Michael Jackson Memorabilia Buyer’s Guide

Any time a major celebrity dies, especially in an unexpected manner, this creates a rush for memorabilia and such is the case with Michael Jackson. In this buyer’s guide we’ll take a look at what Michael Jackson items will hold value over the long term and which items to avoid.

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While my personal musical taste doesn’t put Michael Jackson on the same level as Elvis, his pop icon status has already created quite a ‘gold rush’ to cash in on his death since he had so many fans even the wake of his molestation trial and general weirdness. Overall, I think his eccentric lifestyle may weaken his legacy some but there will be a strong market for a while. In the long term, the question is if his memorabilia will be marketed with the vigor that Elvis memorabilia has been over the years.

One of the hottest items so far have been Michael Jackson domain names. As anyone who knows how Google likes to rank sites in search results understands, domain names that exactly match search terms get a big bonus. These are really short term, opportunistic, items. While they may make short term money, long term they’re likely to be the subject of trademark and copyright lawsuits from the Jackson estate, no fun at all.

Of course, everyone and their sister’s brother’s cousin is printing up Michael Jackson T-shirts, posters and buttons. Will these have any long term collectible value? No, not really. There are so many of them out on the market now that only something really unique will stand out. Buy one if you want to salute Jacko’s life but don’t buy them to be collectibles.

What about Michael Jackson action figures and bobbleheads? Same thing, everybody has one and the market is saturated with them. While some of these might have a little better long term prospects, I wouldn’t bet on it. Also remember that people who’re selling these items may encounter legal trouble too unless they’re officially licensed prior to Jackson’s death.

What about Michael Jackson record albums, CD’s and the like? Unless they were special before his death, I don’t see them holding much more value now. There may be a temporary boost in the price of the more collectible items but I’d recommend selling now rather than holding for the long term.

So, what Michael Jackson memorabilia might be worthwhile to own? Your best bets are items with proven authenticity, aka provenance, that have a direct connection with the singer. Perhaps the biggest one is Neverland Ranch but good luck getting ahold of that! Of course, authentic items from the ranch might have some value if provenance and legal ownership can be established. Other items with a direct connection to Mr. Jackson that can be proven will also have long term value.

For ordinary folks of ordinary means and luck, items like original concert merch, concert ticket stubs or intact tickets for Michael Jackson concerts may be good. Those who hold tickets to his London show that he was rehearsing for should be able to do well with them. Items from his 80’s concert tours when he was in his prime may also be of good long term value.

If you’re thinking about buying Michael Jackson memorabilia right now make sure that you look for real deals on real stuff that are being sold by reputable sellers. Just don’t get caught up in the gold rush mentality and spend a lot of money for junk.


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Comment by Sunshine
2009-06-26 09:54:40

The very first music concert I attended at the age of 6 back in the 70’s was a Michael Jackson concert at the Miami Beach convention center.

I also had the pleasure to rock out as a teenie bopper at his Thriller concert at the Orange Bowl during the height of his career. My mom found my old concert ticket yesterday.

Those were the best concerts ever!

Comment by gas rebate cards
2009-06-28 02:09:32

Sunshine that’s so cool! Unfortunately for me, I never did go to a Michael Jackson concert, but I did enjoy watching his famous music videos =D, Michael Jackson RIP.

Comment by Med Assistant
2009-06-26 14:48:31

I wonder how much, if anything, an old concert ticket stub would be worth? What about if it were autographed? I don’t think Michael signed many autographs, especially considering his semi-reclusive nature. Will the effects of the autopsy make him even more famous, and cloud his death in mystery? I do feel he was probably unhappy in this life and hopefully he is at peace now.

Comment by JL Palmetto
2009-06-27 07:48:31

Wow, for sure, MICHAEL JACKSON MEMORABILIA is hot, hot, hot.

Now is the time to grab it, I’d say.

What do you think would be the most valuable long-term? I would sort of like a MICHAEL JACKSON AUTOGRAPHED PICTURE that shows him doing the moonwalk.

Comment by jfc
2009-06-27 09:01:26

Hi JL,

The items that will have the best long term value will be some of the more expensive stuff, like furniture, toys and art work, he purchased during his many shopping sprees. These will, of course, need to have a well defined connection to him and indisputable provenance. Elvis, for example, went around buying Cadillacs and you’ll find these in private collections and celebrity museums frequently. Jacko’s stuff will probably be bought up in much the same manner.

Autographs are more iffy since they can be reproduced and faked rather easily using today’s technology. This will only get better over time so fake Micheal Jackson autographs, as well as authorized reproductions by his estate, will become more common than the real thing.

Comment by Zania
2009-06-27 09:58:09

Nice Michael Jackson Memorabilia Buyer’s Guide there.
Sounds like you have found some nice deals on Jacko stuff.

I was not a fan of MJ, but I can see how all that memorabilia would be worth something, especially a Michael Jackson Autographed Picture. :)

Comment by Typhoon
2009-06-27 12:34:27

Ya I am not also a fan of M.J but gr8 to see these collection are so popular amongst their fans.

Sad News for POP lovers and M.J Fans.

Comment by Used Tires
2009-06-27 18:24:10

Yeah more than likely those holding copyrighted domain name s relating to Michael’s name, especially if they are a popular website will likely be hit big time with the lawyers, anyways It was sad to see Michael Jackson pass away, I hope at least that there will be legit sales on eBay, and not just people making fake stuff to take advantage of Michael’s death.

Till then,


Comment by JL Palmetto
2009-06-28 07:41:24

Thanks for the heads up about the fake autographs. You always gotta be a skeptic, I guess, when money is involved. Buyer beware.

Probably one should buy the most expensive and rare Michael Jackson item they can afford on ebay now. Wonder if there is the MJ equivalent of an Elvis Cadillac.

Comment by Sarah Dramen
2009-06-29 14:43:22

You’re absolutely right about being careful about the “goldrush”.. I’ve seen lots on the television about t-shirts etc. I reckon the only things that will be worth something are genuine signed items and the concert tickets, as you say. I would have loved to go to a concert, sadly that’ll never happen :-(

Comment by Jogos de Meninas
2009-07-01 18:36:06

You’re right! For now I’ll just listen some musics to record what great singer and dancer he was. His music will last forever!

Comment by R&B News
2009-07-01 21:49:42

Well it definitely didn’t take long for this stuff to burst into popularity. Michael Jackson set billboard records this week in sales so this stuff is all very hot right now!

2009-07-02 14:20:11

It’s a little sad to see how many people try to profit from someone’s death. The worst case might be MJ’s own father. It’s a shame Michael didn’t survive for his planned upcoming European concert.

Comment by Lorecee
2009-07-08 13:36:40

A talented musician and a genius dancer. I never liked the stuff from the Thriller era until a New Year’s Eve party this year when the album was played at midnight and all kinds of percussion instruments were passed out. You haven’t had fun until you’ve seen a bunch of 50-somethings rocking out to MJ at midnight on New Year’s Eve. He was only a few months older than me, so it was spooky to hear that he had died.

Comment by Spoiled
2009-07-08 20:34:21

I have a very rare piece of memorabilia, I am not even sure how many are out there. It is a glass enclosed piece with a canadian flag “floating” at the top with the thriller album in it with a note saying “Thanks for helping put “THRILLER” over the million mark”
On the bottom it looks like an album with a diamond floating in the middle of it. It then says Canadian Recording Inductry Association.
I wonder if it would be worth anything?

Comment by jfc
2009-07-08 21:03:23

Hi Spoiled,

It’s hard to say and it would depend a lot on it’s origin and other documentation related to the object. It would have been issued in 1984, from what I’d guess, since Thriller went Double Diamond with the CRIA that year. I’d suggest trying to contact someone who knows music memorabilia of this type very well. You would want to do this in person so that they can authenticate it and give you an estimate of its value.

Comment by SirNicolaus
2009-07-12 23:09:23

No Offense to anyone… But I can’t see crying over someone I never met.. to me it is kinda silly… I have never been able to understand that one.


Comment by SSD Drives
2009-07-14 23:57:04

I was digging through my closet the other day and found 3 MJ LPs. Put them on my Technics turntable and went on a blast to the past.

Comment by Andrew Croft
2009-07-18 08:58:05

Sunshine - that ticket has got to be worth a fortune! If it doesnt hold centimental value I would put that on ebay

Comment by Marie Erholung
2009-07-20 17:55:50

It’s so sad that MJ is not with us anymore. I so much loved his music! Thanks for your guide

2009-07-25 11:15:05

Everybody wants Michael Jackson stuff now. It seems to be the big hit thing.

Comment by Monica
2009-08-17 07:35:17

Excellent guide and very useful and yeah everybody wants Michael Jackson stuff.

Comment by Tunes
2009-08-18 08:37:36

The best souvenir is a CD with the best songs of Michael Jackson …

Comment by Michael
2009-08-24 06:21:40

A little hurt to look at how people try to earn on the death of another person … And yet, thanks for the interesting article…

Comment by Love Graphics
2009-09-12 00:47:09

Man his popularity has skyrocketed again, everyone wants everything Michael Jackson, even his white glove.

Comment by Organizare Nunta
2009-09-21 14:09:15

It was a very sad momment when he passed away.
@Love Graphics: Maybe his popularity was increaed but dont you think he was worth it?

Comment by oes tsetnoc
2009-09-23 03:24:29

michael jackson is the best entertainer, i always watching his music videos to my computer. it is sad that he is now gone. i really like to buy some CDs of his music

Comment by ATVs for Sale
2009-09-24 14:09:15

I’m sure any michael jackson memorabilia will be worth a lot now. Still it is sad to see so many people trying to exploit someone’s death. Just let the guy rest in peace.

Comment by Marketing Man
2009-10-05 02:56:23

Michael is a legend, and the nature of artists legacies are such that invariably their work becomes much more valuable after the passing of the artist. I can see no reason why the same will not hold true for Michael Jackson memorabilia. Differentiating between the good stuff and the rubbish is the main thing here.

Comment by Idiot Proof Diet
2009-10-06 00:34:19

Hey Jfc,

Michael Jackson has been my favorite since a long time, ad its real sad that he is no more, but after his death the sales of his records and other memorabilia are surely going to make the people rich.

And since I am a fan I will buy one of it for sure, no matter what the cost is.

Comment by Julie
2009-11-23 16:01:23

Around ten (10) years ago, I happen to be in a Goodwill store and saw a framed portrait of Michael Jackson. It was beautifully encased completely in wood (front to back) has a high glossy finish and is about 9″ wide, approx. 121/2″ tall. He has on blue jeans, his brown leather bomber jacket and the gold/chrome guitar belt buckle. I have no other details except it has hues of purple that lightens up going from the bottom of the portrait to the top. It was taken around in the early eighties and since it is fully encased in wood, I am unable to say what is engraved on it. (If the price is right, I’m willing to sell

Comment by Leslie
2009-12-02 23:29:40

I have a collection (mostly from 1984) of Michael Jackson and am wanting to find a buyer. I prefer to sell the entire collection as a package but may consider separating. Let me know. :)

Comment by Berg
2009-10-20 01:44:54

I hear the ‘This is it DVD’ will be out soon. Can’t wait.

Comment by Bratwurst Recipes
2009-10-26 00:01:41

MICHAEL JACKSON was a talented singer and a great dancer!
Music in the 80’s was the best ever! We had the bestest concert ever! I love Michael Jackson music. “Thriller” was my favorite. And I think it is one of the 10 top of his album. Also music like “Thriller” “Beat It” “Billie Jean” will last forever!
Michael Jackson was a talented entertainer. Perhaps, he was one of the most talented entertainer of the 80s.
After his death it seems that the sales of his records have increased and some people are definitely making a lot of money from it. As always many people try to explode someone’s death.
Definitely all that memorabilia will be worth a lot.

Comment by Joshua
2009-11-01 23:44:04

for 0.01 i buy like 100 of them then resell them because it is the greatest pop icon of my parents generation.

Comment by ciciam2009
2009-11-04 09:04:44

i am also a fans of michael jackson and those mj memorabilia is cool. hope i can get it.

Comment by Berg
2009-11-16 01:18:10

I’ve seen the This Is It movie and it was superb. Can’t wait for the DVD.

2009-11-23 07:26:31

What a amazing and ravishing dancer and what a supersede singer we have lost. One more thing i found in the buyers-guide that the michael jackson always love to dance with the children. And the most important thing that i love the michael jackson album is Thriller.

Comment by Rent College Books
2009-12-22 18:03:28

Wired just had an article on this and said it was the biggest increase in investment dollars to be had better than gold or stocks.

Comment by star
2010-02-02 22:56:17

i have a couple of 45 rpm of michael jackson not in original package
but i want to sell, ‘thriller’ billyjean’and others.

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