, and he has a few chapters online for you to read. I was very impressed by what I read. It reminded me […]

Some Links #7

Here are some interesting links I’ve encounter in my recent travels.
At All Tips and Tricks Simonne has this article, How To Make An Affiliate Shop Using Data Feeds In Wordpress. I’ve been wondering if it was possible to do this with ShareASale feeds and this article provides a way to do it. Thanks Simonne.
Tamar Weinberg […]

Some Links #6

OK, it’s about time I do another link round-up.
Jerry Khoo wrote this article that I found interesting, Are you having fun blogging today? It can be work but it can be fun too.
Courtney Tuttle has this article on the recent Google PageRank update: Now For The Real Toolbar PageRank Update. What’s interesting about it […]

Some Links #5

Here are some links from blogs I found interesting tonight.
First up is The Auction Rebel. It’s run by Gary Hendrickson and he’s been selling on eBay for quite a while. If you’re considering selling on eBay you should check out his site.
Oh dear, it seem like yet someone else has discovered that BlogRush Sucks. […]

Some Links #4

It’s time once again to shout out to some more sites. Remember that I will link to your site in one of my "Some Links" posts if you leave a comment with your blog’s address and your site isn’t a splog or other type of bad neighborhood site.
First up is Luboš Motl’s blog, The Reference […]

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