Kodak EasyShare Z1085IS Digital Camera Review

In today’s review I’m taking a look at the Kodak EasyShare Z1085IS Digital Camera. This 10 megapixel digital camera is yet another Kodak model that has hit the closeout and refurb market rather quickly. Is it like other Kodak digital cameras I’ve tried out and found them disappointing? Read more to find out…

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The Kodak Z1085 has the standard features you would expect on a digital camera today: 5x optical zoom, optical image stabilization, scene specific photo modes and scene detection and capture modes. The camera is capable of taking HD video in the 16:9 format for viewing on HDTVs. It also features a high ISO mode, up to 12,800, and onboard panorama photo stitching. Some of the interesting bells-and-whistles this camera has are a multimedia slideshow mode, voice and text picture tagging and a ’share’ button to flag favorite photos for sharing later. It only has 32mb of onboard memory so buying a memory card with it is necessary. The camera’s power can be provided by the included CR-V3 battery pack or by regular AA batteries. The LCD is 2.5 inches which is on the smaller side of average with today’s cameras.

Stylistically, the Kodak EasyShare Z1085IS doesn’t win any prizes. Due to its support of AA batteries and the lens it’s bulky as compared to the more popular slim cameras. You won’t be slipping this camera in and out of your pocket. The user interface of the camera is good and easy to understand. Some advanced features take a look work to find but most people won’t be using them anyway. The camera has a bit of a cheap feel to it although I think it would be durable as long as it was handled with decent care. 

Taking photos with the Z1085 in its automatic mode is pretty simple and, like most point-and-shoot digital cameras in this price range, it’s hard to take a bad picture. The 5x zoom is nice, considering that most similarly priced cameras only have 3x. The high ISO modes sound good on paper but are pretty useless. Back in my film photography days I often used 800 and 1600 ISO films and even at 800 ISO this camera fails miserably. If you’re wanting this kind of low light photography in a digital package, this isn’t the camera for you. The photos taken with the EasyShare Z1085IS in good lighting where the auto features are there to help are generally good. The colors, contrast and balance were as good as other cameras in this price range. The video, which is 720p HD, is OK. Sometimes its automatic adjustments get in the way. You won’t be filming the next Cloverfield on it but it will do for putting a friend’s silly antics on YouTube.

Now we get to the bad things about this camera and I found two.

First, the battery life seemed awfully short. Granted, I was working with a returned unit but I did try it out with a new CR-V3 battery and AAs. In both cases, I only got about 30 pictures before the camera died with the fully charged battery pack and only 17 from the AA batteries. Should you buy this camera I recommend buying an extra battery pack or two for it. The other problem I encountered with the Kodak Z1085 was sluggish performance. It took nearly 5 seconds for the camera to boot up, which I found annoying. The lag time between shots was also annoying, reminding me of an early digital camera I had 10 years ago. It does have a burst photo mode but this isn’t as good as other cameras I’ve used in the same price range.

The bottom line on the Kodak EasyShare Z1085IS Digital Camera is that it’s a decent, average, digital camera for average photo taking that has a lot of questionable features shoehorned into it for marketing purposes. Given the performance problems, I’d be hesitant to recommend buying this camera unless you found a great deal, under $90, and the seller offering it had a good return policy.


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Comment by used tires
2009-07-11 15:46:06

Hmm, honestly you just cannot compare with the cannon, once you go cannon you never go back. I use to use Kodak cameras until I started using the cannon. Haha, I can bet you won’t be filming the next cloverfield on it… sick movie btw
till then,

Comment by Awek Comel
2009-07-11 23:12:32

For the price I rather get a Canon Powershot.

Comment by Buat Duit Online
2009-07-11 23:14:06

I think canon make one of the best compact camera. For the price I would rather purchase a Powershot any time.

Comment by Free Memo
2009-07-22 04:32:42

This Kodak camera takes great shots and the software is easy to use and to transfer pictures to other software like Send Photos.
I use the camera to take pictures of my listings or previewing for buyers who are out of state. The auto-panorama is very handy when I try to show an entire room.
I also make my own Virtual Tours with Photoshow5 and my pictures look great.
Also the choices for different lighting works wonders. Especially for
pool side pictures at night with soft lighting.

Comment by Sarah Wunderberg
2009-07-22 09:24:59

I am very satisfied with this Kodak cam. For sure it takes great shots and the software is easy to use!

Comment by straps
2009-07-23 15:36:58

Great info there; it’s amazing to me the features and quality that they can pack into a small camera these days……all at great prices.

2009-07-25 11:15:59

Solid camera, Kodak always makes good quality products.

Comment by Marie Erholung
2009-07-25 12:57:09

nice review! …the battery life sounds very crappy! …I wouldn’t buy a camera that needs new power every 30 pictures.

Comment by Bob Jones
2009-07-26 21:12:19

Ooh I don’t like the slow start up or the battery life - I love my old digital which runs on AA batteries - but it takes 100’s before it runs out of power!

Comment by Allyn
2009-07-30 07:24:37

I have a Kodak Easy Share with 8 megapixel and I really like it. The Kodak takes great pics, in relatively fast and is very small and compact so it fits in the pocket of my cargo shorts on vacation.
The other thing is that it takes video which is of surprisingly good quality considering the price of the camera. Nice review man.

Comment by Organizare Nunta
2009-08-16 12:25:33

That is a nice camera, and beside Kodak are always doing good quality products. Anyway for this price everything you get should be very very good.

Comment by Monica
2009-08-17 07:33:17

I have one of this, I really recommend it.

Comment by Love Graphics
2009-08-17 18:31:57

I agree with some of the other comments, I would rather purchase a Canon Powershot any day, and I did. I just got the new one, and it’s wonderful. I pretty much just stick to Canon for camera/camcorder related products.

2009-08-26 11:17:22

In my opinion, Kodak has its own niche on the digital camera market. Many consumers are looking for Kodak’s including the Kodak EasyShare Z1085IS.

Comment by Marketing Man
2009-09-03 05:46:05

It is funny to see that the people who were market leaders in the days of film now frantically scampering to jump on the digital camera bandwagon. Where their brand was once a premium one, we’re now looking at entry level to middle of th eroad offerings. How times have changed!

Comment by Cyrus Black
2009-09-04 06:09:45

Excellent compact, and high-quality camera…

Comment by helse-kosthold
2009-09-07 14:57:43

I love this camera, very easy to use. I got mine from ebay… Nina

Comment by Idiot Proof Diet
2009-09-17 22:02:35

Well if you don’t have good battery life then all the features are merely waste. But must say, you gave the insight of the DigiCam, its appreciated.

Comment by Current Health News
2009-09-18 12:13:52

I don’t know a lot about digital cameras, but I have had fantastic experiences both with Samsung and Nikon. Both were higher mega pixel and both were easy to use. The picture quality was awesome and both could take short videos too. I have a Samsung S850 now (which I purchased at Radio Shack w/ warranty) and I love it! I believe they are around $200 now. It has a feature that will automatically limit movement from your hands when holding the camera. I always get a crystal clear shot!

Comment by HeightWeightChart
2009-10-04 01:43:53

It’s true that Kodak doesn’t always get a lot of love around here: in spite of the company’s storied history and early adoption of digital technology, Kodak’s recent digital camera offerings have, for one reason or another, often failed to impress reviewers. Strong resources and a great brand name notwithstanding, the historic maker has seemed to focus too much on trying to compete on price in recent years, and not enough on building cameras that really stand out.

Comment by boys cowboy boots
2009-10-31 14:54:15

My dad has one of these cameras and it is a huge disappointment. I worked in a camera shop for awhile and compared to a Nikon or Canon a Kodak is a waste of money. Though easy to use they are really unreliable.

2009-11-12 03:49:56

Digital cameras i haven’t used but they really seem very good. I have seen one of the best digital camera of my friend and i m thinking to buy now.

Comment by Ignacio Neil
2009-11-13 07:06:29

It seems that Kodak has improved in making the acquisition process a little bit better but at the expense of other things like battery and boot up time

2009-11-23 05:52:11

Kodak is good, but its very heavy for me.

Comment by Corporate training
2009-12-07 07:03:45

Kodak is famous from its perfect cameras and other products contained with photography. I wonder how this camera is managing difficulties of modern users. I guess that photos made with this piece of technology looks great.

2009-12-20 16:54:37

I had very bad luck with my kodak easyshare. I will buy a powershot for my next purchase for sure.

Comment by Burr grinders
2010-01-06 17:21:05

After reading several mixed reviews, I was a little reluctant about purchasing this camera. So far, I have been extremely impressed with it. Pictures come out great even in low lighting thanks to the strong flash and high ISO. The panorama stitch mode is a really cool feature. It works best with a tripod but even without one, it still works well. The macro mode has some issues focusing if you are too close but with 10 megapixels, you can just back away a few inches and crop the photo. For the price, you get great performance and a lot of great features (high ISO, HD video, 5x zoom, panorama, etc…) in a very easy to use camera. Highly recommended!

2010-01-22 06:30:52

Kodak facing much competition in current time, as before now Kodak not able to provide best quality product compare to other camera giant in market as you told not recommending in this price, it hard to buy for us, thx for review.

Comment by berkeleysamson
2010-01-22 10:17:05

i wish i have one of these gadgets…

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