One Song - Walk The Line Clip

One Song - Walk The Line Clip

In this clip from the movie Walk the Line, Sam Phillips challenges Johnny Cash to find one song that expresses his feelings. Do you have one song?

5 Steps To More Effective Goal Setting

Goal Setting In Action

In viewing some blogs this evening I noticed a few people were bummed out about their inability to reach goals. I thought this information might help.
1. Start With Short Term Goals
If you set a large, long term, goal, for example, making $25,000 a month, without setting small goals you’re likely to become discouraged quickly. Set […]

4 Steps to Presenting a Great Speech

Many people wish they had the ability to speak in public but most fail to do well at it. Why is this? And what can you do that will allow you to present a great and memorable speech?

Here’s a Four Leaf Clover to Bring You Luck

According to superstition, someone who finds a four leaf clover also finds good luck. Everybody wants to be lucky but what can you do to bring yourself luck, besides find a genetically mutated clover leaf? The old saying goes, "Luck frequently visits the prepared mind." So, we’re going to look at 4 ways to prepare […]

6 Ways For You to Become a Better Listener

Who’s your favorite speaker? It’s a trick question because for most people it’s themselves. People love to hear themselves talk and they love the idea that you like to hear them talk because it reinforces their belief. If you don’t listen, then they’ll often feel insulted or hurt. If you want to be a better […]

4 Steps Toward Better Goal Setting

Setting meaningful goals is difficult for many people. One common problem is that they just don’t know how to set a goal, what it should consist of and what makes a goal effective and not effective. Here are four ideas that have helped me and maybe they’ll help you too.
1. Make It Personal
The idea is […]

Avoid the “If I only…” Trap

One of the things that holds people back in achieving success in their chosen endeavors is what I like to call the "If I only" trap. People use this to excuse their failure or to even not try at all. I know I’m guilty of using it and I should know better. Unfortunately, it’s an […]

How Serious is Your Debt Problem?

With prices rising due to increased fuel costs plus the problems with housing loans, once again, more and more people are facing difficult times, living from paycheck to paycheck, and running into problems with their debts. Some of these may well be temporary setbacks. However, these temporary situations can become damaging if the reality and […]

How To Achieve Blame-Free Household Budgeting

Do you find it difficult to discuss your household budget with your partner or other family members? Do these discussions become blamefests or even intense arguments rather quickly? This is common and one of the main reasons couples and families have trouble setting up a good, workable, household budget. However, it is often necessary to […]

Home Selling Advice

What do buyers need when they plan to buy a home? In fact, there are so many aspects one needs to consider. In the seller’s point of view, you should follow some home selling advice. Here are some advices for your success of selling home:

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