RCA Jet 1GB Sport Media Player Review

In today’s review, we’re going to take a look at a very cheap MP3 player, the RCA Jet 1GB Sport Media Player with FM Tuner. This inexpensive player is found today in various outlet stores and closeout web sites at a very good price, occasionally dropping below $10. In this review, we’ll take a look at how it performs and if there are any serious compromises built into it.

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First off, let’s take a look at the stats for the RCA Jet Sport Media Player S2001. This digital music player was built from the ground up with the workout market in mind. The outer case is rubberized and it’s water and sweat resistant. There’s also an arm band for workouts. And, something unique in MP3 players, it has an integrated Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator and a stopwatch with lap time. Other than that it’s your fairly typical, lower end, flash memory based MP3 player. It has 1GB of memory, FM with presets, MP3 and WMA/Protected WMA playback and recording. It does not have video or picture capability and it does not support subscription WMA music. The display is monochrome text and has adjustable brightness. It is powered by a lithium rechargeable battery.

Let’s first consider the sound quality of the RCA Jet MP3 player. I would give it average in this department. The EQ settings don’t really do a lot for my ears, especially when playing through a car interface rather than earphones. The sound is kind of flat, unlike what I’ve heard from Sansa and other players. With headphones, it’s a little better although the provided clip-on headset phones aren’t very good. As always, I recommend getting a better pair of ear buds.

The user interface of the RCA Jet player is rather difficult to navigate. I’m used to the more intuitive controls on the Sansa and iPod and I found this one rather obtuse in comparison. Another annoyance is that the player doesn’t seem to have a means to pickup playing again where you stopped. So, if you turn off the player you have to scroll back to the song you were on, provided you remember it.

Battery life for the RCA Jet is advertised at 15 hours but, from what I saw in practice, it was about half of this. Of course, I was testing a returned unit but I’ve heard similar reports from others.

Lastly, the durability and quality of the RCA Jet Sport MP3 player is a bit questionable in my mind. For a player that’s supposed to be for workouts, it seems to get a lot of returns for failed buttons or other problems. It seems like the actual buttons behind the rubber sleeve must be a bit too cheap.

All in all, the RCA Jet 1GB Sport Media Player S2001 is a super cheap MP3 player that is far from perfect. In fact, you might call it a disposable MP3 player, especially if you can get it for under around $15. Just bear in mind that it probably won’t hold up long and some of its built-in annoyances might have you slamming it up against the wall, resulting in a premature demise.


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Comment by used tires
2009-10-05 17:05:33

Well even if it may not last a long time, if you take good care of it, for the price of the player and what you get this is definitely a worthwhile mp3 player to get =D

Till then,


Comment by Briefcases
2009-10-06 15:26:12

This sounds like a handy little media player for active people. It reminds me of the original Sony Walkman with its yellow exterior. I wouldn’t pay much money for this, but if it really can be had for as low as $10 that is a steal.

Comment by ATV for Sale
2009-11-16 18:28:43

Yes they totally ripped off the design from the classic Sony Sports Walkman. I wonder if it is as good a product as that was. At the time, it was the best walkman on the market.

Comment by Used Tires
2009-11-16 23:21:41

@ATV for Sales, that’s what most lower brands do, lol.

Till then,


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Comment by ATV for Sale
2009-11-19 14:43:26

I didn’t realize RCA was a lower brand. They have been making tvs and stereo equipment for a long time. I guess they just don’t have as creative designers.

Comment by Used Tires
2009-11-27 20:53:48

Ok you win, I’ll go with they didn’t have as creative designers, lol.

Till then,


Comment by Living Outdoors
2009-10-06 17:14:15

Its been my experience that no matter what player you buy they all have overrated battery life. I’ve yet to find one that lasts as long as the company that makes them claims

Comment by Filipina Heart
2009-10-07 04:10:40

Very nice looking and for $10? Really a great deal to say the least. Thanks for the review. I plan to get two of these for my brother in laws. And don’t call me cheap, just budget minded ;)

Comment by Lucidica
2009-10-16 06:54:30

Great, I was looking for a new mp3 player for when I’m working out and the BMI feature sounds really interesting. Never heard of that on a mp3 player before. Thanks

Comment by Marketing Man
2009-10-19 02:40:06

I personally feel that the trickle-down effect created by planned obsolescence is a boon for the less priviledged and tech-savvy. For $10 or slightly less you have a very useful piece of technology. Many people, especially in rural areas are very dependant on their radios for entertainment and news. A personal fm device like this, at this kind of cost will be of serious value to them.

Comment by Briefcases
2009-11-19 14:48:27

Good point. When we are in front of a computer all day it is easy to forget about people from different backgrounds who may still rely on such technology. Personally I haven’t used a handheld radio in many years.

Comment by Marketing Man
2010-02-04 05:11:10

Same here, but believe you me we are some of the lucky ones! A friend of mine is doing a roaring trade with wind-up radios in rural areas of South Africa.

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Comment by Berg
2009-10-20 01:38:49

I had a similar water and sweat resistant product repaired just a month back. The problem? Fluids made its way inside and shorted the chip.

Comment by Used Tires
2009-10-24 18:59:49

Ouch that stinks for sure Berg :( I guess not all water/sweat resistant products are as good as they claim.

Till then,


Comment by Briefcases
2009-11-03 15:20:41

That would really piss me off. If you buy something that claims to be water resistant, you expect it to do a good good of that. Unfortunately companies often label products as water resistant to get away with not claiming it is completely water proof.

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Comment by resort for couples
2009-11-01 23:52:46

i have some videos that i want on my site but they are Windows Media Player so there is no code to coppy how do i put them on my site and there is a way my friend has live sport on her chat and is Windows Media Player thank u

Comment by resort for couples
2009-11-01 23:53:02

i have some videos that i want on my site but they are Windows Media Player so there is no code to coppy how do i put them on my site and there is a way my friend has live sport on her chat and is Windows Media Player thank u….

Comment by Berg
2009-11-10 04:19:08

How about reviewing some watches for runners

Comment by Bratwurst Recipes
2009-11-12 03:04:53

Wow!!! This is great!!!
MP3 player for this price? This is really very cheap!!! Definitely a worthwhile.
I need to buy a birthday gift for my nephew and I will check that out.
Thanks for sharing!

Comment by La Digue
2009-11-18 00:57:10

Well, for this price it looks like a total bargain.

2009-11-30 02:49:35

Very good, but i will be more happy if price will be low. :)

Comment by Marketing Man
2010-01-01 04:56:16

Hiya All! I was in the neighbourhood and just popped in to wish everybody a peaceful and prosperous 2010. May it be the best year ever! God bless you all.

Comment by used tires
2010-01-03 00:10:10

I’ll second that Marketing Man, Happy New Year everyone!

Lets hope that 2010 is our best year :D

Till then,


2010-01-01 17:39:55

RCA makes a pretty good little mp3 player. I’m really glad I was able to find one for sale cheap on Ebay not to long ago.

2010-01-25 21:02:54

[…] RCA Jet 1GB Sport Media Player […]

Comment by Briefcases
2010-02-02 17:44:17

I’ve had my ipod for so long that I couldn’t imagine using a different mp3 player. I definitely couldn’t switch to a 1GB player after being spoiled by 60GB. I’d be switching out music on a daily basis.

Comment by mortgage broker
2010-02-05 16:55:55

Does this have an AM tuner? Yes, some of us listen to AM.

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