BlogRush Sucks

Blogrush Sucks - The Final Flush

Blogrush Sucks

Blogrush sucks for it’s final time as its creator pulls the plug on the mess.

BlogRush, BlogFlush - A BlogRush Sucks Update

BlogRush, BlogFlush - A BlogRush Sucks Update

Could this be the final BlogRush Sucks Update? Things aren’t looking good for them as more and more blogs decide to “Flush the Rush”. Here’s a round-up of them.

BlogRush Sucks Update: Doing the BlogRush Flush

BlogRush Sucks Update: Doing the BlogRush Flush

It’s time once again to cover who’s ‘Flushing the Rush’ by removing the BlogRush widget from their blog. Blogging Zoom co-founder, Courtney Tuttle, is one who’s flushing it. See who else is pulling the chain this time around.

BlogRush Sucks Update: BlogRush vs. EntreCard vs. Cliq

BlogRush Sucks Update: BlogRush vs. EntreCard vs. Cliq

Yes, BlogRush still sucks. And, yes, it’s time again for my bi-weekly update. In this update I’ll have links to other people’s sites who’re not happy with BlogRush plus overviews of two new competitors, EntreCard and Cliq.

BlogRush Still Sucks - Mid November Update

BlogRush Sucks

Yes, BlogRush still sucks. This is no news to small time bloggers who’re still in the program or who were kicked out without a good reason. They know that they get extremely low conversion rates for the widget and, if they take the time to look, they’ll find that they’re primarily advertising for big blogs or someone else’s affiliate offers for Forex eBooks or tampons. Big time bloggers like seem to be shocked by the overwhelming negative reaction by their readers.

BlogRush Sucks Update: BlogRush Prepares Another Purge

BlogRush Sucks

BlogRush is preparing for another purge of blogs according to their latest communication.

We’ll soon be adding “widget performance monitoring” to our network. Any users that have low-performing widgets will be automatically notified that they need to improve the positioning for the widget on their blogs. Failure to improve their widget performance (which can be done […]

BlogRush Sucks - Round #5

OK, another day, another BlogRush Sucks round-up.
But, for a moment, let’s be positive and consider what John Reese and BlogRush should do.
1. Apologize to all the bloggers who’ve been given an ‘inactivated’ slap in the face.
2. Rescind the inactivations for all, not just a select few A-Listers who complained, like John Cow.
3. Do a real evaluation […]

BlogRush Sucks - Round 4

Here’s another round in the BlogRush Sucks battle.
BlogRush founder John Reese has apparently been dashing around trying to do some damage control. It’s good that he’s trying to make up for this public relations disaster and not hiding in the bunker. Hopefully, behind the scenes, he’s sent the gaggle of trained monkeys he had doing […]

BlogRush Sucks - Round 3

It seems that BlogRush’s ‘quality police’ have been out in force in recent days, paying their 2 second respects to a wide array of sites before hitting the “REJECT” button. Even up and coming A-List Mooney blogger John Cow got the BlogRush BumsRush.
Here are some more posts about it on other blogs:
Banned from BlogRush
Banned […]

BlogRush Sucks - Phase 2.0

Well, it seems that BlogRush has a new phase coming out. Let’s see what they’re up to now.
On the plus side, they’re adding more reports and more categories. The categories were important since the few they had were far too general and what little traffic it supplied was essentially untargeted. That’s it for the good […]

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