LG GT365 Neon Phone Review

In today’s review I’m going to be taking a look at LG GT365 Neon cellphone. I recently got this phone as a replacement for my older Motorola flip phone that was getting on the old side and lacked some features I wanted. I also wanted a phone that would work within AT&T’s GoPhone system. Based on features and price, I went with the LG GT365 Neon. Here’s why…

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First of all, I’m not a fan of the two year contract plans that all of the companies offer. I prefer the pay-as-you-go system even though it means not having the most trendy phone like the iPhone, Android or myTouch. Based on coverage, phone selection and service availability I decided to go with AT&T’s GoPhone service previously. This service generally costs me about $20 a month on the $1 a day plan, which is much less than most contract plans that start out at around $40 a month but are usually much more. Purchasing the GoPhone version of the Neon will give you $50 credit from AT&T. You can either use the new SIM in the package or do like I did and move your SIM from your old phone to the new one. Either way, you get the $50 credit.

Now, let’s take a look at the LG GT365 Neon, starting with an overview of its features. The phone’s basic design is the modern iPhone-ish look with a 2.4 inch screen that includes LCD touch dialing although other features require using the navigation keys. This is a slide out design with a small keyboard that’s not too small for larger fingers. The phone comes with only 14 MB of internal memory which can be expanded up to 4GB using a microSD memory card. The phone comes in a basic black and gray color, which is what I got, as well as more colorful neon green and black color scheme.

One of the features I wanted in a new mobile phone was Bluetooth 2.0 and the LG GT365 has this. I have a built-in hands free system in my vehicle and I wanted to use it. This has probably been my favorite feature of this phone since I can drive and dial and talk on the phone with no awkward fumbling or dangerous distractions.

The LG Neon is designed with text messaging in mind with its slide out QWERTY keyboard. When you slide out the keyword the screen orientation flips, which is nice. There’s also support for mobile email and instant messaging via AOL, Yahoo and Windows live but you’ll have to pay as you go for data access when you use these features. There are some productivity apps built into the phone and the phone has Java 2.0 support so that you can download other applications, if you want to pay for them. Overall, I found the feature navigation easy enough although finding a few items was quite as clear as I would have liked.

The LG GT365 Neon has a built-in 2 megapixel camera with a 4x digital zoom and the typical basic digital camera options. It won’t compete well with a real digital camera but is good enough for casual photography. The photo lens has a tiny mirror next to it making it easy to take good portrait shots for your address book. Also, the phone can capture video clips with audio. As you might expect, this is a bit shaky.

Music features are nice on this phone although I haven’t used them that much myself, given that I’ve got about a dozen digital music players laying around here. The LG GT365 supports MP3, AAC/AAC+, and WMA files (although not protected WMA files) and will allow you to stream music from AT&T (once again, at a price). You can also setup these files as your ringtone if you want. Sadly, it doesn’t have a standard headphone jack so you’ll need to purchase a pair of Bluetooth headphones to hear the music.

I’ve had three disappointments with the LG GT365, nothing major but still a bit annoying.

First, the battery life is short. I’m seeing about 2 hours of talk time before the charge is gone. Even the idle time seems to drain power quicker than I’d expect. I guess this is typical of a lot of newer phones but I really have to make a habit of keeping this phone plugged in when I’m not on the go.

Second, activating the speakerphone feature is difficult. I’ve never gotten it to work right. At least thanks to the Bluetooth connectivity I don’t have to really worry about this.

Lastly, I’ve had problems getting the USB connection between the phone and PC’s to work. I suppose this is a matter of finding the right drivers to use. For now, I just swap data out via the MicroSD card. Charging the phone via the USB is very slow as compared to the AC charger or car charger.

Do I recommend this phone? I would give it a qualified yes. It’s probably the most feature rich phone in the AT&T GoPhone line right now and if you want more or less up to date features but not spend $100 a month on a trendy mobile phone, the LG GT365 Neon will do nicely.


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Comment by Rosemary
2010-02-08 11:38:40

I weent for the Samsung R810C from Straight Talk and it’s a beautiful phone. It has a touch screen ans EVDO browser and the 3G loads data in seconds not minutes! I also went for their $45.00pm unlimited calling, text and data plan and being on Verizon is trouble free

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