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Barack Obama Inauguration Souvenir Collectors Guide

Barack Obama Souvenir Collectors Guide

The historic inauguration of Barack Obama as President of the United States has brought a glut of collectible souvenirs onto the market. In this buyers guide I take a look at the items I think will have value in the future for the astute memorabilia collector and ones that won’t retain much value.

Clinton Campaign’s Clever Video

Bill & Hillary Campaign Video

You may or may not like Hillary Clinton but you have to admit her and Bill are the masters of the political campaign. Check out this video from Hillary’s campaign encouraging Iowa voters to vote for her in the caucuses early next year.

Does John Edwards Believe in Censorship?

John Edwards, John Kerry’s Vice Presidential running mate in 2004 and now a 2008 Presidential candidate, doesn’t want you to see this video.


Why? Probably because it shows that he’s yet another elitist politician who wants to tell us "great unwashed" how we should live while he enjoys a $6 million mansion and places his campaign […]

US Senate OK’s Extension to Internet Tax Ban

The Senate approved a 7 year extension to the moratorium on states levying access taxes on Internet connections. This good news to those who run e-commerce sites or who enjoy high speed Internet connections.
The US House of Representatives had passed a 4 year extension of this state tax ban about 2 weeks ago. A conference […]

Blog Action Day

It seems that today is “Blog Action Day” and the topic is the environment. So, since I’m always on the lookout for something to post about, I’ll take the bait.
I’m a Skeptic
Why? Because I’ve heard the same kind of environmental gloom and doom, worse case scenarios, since I was a freshman in college back in […]

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