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Waffle House Collectibles - Buying Guide

Waffle House Collectibles - Buying Guide

Kid Rock got in a fight at a Waffle House. But you don’t have to get in a fight to collect interesting restaurant memorabilia from this chain of greasy spoon diners.

‘Dog’ Gets Muzzled

A&E reality show star and professional bounty hunter Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman has had his show’s production suspended due to a private phone conversation that went public that contained multiple instances of the “N-word”. He also apologized for the racist rant, saying that regretted using it and, as is common in these situations, insisted that the statement was […]

Elvis is Everywhere

Elivis Is Everywhere!

It seems that Elvis is still everywhere. It’s been reported that he is the top earner among dead celebs. His estate brought in a hefty $49 million in the past year.
That’s not to shabby for a guy who’s been dead for 30 years now
To celebrate, here’s Mojo Nixon’s hit single Elvis is Everywhere


Also, check out […]

Prince Hates Dancing Babies?

Apparently Prince doesn’t like cute babies dancing to his songs in 30 second YouTube clips and spends a good part of his day scouring the Internet for such evil music pirates like this little guy.


Here’s an article about it on ABC News: The Home Video Prince Doesn’t Want You to See
It’s good that the Electronic […]

Kid Rock Waffle House Fight

You Might Be A Redneck If……you get in a fight outside a Waffle House at 5 AM. That’s what Kid Rock did in the wee hours Sunday morning here in the Atlanta area. He’s now facing Battery Charges after being Arrested
Article Continued Below…

UPDATE 7/24/2008
Kid Rock pleaded no contest to one count of battery in […]

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