Police Videos

Good Cop, Bad Cop

Professional Police Officer vs. Unprofessional Police Officer

Here are two police traffic stop videos with two very different outcomes. In the first one the trooper behaves in a calm, professional, manner when confronted with a very argumentative driver. In the second, a Utah trooper loses his professional bearing and tasers a motorist who disagrees with him.

Police Chase - Pickup vs. Semi

Some teenagers stole a lawnmower, ran from the police, and ended up dead. It’s a truly horrifying accident caught on the police dashboard camera.


Car Thief Tries to Escape Police By Swimming!

Here’s yet another crazy police chase video where the suspect ends up trying to swim away from the police across a small pond after his stolen car is disabled.


Nothing like 100lbs of German Shepard to talk some sense into a fleeing suspect is there?

Police vs. Semi in a Wild Chase

This would not be a good day to be on the road. This guy just would not stop until the police had all but shot the semi truck out from under him.


They say the guy got 10 years for this. I wonder if he served it all.

Mustang Driver Has 9 Lives in This Chase

Here’s a police chase video from Oklahoma. The driver of the stolen Mustang eludes the police several times in a dramatic fashion before eventually being taken out.


The Mustang driver was pretty good but the police were better.

Two Brutal Police Chase Endings

This one is from Houston Texas. It would be interesting to know if the suspect was seriously hurt or not.


Do you think the cop ran him down intentionally or was it an accident? Would you care?
This one is from Spain.


Now that one was intentional. The Spanish police weren’t playing around and I guess taking […]

The Garden City Ghost Car Police Chase

Here’s a weird police chase video of a car that seemingly vanishes, reappears, and then passes through an intact chain link fence. What really happened?

But I was being nice to you…

Those were the famous last words of a belligerent drunk in this traffic stop video before he was cuffed. Some people just can’t take a hint.


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