Canon PowerShot A1100 IS Digital Camera Review

In today’s review we’re taking a look at the Canon PowerShot A1100 IS Digital Camera. For the most part, I’ve liked other Canon point-and-shoot digital cameras I’ve reviewed. What did I like and not like about this 12 megapixel Canon camera?

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The Canon A1100 has all of the usual features you would expect in the $150-$200 price range: 12.1-megapixel resolution, 4x optical zoom, an optical image stabilizer, face recognition technology,  contrast and red eye correction, scene presets and PictBridge compatibility. It also has additional enhancements for interfacing with Canon Pixma printers. The LCD is 2.5 inches. It doesn’t have any onboard memory but you’ll find it packaged with a 128MB SD card so buying a larger SD card is a must with this camera. It runs off of 2 AA batteries. You can find this camera in blue, green, gray, and pink.

One thing I noticed about the PowerShot A1100 camera right away is the bulk. It’s much fatter than some of it’s comparably price competition, mainly because of the AA batteries. So if you’re looking for an ultra-thin camera, you need to look elsewhere. It won’t slip easily into a pocket or purse and you’ll feel the bulk.

The AA batteries used by the A1110 and some other Canon models as well are a trade off to me. I’ve found that you get less life out of them than you do with a standard Lithium Ion packs but you can find replacements anywhere and you don’t feel upset if you lose it like you do when you lose a $30+ battery pack. In the test shooting I did with this camera (a returned unit), I got about 100 shots before the previously unused batteries died completely.

The LCD screen on the PowerShot A1100 camera seems a bit on the small side and lackluster as compared to some other cameras I’ve used recently. The user interface is almost exactly like other Canon digital cameras so if you’ve used one before you’ll be comfortable with this one as well. You can’t go completely manual with this camera but, for most camera users in this price range, this isn’t a problem since the automatic modes will generally do much better. One cool thing about this camera is that it does have a viewfinder, a rarity today and something appreciated by us ‘old school’ photographers.

The picture quality of the Canon PowerShot A1100 is everything I’ve come to expect from Canon digital cameras. The image quality was great, especially for close-ups. My observation has been that sometimes you have to tell these cameras which scene mode to select since odd lighting conditions can confused them. Depending too much on auto modes can result in poorer pictures sometimes.

What I didn’t like about the Canon A1100 Digital Camera? One complaint I’ve had about other Canon’s is the comparatively slow shutter speed and recovery time between pictures. This camera could benefit from a rapid shutter mode. The hinge on the battery door might be an area for concern since it will end up being operated so much with the batteries. I’ve had cameras like this break at this point with long term use.

Do I recommend the Canon PowerShot A1100 IS Digital Camera? I’d give it a guarded yes. I like the picture quality, especially for indoor and close up shots where lighting can be controlled. The AA batteries are a trade-off for the purchaser to consider. The viewfinder is a big plus for old schoolers. At the list price of $199, I think there are some better choices out there. However, you can find discounts around if you look, sometimes lower than the average street price of $169.


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Comment by Seo83
2009-07-05 12:28:18

Really Canon is the best choice in my experience. All the digital camera series of Canon really having high quality and enrich with latest techniques..

Comment by Buat Duit Online
2009-07-06 00:38:20

The powershot is one of the best canon series. It’s small and compact and yet deliver great pictures

Comment by used tires
2009-07-06 01:25:42

I have always been a fan of cannon, you really can’t beat it in my opinion. Definitely worth the price for a high quality Digital camera. I have the powershot A95, and I love it. Saturday I took pictures of the fireworks with it, they were spectacular, everyone else’s pictures came out horribly. That is why I love my cannon.
till then,

Comment by Best CSS Gallery
2009-07-06 03:09:25

Canon powershot is one of the best small cameras I ever tried.

Comment by Mary Fellows
2009-07-06 04:50:45

I am a huge fan of viewfinders- screens are just so hard to see in bright lights I’ll check out the picture quality of the Canon PowerShot A1100 - it looks like a nice option

Comment by bobjones
2009-07-06 04:52:39

Cute little camera- you can be sure of quality with Canon too - Ive had some great canon compact cameras

Comment by Michelle
2009-07-06 05:39:33

I’d rather have an accumulator that batteries. It lasts longer…

2009-07-06 13:56:50

I looked at this camera briefly a while back, but it was simply too big. These days everyone wants a slim digital camera that can fit in their pocket comfortably.

Comment by Lorecee
2009-07-08 13:27:59

I have a Canon Powershot A710 that’s worked out great for me. It takes better pictures than my old 35mm SLR film camera used to. I like the viewfinder that shows the zoom view, and the closeup button takes great pictures of flowers and butterflies. The only thing I don’t like about this camera is that the menu functions are really confusing. If I can’t do it with the touch of a button, I won’t do it at all.

Comment by SirNicolaus
2009-07-10 18:31:05

Who has any luck with there rechargeable batteries? i haven’t even my XSI, one battery is great the other sluggish when i use the flash a lot! anyone else have this problem with rechargeable?


Comment by Andrew Croft
2009-07-18 08:54:02

This is the best digital camera I have had the pleasure to use 10/10 here

Comment by Free Reminder
2009-08-03 13:50:21

From my point of view Canon Powershot A1100 IS is a stylish, compact and well-built digital camera that is simple to use and even more well-suited to the beginner than the previous A1000 model.

Comment by Medical care plan
2009-08-07 10:34:40

Canon, on the other hand, is as equally used by professionals as Nikon. They don’t have the decades of lens compatibility that Nikon does, but they do have a very developed hypersonic motor focusing system that they have used since the creation of the Canon “EF” lens mount.

Comment by Medical care plan
2009-08-07 10:35:04

Consider both brands equally and be sure to make your final decision standing in your local camera store with the cameras in your hands. Specifications and test reviews on the Web can only tell you so much. Eventually, you have to TRY the cameras and discover which one is for you.

Comment by Medical care plan
2009-09-05 07:42:30

The optical zoom works well for when you want to enlarge a picture. The digital zoom doesn’t seem to enlarge as well. It pixulates the picture and it becomes blury. A 10x optical is pretty good. Mine is only 3 and does a nice job for my use.

Comment by Medical care plan
2009-09-05 07:45:45

My cousin and I really don’t know anything about buying a good digital camera. My cousin needs one and she said she’s willing to pay up to $300 for a camera. She wants one that has a rechargeable battery. If you have any good suggestions about what digital camera to purchase please let me know your opinion and where could we find it brand new with a good value.

Comment by Current Health News
2009-09-22 12:02:00

If you want a compact point and shoot, Canons are the best. I have an 880IS that takes awesome wide pics. The face detect feature in canons give you amazing shots no matter the lighting.

Comment by Idiot Proof Diet
2009-10-03 12:51:52

Hi Jfc,

This time also I got amazed by the review of the Canon PowerShot A1100. I like the revealing facts like small memory card, and low shutter speed. This is what I am always looking for in a review to make each point highlight.

Thanks for such wonderful review.

Comment by Generic
2009-10-09 15:22:58

You Bet! Canon powershot is also one of the best small cameras I ever tried.

Comment by Berg
2009-10-20 01:43:29

I’m always biased when it comes to Canon cameras. Love the little fellas. And so does my mom.

Comment by Dena
2009-10-22 10:23:14

I would rather have a camera with easy to find batteries than rechargeable or lithium. My sis and I were out making a delivery and my sister’s camera batteries died after the first shot. There was no way to replace her rechargeable batteries and she didn’t think to bring the charger. The batteries in my camera were dead but we were able to buy a couple of cheap AA’s at a gas station down the street to replace them. My Cannon camera got the shots of her work and this isn’t the first time that’s happened. The Cannon’s photos are always nicer quality too. I could care less about thin streamline pocket book camera’s when it comes down to real convenience and quality my cannon can’t be beat!

Comment by La Digue
2009-11-30 06:31:42

This device seems to be bargain. At $150-200, it looks like the camera you really want to have in your pocket or in your bag, when you are out traveling and discovering.

Comment by Mauritius Resto
2009-11-30 06:55:54

This has to be a fine camera. At this price, such a device seems to be worthwhile. Nice post. Great information.

2009-12-20 16:58:41

Nice review. The powershot is on my radar for a next camera purchase.

I know a lot of people like the silver model but I like the black.

Comment by ben
2009-12-21 08:42:43

thanks in advance from my wife. because this is gonna be her christmas gift. i have a canon too, so i think this is good choice. :-)

2009-12-26 10:30:26

What kind of digital camera do you have?

2010-01-03 05:14:38

A few years ago, people wondered whether they should go film or digital. Most of the reasons to go for film had to do with price, and the equipment you need.

Comment by Burr grinders
2010-01-06 17:19:26

I’m an experienced photographer already equipped with DSLRs (EOS 30D, EOS 5D MKII), but these are not always pratical when you are travelling or biking (I do both on a regular basis). I try to take my DSLRs as often as possible with me but but there are occasions when I don’t want to be bothered by the bulky cameras. At the same time, having already invested significantly in DSLR equipment, I wanted to limit my investment. A G10 or G11 would have been nice but for what I wanted to do, it would have been an overshoot. I’m mainly using my A1100is for candid pictures or pictures of places I know I will be coming back with my DSLRs later. Overall, I’m happy about quality of the pictures. I rarely use the full resolution, I typically shoot with medium resolution as I will rarely print large pictures (I have my DSLRs for that).

Comment by Gregory
2010-01-07 03:58:35

Canon powershot is one of the best small cameras I ever tried.

Comment by Berg
2010-01-13 03:39:04

I dropped the thing during a hike and now I can’t get the optical lens to work. Sigh. My bad.

Comment by Presidente Prudente
2010-01-21 09:26:43

Powershot is one of the best canon series with good prices.

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