Littermaid Automatic Litter Box

Littermaid Automatic Litter Box

If you’re a multiple cat household you’ve probably looked into automatic litter boxes. In this buying guide I take a look at the Littermaid Automatic Litter Box.

Zebras on the Prowl in Metro Atlanta

Zebras on the Prowl in Metro Atlanta

Zebras have been sighted in the Atlanta Georgia metro area. What’s the story behind these recent exotic animal sightings?

Maine Coon Cats

Maine Coon Cats

Since a number of people find their way to OpTempo looking for information about Maine Coon Cats I decided to write this post on topics like Maine Coon Cat Scratching and Maine Coon Cat Hygiene. If you’ve wondered about this wonderful breed of cat, read more.

Snowball the Dancing Cockatoo

You may have seen this Cockatoo parrot dancing to the Backstreet Boys before but it’s pretty hilarious.

Large parrots like Snowball are often abandoned when owners get tired of them. They can be quite a handful as we discovered with our blue & gold macaw. Please, please, think and plan before taking on one of these […]

Are You Obsessed With Your Pets?

According to LiveScience, people are becoming more and more obsessed with their pets, especially cats and dogs.
It seems that 2/3’s of American households, roughly 71.1 million households have at least one pet. This is an increase from a 1988 survey that found one or more pets in 56 percent of households. 45 percent of […]

Looking for a Dog? Try

Everyone knows that a lot of dogs are killed each year in animal shelters. is a doing something about this by using the Internet to introduce dogs who’re on death row to potential owners. They show a countdown clock that indicates how much longer a dog has to live and where they’re located. They […]

Pet Pics: Maine Coon Cat and Norfolk Terrier

I couldn’t resist posting a couple of photos of two of our pets, one current and one former. I hope you don’t mind a self-indulgent post. Here’s the first one:

We got Ollie and Wylie from the same rescue organization at about the same time. Ollie, the Maine Coon Cat, was just a kitten in this […]

Funny Cats Video

A funny cat video

What It’s Like to Have a Blue & Gold Macaw as a Pet

People often ask me what it’s like to have a Blue & Gold Macaw as a pet. I usually tell them it’s like having a 2 year old child who has their own megaphone and wood chipper. If you’re considering getting one as a pet here are some things to consider.
First, they are very loud, […]

The Cat Genie Automatic Litter Box

If you have cats like we do you may appreciate this new item, the Cat Genie Automatic Litter Box

You can check out their website at
It looks interesting but we’ve tried automatic litter boxes before and they didn’t hold up too well. The CatGenie cost $297 plus the ongoing expense of materials. That seems […]

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