Revised January 22, 2008

Welcome to OpTempo.

Hi, my name is Frank Carr. I’m posting here by my initials, JFC.

This blog originally started as an experiment in rapid paced blogging where I made 200 posts between October 6, 2007 and October 31, 2007. The overall topic here is sort of ‘anything goes’ although my primary focus right now is on product reviews and buying guides for new and vintage items. I also mention various Internet Marketing topics from time to time as well as my own software products although I’m now posting articles on this topic on my new blog, Earn Online Cash.

Some people have asked where I get products for review. I primarily get them from local retailers and chain stores where I’ve established a working relationship with owners and managers. Some items I test out are returned items, refurbished products or are otherwise on the secondary market. Others belong to friends who were kind enough to let me review them.

I’ve also dabbled in the collectibles and antique market over the years and I was an active seller of such items on eBay a few years ago although I rarely sell on eBay these days. Some of my family members are more into the collectibles and antiques so I consult with them from time to time as well.

If you’re into computer programming, you might want to check out my software development blog, Visual Basic Notebook for .NET. I also have a more in-depth bio on my technical background there in the About page, but the short version is that I’ve been a software developer and business systems analyst/consultant for over 20 years.

If you’re wondering why I’m not a rock star guitarist, you can check out my SoundClick page where I expose my guitar playing to an unwitting world (Mountain Dew Morning, A Miner at a Fair and Of Unknown Origin are my best ones, IMO.)

If you’re wondering what my monkey logo means, check out this post: What’s With The Monkey?

My Recommended Articles

Here’s a list of my favorite OpTempo articles, primarily for those of you who’re interesting in Internet Marketing and Blogging Tips.

The Secret Guide to Social Blogging Success: Parts 1 through 6

This series is a semi-serious/semi-satirical look at “Make Money Online” social blogging and how to be a success doing it.

Articles about using WordPress and WordPress Themes

Articles about using Blogger

General Blogging Ideas and Advice

Niche Blogging Ideas and Advice

eBay Partner Network (EPN) and Build A Niche Store (BANS)

Blog Monetization Options Series

This series is about the options for monetizing an average blog with the goal of earning $100-200 a month from it. Some of the information is outdated but it might still be interesting to you.

Big Honkin’ Ads Series

This series offers a little info about my advertising strategy on OpTempo.

Using Images On Your Blog Series

This series discusses using images on a blog and how I use them here on OpTempo.


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