Panasonic LUMIX FS7 Digital Camera Review

In today’s review I’m taking a look at the Panasonic LUMIX FS7 10.1 Megapixel Digital Camera. This camera is packed to the gills with features and promises to make picture taking easy. How well does it fulfill that promise? Let’s find out…

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The Panasonic Lumix DMC FS7 looks like a pretty typical pocket sized digital camera in the $100-$200 price range. It features a base of 10.1 megapixels with a 4x optical zoom. It’s available in several different colors ranging from basic black or silver to a colorful pink or green. It’s powered by a lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack. The LCD is 2.7 inches. The camera features several automatic photo modes and presets like portrait, scenery, party and so forth. It also has built-in optical stabilization which is something that sets it apart from many other comparably priced digital cameras.

Another thing that sets it apart from it’s competitors is the flexibility of the LCD screen. While I’m kind of old fashioned and prefer a viewfinder or SLR, the Panasonic FS7’s LCD makes itself very useful by allowing you to adjust it so that you can see the screen if the camera is held above your head, such as when you’re in a crowd. The size of the screen font can also be changed for those of us who have trouble seeing stuff up close.

The body of the FS7 seems solid enough for everyday use and didn’t feel flimsy. The battery life was typical of what I’ve seen with other digital cameras in this price range.

I found snapping photos with the Panasonic LUMIX FS7 to be quite easy in its ‘Intelligent Auto’ mode. It did a good job of adjusting for changing conditions. The menus were a little tricky if I wanted to work around these settings but I don’t think the average person who wants to just point and shoot will be too concerned about this. Another thing I liked was the speed of the camera as compared to others in this price range

The photo quality of the Panasonic FS7 was quite good. The automatic mode did a good job of adjusting to some tricky, high contrast, lighting situations. Of the cameras I’ve reviewed recently it is certainly one of the best if not the best.

Did I find anything I didn’t like with this camera? Not really, especially considering the price. It’s not comparable to a digital SLR but you aren’t buying it for that but for it being pocket sized and snapping great pictures quickly. If I hadn’t already purchased a Nikon pocket sized digital camera recently I would have made this camera a permanent addition rather than a temporary loaner.

The Panasonic LUMIX FS7 10.1 Megapixel Digital Camera is a relatively new camera, having just entered the market this spring. This makes deals on it that discount more than a few dollars from it’s $159 price  a little hard to find right now. But, if you’re willing to wait, you may find a deal on one on eBay or other discount camera or electronics retailer.


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Comment by bobjones
2009-07-01 20:19:38

It looks like a funky little camera this Panasonic LUMIX FS7 10.1 Megapixel Digital Camera. I think if I bought something this small I would get a brightly coloured version so that it was easy to find after I put it down!

Comment by Typhoon
2009-07-03 11:23:13

I agree to you. The colors of those cameras are really looking funky and “sparky” kind. The Looks are Good!

Comment by Med Assistant
2009-07-02 14:32:18

My dad is looking to buy a new digital camera soon. This looks like quite a nifty package and has what he needs without going overboard. I’ll pass along the link to him. Thanks for the extensive write up!

2009-07-03 18:31:27

I was looking at some of the Panasonic cameras a little while back. In the end I chose a Sony as it had touchscreen.

Comment by Web Marketing
2009-07-06 13:54:19

Nifty toy! Incredible that 10 MegaPixels is available in the baby cameras now. Zoom is the one thing it’s bigger siblings have on it though….vs ultra portability.

Comment by consumer reviews
2009-07-07 13:35:13

i think thats the one they sell @ costco… with the 10x zoom o_O

Comment by Free Memo
2009-07-23 00:47:33

We got this camera to replace a small Nikon which did its duty over the last 2-3 years, primarily as a point-and-shot for family pics and videos. I have a good dSLR for more substantial work. This Lumix is just stunning! The quality of the pictures, colors, detail and the focus/exposure logic produces fantastic results. The movie quality is superb, played out to my PC or direct connect to large LCD TV, very watchable.

Comment by london hotels
2009-07-24 08:24:10

It looks like a very pretty, small and slim.

2009-07-25 11:14:11

I bought a Sony Cybershot recently instead but did consider these options.

Comment by Marie Erholung
2009-07-25 12:59:54

How big (megabytes) is an average 10 megapixel picture? I guess you will need very big SD cards?!?

Comment by jfc
2009-07-26 12:46:16

Hi Marie,

It depends on the settings you use but it seems to average between 4 and 5 mb per photo for the default settings for most cameras in this price range.

Comment by Dress Sandals
2009-08-02 14:00:49

This sounds like a decent little camera. The adjustable lcd angle sounds great. Thanks for this review.

Comment by SirNicolaus
2009-08-05 19:03:20

I Really can’t believe that they can pack so many pixels in such a small space! does anybody know what is the highest pixel camera?


Comment by Buy PSP Go
2009-08-13 15:32:09

$159 is a bit steep but it should come down soon, you are paying for quality.

Comment by Digital Dreamspace
2009-08-16 16:00:20

I have this same camera, I can get real time ISO control and snaps very sharp and vivid photos. 2 thumbs up for this one.

Comment by kelowna
2009-08-26 18:23:38

What a VERY Nifty toy! Incredible that 10 MegaPixels is available in the baby cameras now. Zoom is the one thing it’s bigger siblings have on it though….vs ultra portability.

Comment by Sandro
2009-09-01 15:55:04

The Panasonic camera you reviewed is one of my first choices to substitute my Nikon Coolpix which still does its job quite well. I do like the many features that Panasonic model has over my Nikon, although I would have liked a more powerful zoom. Still a bit pricey too, at least here in Europe, it’s hard to find it at less than 140 euros.

2009-10-03 23:29:28

We gave away this camera when we launched our blog and the guy that won it loves it. My wife has one too.

Comment by Berg
2009-10-20 01:41:50

Samsung is putting 12mps snappers in its PHONES!!! No joke. I think their calling the SCH-W880. Sounds a bit like an SE model, if you ask me.

Comment by Ignacio Neil
2009-11-15 00:58:32

This seems to be a cool gadget. The LCD flexibility is must in any digital cam and in case of pocket size ones it is essential I think

Comment by Mauritius Resto
2009-11-18 01:12:19

My friend had a Panasonic Lumix. I think it was 6 megapixels. The quality of the pictures he used to take were pretty good. Now imagine for the 10.1 megapixels. It should be really nice having such a device in hand. But I think i will wait a bit for the prices to go down before buying it.

2009-11-24 07:09:17

This Lumix is really stunning! All qualities are great such as pictures, colours etc. And the most important thing that its so easy to steer and the flash is so balancinig.

Comment by Mary
2009-12-08 06:20:01

I have been researching a camera for my son, who has just taken Photography at sixth year college, and so far this is coming out as tops for the price range I am willing to spend, I myself have a Nikon DSLR, which is aswesome but I am not willing to let him carry my expensive camera around with him. This camera came out top for picture quality, colours etc, he just needs something he can carry around and take snap shots when ever he felt a good photo opportunity appeared, this camera is really light and small he will not feel it intrusive at all.

Comment by Citroen C5 Review
2009-12-19 02:08:47

It looks like Canon, and i think Panasonic isn’t good in Digital Cameras.

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