2 Years Plus at OpTempo

Save your fork, we are having cake!

This blog, OpTempo, has been around since October 6 2007. Over time it has changed and evolved and, most recently, gone more or less dormant while I worked on other projects. I didn’t even bother to do a site birthday post back in October 2009 so this is kind of a belated birthday post as well as a site update post for the few people who read this site regularly. Now I’m ready to kick off a new round of reviews, guides and product launches, with a few changes and I wanted to let you know about them and get your input.

Moving Hosts and Changing Themes

Right now OpTempo is hosted on GoDaddy. Yeah, yeah, I know. But moving to another host won’t be simple. It takes time and planning and, worst of all, it costs money and doesn’t make money. Eventually I’ll probably break down and move but I don’t see doing this anytime soon right now.

I also want to change from the Visionary theme I’m using now. Don’t get me wrong, I like this theme. However, there are some things that I would like to do that I can’t easily do with this theme. There are some other magazine themes I’m looking at but I’ll probably go with something I put together myself. Once again, this is a ‘cost center’ kind of project so the inertia is to keep things the way they are.

What do you think? Should switching hosts and themes be a priority or should I keep things the way they are?

No More Spam Top Commentator

After dealing with huge amounts of spam comments, I’ve decided to turn off the Top Commentator plugin. OpTempo has been on a number of lists of blogs that used this plugin and, as a result, has been hammered by automated programs and such. I didn’t mind having this available for regular readers and friends but I was just getting too much junk so the plugin had to go.

I’ll probably eventually add back in some sort of followed comment reward system if I can find one I like and that will work well with this theme and the comment plugin I’m using. I want to avoid CommentLuv and KeywordLuv if I can because they’re often searched for and spam blasted as well. If you have a suggestion, let me know.

Future Plans

I’m going to be trying for at least one post a day for the near future. I’ll also be doing product promotions and giveaways. I’m not sure what else I’ll be doing but hopefully it will be interesting.


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2010-02-09 07:33:29

Hiya Frank,

The visionary theme is a nice one for sure, but I’ve seen some other magazine themes that are nicer. I can’t think of the names right now though, sorry. I don’t know if changing the theme and switching hosting companies should be a top priority or not, so I guess it’s just a personal choice. Happy belated birthday to you!

Comment by JL Palmetto
2010-02-09 09:31:13

Congrats, Op Tempo!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!

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