It’s Not Business, It’s Personal

It's Not Business, It's Personal

This clip from The Office episode “Did I Stutter?” provides a lesson in real life office politics.

Office Space Clip: Tom Smykowski Interviews with the Bobs

Office Space Clip: Tom Smykowski Interviews with the Bobs

In this clip from the movie Office Space, Tom Smykowski faces a team of efficiency consultants nicknamed “The Bobs”.

10 More Tough Job Interview Questions

A little while ago I published this article, Can You Answer These 10 Tough Job Interview Questions?, as a guide to tough questions you might get asked by a potential employer or might want to ask a prospective employee. Well, I’m back with 10 more toughies.
Remember, if you think about how to answer these […]

What the $%$*#%? Profanity Boosts Morale?

A British study of workplaces, published in the Leadership and Organization Development Journal, states that swearing at work will increase morale in the workplace. They noted that such swearing enhanced group cohesiveness and that it was more common with lower echelon workers and younger managers.
Well, I’ve seen this work both ways.
For example, in the […]

Gen Y Employees Get Generous Job Perks, But Why?

It seems that many companies are trying to attract young, hip, 20-somethings by offering them perks that were unheard of for older Gen Xers and Baby Boomers. Here’s the story…
MSNBC: Job perks galore for twentysomethings

Today’s workplace is all about Generation Y when it comes to recruiting. At least that’s how employers see it, and they’re […]

What If You’re Smarter Than Your Boss?

Let’s face it, some people got into positions of leadership by being good office politics players, simple longevity at the company or perhaps just because of family or organizational relationships. And, unfortunately, these people may not be the bright bulbs. As their subordinate in the organization if you let your superior knowledge come out it […]

Can You Answer These 10 Tough Job Interview Questions?

Often in job interviews you can get blindsided by questions that put you on the spot, where there are no good answers. On the flip side, if you’re interviewing someone you may want to see how well they can deal with such a question and see if they say something revealing, positive or negative, about […]

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