More Pre-Owned Domain Strategies

More Pre-Owned Domain Strategies

Here are some more ideas of mine about buying pre-owned domains. In this article I describe some of my pre-owned domain strategies and some of my experiences.

Domain Buying for Fun and Profit

Domain Buying for Fun and Profit

Buying pre-owned domains can be quite fun and interesting, not to mention potentially profitable. Here are some of my thoughts and observations on this topic.

Sam Adams Beer in Domain Brew-ha-ha

It seems a guy named Sam Adams in Portland Oregon is running for mayor of that city and Boston Beer, who makes Samuel Adams beer isn’t too pleased about it. Read the whole story here: AP: Brewer in dispute with real Sam Adams
There are a couple of points to consider in this story
First, is the […]

Do You Know Where Your Web Site Has Been?

When I was researching a domain name to use for this site and had narrowed it down to a few choices I figured that the domain name had been used before. So I decided to check The WayBack Machine to see what its past, if any, included.
The first stop was July 21, 2001 when OpTempo was a landing page […]

Need a Domain Name? Use the Dictionary

One of the creative problems people new to blogging, domain speculation or web site building encounter is how to select a good domain name when so many are already taken. What if you wanted a short and unique name that you could build into a standalone brand name rather than using a 4 or 5 word […]

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