Credit Karma Introduces Credit Simulator

Credit Karma Introduces Credit Simulator

Credit Karma, the site where you can get a look at your credit score for free, has introduced their Credit Simulator, a way for you to examine how your actions could affect your credit score.

Don’t Buy Stuff You Cannot Afford

Don't Buy Stuff You Cannot Afford

In this Hulu video clip from Saturday Night Live Steve Martin tries to figure out a debt management plan called “Don’t Buy Stuff You Cannot Afford”

Is Now the Time to Buy a House?

Is Now the Time to Buy a House?

It’s in the news everyday, the mortgage crisis, house prices falling, credit tightening. Is can’t be a good time to buy a house, can it?Actually, it may be just the right time to buy depending on your location. The news media has gotten everyone worried with their constant drone of negative news. Bad news sells, it’s […]

PayPal Offers PayPal-less Payments

PayPal Secure Card

If you’re like me you might get various payments into PayPal and you like the convenience of turning around and using this money to buy something online. But, what if the merchant in question doesn’t take PayPal? Well, you could use your PayPal Debit card, if you have one, or you could transfer money around to make a payment on another credit card. Now PayPal is offering another way to do this, the PayPal Secure Card built into a browser plugin.

5 Ways to Financial Happiness With Your Spouse

5 Ways to Financial Happiness With Your Spouse

A little while ago I wrote this article, How To Achieve Blame-Free Household Budgeting, and I got a few comments and emails about it asking me to expand more on the concept of handling finances with your spouse. I came up with these five ways that me and my wife deal with our finances and thought they might help you as well.

5 Questions to Ask to Avoid a Phone Sales Scam

5 Questions to Ask to Avoid a Phone Sales Scam

If you’ve expressed an interest in making stock, currency or other investments you will sooner or later find yourself receiving a cold call that goes something like this:

Hello Frank. This is Ben Dover with InterWorldEaze Trading Company. Our firm has been very successful in the field of foreign stock investments. We are looking for a […]

Watch Out for the Universal Default

As credit tightens due to the mortgage lending slump, credit card companies are increasing their usage of "universal default" to help cover their potential losses. What this provision in their contract allows them to do is to charge you an interest rate at the very maximum allowed in your state, typically just over 30%, if […]

The Loan Crisis Deepens - Dealing With Tough Times

Financial Times is reporting today that banks are concerned about auto and credit card loans in addition to mortgages. Here’s the story…
FT: US loan default problems widen

Poor quarterly results from banks across the US over the past two weeks suggest credit problems once confined to high-risk mortgage borrowers are spreading across the consumer landscape, posing […]

How To Achieve Blame-Free Household Budgeting

Do you find it difficult to discuss your household budget with your partner or other family members? Do these discussions become blamefests or even intense arguments rather quickly? This is common and one of the main reasons couples and families have trouble setting up a good, workable, household budget. However, it is often necessary to […]

5 Car Buying Strategies

Here are 5 car buying strategies you can use to get the best deal possible the next time you’re in the market.
1. Show That You’re Considering Alternatives
You can do this by bringing auto listing part of the newspaper with you with several car models from different dealers circled. Make notes as if you’re comparing their […]

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