Mimo UM-710 USB Mini LCD Monitor Review

In today’s review I’m taking a look at the Mimo UM-710 USB Mini LCD Monitor. This 7 inch auxiliary monitor simply plugs into your USB port and you have an extra monitor. But, just how useful is this tiny screen and is it a good addition to your computer setup or not? Read more to find out how things went when I recently had a chance to try one out…

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A quick look at the stats for the Mimo UM-710 USB monitor reveals that it has a 7 inch, 800×480, resolution. It can be configured for either horizontal or vertical display. The monitor uses DisplayLink technology which was originally developed for servers. It’s also very lightweight, just slightly under a pound, even with the integrated stand and cover. It folds up pretty neatly into a laptop bag friendly package. The power for the unit is supplied by the USB port so you don’t need to plug it into an outlet, just make sure you plug it into a powered USB. The monitor does come with a second USB port that you can use for power if your PC’s port doesn’t provide sufficient power.

You may ask, why would someone want two or even three monitors? For me, the advantage comes from being able to see everything I’m working with when programming or doing web design or graphics. It’s also kind of neat to have your instant messaging apps, like Skype or Windows Live Messenger, or music apps,  like Pandora or Rhapsody, running on a second monitor so that you don’t have to toggle windows to find the app. It’s also great for folks who need to monitor stocks, website or server stats, social networks and such while doing other tasks as well. You quickly get used to the convenience of having a second monitor around.

Visually, the 7 inch Mimo UM-710 monitor takes some getting used to, especially when you have a much larger desktop or laptop screen. The monitor is bright and out of the box it needed a little adjustment to tone it down for the average home or hotel room. I guess the default adjustments were done in a fluorescently lit office. Readability of text is good on the screen without any significant blurring although it is small text. Update speed is good for your average applications like word processing and Internet browsing and even basic graphics. Most video games are best played on your main monitor though. 

Drivers for the Mimo UM-710 USB monitor are included in the package for Windows XP and Vista but you’ll need to download drivers for Windows 7 or Mac from the company website. Installation is simple and straight forward.

For laptop users it’s important to note that the Mimo UM-710 will be pulling power from your USB port and thus your battery. When using it you can expect your power time to be cut by about 1/4 to 1/3 of your normal time.

Concerns? While I like the portability of the Mimo UM-710 it is a bit on the small side for me to use on a daily basis with my desktop. If I was a laptop based ‘road warrior’ though I might consider it. It is also a bit pricy, typically around $129-149 unless you catch a good deal. You can buy a good standard LCD monitor for less than that although it won’t be portable.

Overall, I liked the Mimo UM-710 USB Mini LCD Monitor. If I traveled with my laptop a lot I’d have to consider buying one for myself. For day to day use with my desktop, well, I don’t see it as being practical for me.


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