Announcing Social Bookmarking Money

Social Bookmarking Money

Today I wanted to take a moment to announce my new eBook, Social Bookmarking Money, here on OpTempo. I had mentioned it on my other blog, Earn Online Cash, when it was released last month but I wanted to make an announcement about it here as well.

There were a few reasons that led to the creation of this eBook on social bookmarking in general and the Scuttle and ScuttlePlus scripts specifically.

First of all, I realized that there was a lot of value in creating your own network of social bookmarking sites where you and your friends could store, share and tag your favourite links. The primary purpose of this kind of site is, of course, site promotion and sharing information. Some major and semi-major social bookmarking sites frown on self-promotion so my idea was why not cut them out of the equation by promoting your own network and not theirs?

I also found that there were considerable advantages from both a search engine optimization standpoint and a general site promotion standpoint to developing your own bookmarking site or sites. The idea is to get traffic to your site and not just any traffic but targeted buying traffic. Sure, the idea of SEO stands out but you can also use these sites to drive direct traffic to your new sites quickly. For example, I had a brand new product site get 2 sales the first day it was live and before it was even indexed in Google simply from traffic arriving from my own network of bookmarking sites. In the ebook, I cover the techniques you need to make this work for you too.

You may have also noticed that many of the big time and even small time bookmarking sites are monetized which begs the question, “Can you effectively monetize a social bookmarking site?“. I found some ways to accomplish this that I share in the eBook.

Lastly, the purpose for this eBook was to provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to configure the Scuttle and ScuttlePlus social bookmarking scripts. I found that the available documentation was probably too techie for the average non-techie person and that it was rather skimpy. This eBook provides clear information on how to set your own site up starting from domain selection to installation to maintaining your site.

Also, I decided that just having the ebook itself wasn’t enough. People are likely to have questions about parts of the book. I might have additions and corrections to it. And, I wanted to give away bonus items with the purchase of the eBook as well. So, I established a private membership forum to accomplish this. You receive a free, lifetime, membership to this forum with your purchase.

How much does it cost? Right now, it’s only $27 which my ‘accountant’ (aka my wife) says is much too low so I’m raising the price to $47 at midnight on June 21st I talked her out of it. Get your copy of Social Bookmarking Money and forum membership today.


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Comment by Lorecee
2009-06-11 17:26:49

I bought this product and have had a ball setting up my own Scuttle sites. I’m a non-programmer, but the way the e-book explains it, it’s as easy as setting up WordPress. Frank is great about answering questions in the forum, too. Buy it–you won’t be disappointed.

Comment by Briefcases
2010-01-05 16:32:48

Sure it may be easy to setup such a site, but carving out your own niche would be tough. There are too many social bookmarking sites already. It would be tough to get another one going.

Comment by Jogos de Meninas
2009-06-11 19:42:09

Sounds a great ebook. I’ll try it later, thanks! Success with sales!

Comment by Buyer
2009-10-05 17:51:02

I also have now purchased this.

Well worth the money and the time it takes to read it.

NOT one of those whispy, say-nothing e-books. Real substance.

Comment by Best CSS Gallery
2009-06-12 03:27:21

Sounds like a good e-book, I think I’ll buy it

Comment by JL Palmetto
2009-06-12 07:47:26

I purchased this.

Well worth the money and the time it takes to read it.

NOT one of those whispy, say-nothing e-books. Real substance.


Comment by E......... Trainer
2009-06-12 12:13:12

Seems like a good book. But hey why do you have such a simple rather old book cover. Just try some box covers.
Well let me go to your pitch page.

Comment by jfc
2009-06-12 13:53:09

Hi Trainer,

I edited your name since it had a keyword I didn’t want to add to the page.

I probably do need to revisit the landing page design. I kind of like the spiral bound notebook design, probably a good reason for me not to use it.

Comment by JL Palmetto
2009-06-13 07:53:55

I like the cover and the spiral.

It’s a how-to book (ie, like a spiral workbook).

Comment by bobjones
2009-06-14 19:42:17

I really like the spiral - it annoys me the current trend to making books look like software with the fake box. The sprial bound reflects what this is - not a high class coffee table book but a useful and actionable report. I’ve bought it and I’d recommend it.

Comment by Typhoon
2009-06-18 02:32:16

Looks to be very informative e-book. I am surely gonna have a look at it.

Comment by Sarah Dramen
2009-06-18 15:01:03

Your e-book looks really good. I think your “accountant” is right.. you should definately raise the price after doing an initial offer - don’t give your expertise away for nothing. The social bookmarking sites are really useful for driving traffic to your site.. an excellent invention

Comment by london hotels
2009-06-22 08:20:50

wow ebook is really great.

2009-06-23 18:47:42


Quick question about the ebook..

1) In the ebook, do you suggest, or have a plan to fight the spam that you will ultimately wind up getting from programs like Book Marking Demon, which, as part of it’s back link building features - targets Scuttle sites? I have read that some people have taken down their SB sites because of the amount of spam in general - no matter how it is generated.

Thanks in advance for your response..

Robert C - The Wholesale Products Guy

Comment by jfc
2009-06-23 19:31:25

Hi Robert,

There is a whole section on securing both Scuttle and ScuttlePlus sites and how to configure varying degrees of security and spam protection.

Comment by Buat Duit Online
2009-07-01 07:56:18

Looks like this ebook will be a great buy

Comment by Seo83
2009-07-05 12:30:45

I will definitely catch this book. Because i love social bookmarking and in my opinion its the way to drive traffic to your site..

Comment by Web Marketing
2009-07-06 13:46:12

How has the sales of your ebook been going? Has it proved to be a fruitful exercise? Marketing ebooks is said to be a very effective way of leveraging income.

2009-07-09 05:27:07

Hey, that’s a good idea. Social Bookmarking is the name of the game these days. This would be great to get your own SB and website out there at the same time.


2009-07-10 11:47:03

Hope this ebook would help me on how to succeed in social bookmarking endeavor to get quality traffic to my site.

Comment by Get free money
2009-07-14 04:59:40

I might just buy this on the weekend because it seems pretty much worth the investment of $27.

Comment by SSD Drives
2009-07-14 23:51:52

There was a recent major update with Googles algorithm. A lot of my sites were heavily SEO’d via social bookmarking. Most of my sites that had mainly social bookmarking links lost there rankings, which leads me to believe the power of social bookmarking links is losing ground. What are your views on this?

Comment by Andrew Croft
2009-07-22 02:45:56

Is there any review copy available? a couple of paragraphs or something to get a feel for it?

Thanks in advance

2009-07-26 16:58:49

Thanks for the tips

Comment by jay @ work at home
2009-08-01 09:07:55

This is a good idea! Social bookmarking is a great way to drive visitors who are interested in marketing and making money. No longer is it just news based interest.

Comment by Juhani Tontti
2009-08-03 06:13:11

Does this system really beat Digg, Google, StumpleUpon and the rest? Good if it does, but I do not actually understand why search engines would prefer this vs. the bigger ones.

Comment by jfc
2009-08-28 18:20:08

Hi Juhani,

The idea is for you to be in control, not someone else. One of the ideas I describe in the book is to concentrate on creating niche specific bookmarking sites. Sure, Digg and SU are great but its easy to get lost in the crowd and someone else is in charge of the rules. By having your own niche related bookmarking site(s) you can be more targeted and more likely to attract buyers rather than lookers. Plus, if you want to post a link to your eBook sales page on dog training you aren’t going to flag yourself for spamming.

Comment by pakar bisnis online
2009-08-23 05:17:47

bought this product and have had a ball setting up

Comment by Berg
2009-08-27 23:23:41

Are these techniques considered grey hat? I don’t want to get my sites banned or anything after using the script.

Comment by jfc
2009-08-28 18:13:23

Hi Berg,

The idea is to create bookmarking sites that you control that also add value to the Internet in some way. My preference with these sites is to include related links and information from my sites, other people’s sites and authority sites like CNN and Wikipedia. Of course, someone could use the same techniques in a less legitimate fashion if they wanted to do so.

Comment by Organizare Nunta
2009-09-07 11:10:32

This look like a good tip, i will do some research and if everything is ok i will buy it.Thanks for info.

Comment by Idiot Proof Diet
2009-09-14 18:24:11

Setting up the wordpress has always been a tough task for me…I never figured out the server uploading. But as the commenter have said that its explained easily by you, then I think that I can also establish a blog of my own and earn money. I will surely buy this ebook.

Comment by Current Health News
2009-09-18 12:08:42

your idea is very good.I think its very useful to increasing traffic and search engine ranking too.

Comment by oes tsetnoc
2009-09-23 03:22:36

yes it is sounds like a great book, as of now i am doing manual social bookmarking for all of my sites.

Comment by David
2009-09-30 02:48:38

Your ebook seems interesting, but as I Googled around, it looks like ScuttlePlus is no longer available and Scuttle without it doesn’t seem too appealing. Have you any insight into what happened to ScuttlePlus?

Comment by jfc
2009-10-01 19:21:07

Hi David,

I’m not sure exactly what happened with it but I’ve heard that the developer of ScuttlePlus had too many “irons in the fire” and since he had released the script for free he decided to stop supporting it or making it available for download.

Comment by Love Graphics
2009-10-01 19:05:37

Looks like a great eBook jfc, and a very responsible price too. I will check it out.

Comment by Height Weight Chart
2009-10-03 02:53:01

That’s cool that you release such a product. I’ve always wondered how to create my own scuttle and scuttle plus sites but never had the time to investigate this issue. I’m going to try your e-book soon and take advantage of the pre-release price. I know that you products are always “to the topic, without any hype, etc”, but I’ll recommend you to consider redesigning a little bit the sales page, at least the “Upper Introductory Part” till the “From The Desk Of Frank Carr”. I’m sure a better looking and eye catching intro is going to drive much more sales. Or maybe I’m just a little bit too critical.

2009-10-04 22:47:37

Sorry to see ScuttlePlus go and I’m glad I grabbed it before it went. But the Scuttle script works every bit as well for the purposes outlined in Frank’s book.

Comment by learn german
2009-10-05 04:48:28

Cool, thanks for the review. I add a few bookmarking widgets to my sites but never really understood how to you them.


2009-10-05 09:00:00

David–there’s nothing wrong with the plain Scuttle script if you use it as Frank recommends in his book. I’m sorry to see ScuttlePlus go, though. Glad I grabbed it in time.

Comment by Lucidica
2009-10-16 07:03:44

This seems like a really great product from all of these positive comments, Is it still worth buying this now that scuttlePlus has gone?

Comment by jfc
2009-10-17 07:29:56

Hi Lucidica,

The techniques I describe are the same for regular Scuttle. ScuttlePlus had a nice admin backend but you can do many of the same things by modifying the code in Scuttle. Don’t worry, I tell you exactly how to do this in book and in the support forum.

Comment by Best Site Hosting
2009-11-03 21:51:09

I had not thought about the benefits of promoting your own product via a social network site. I wondered how some of those social bookmark sites made money.

Comment by Generic
2009-11-05 18:04:48

Hey, that’s a VERY good idea. Social Bookmarking is the name of the game these days. This would be great to get your own SB and website out there at the same time.

Comment by Ignacio Neil
2009-11-13 02:42:51

Nice work to monetize the site. Bookmarking site is really a good idea as bookmarking is one thing that every good and valuable site needed and sharing this is one level up

Comment by Carpet UK
2009-11-14 16:40:54

The part of the book which deals with security considerations and protection against spam are most cogent and incisively instructive.

Comment by La Digue
2009-11-24 07:50:49

This seems to be a good book. Looking forward to purchase it but now would be a bit difficult. I am sure it will be in the near future.

2009-11-25 06:27:12

Yes, it does look good ebook. I think it can be very useful for everyone to share and store favourite links on own social networking sites.

Comment by Briefcases
2009-12-02 16:54:07

Personally I think it may be a little late to be jumping on this bandwagon. There are so many social bookmarking sites out there. Most of them provide very little value. It would have to be a very good site to stand a chance of competing with the established competition.

Comment by Presidente Prudente
2010-01-21 09:24:17

I read this ebook and it is very usefull to who wants to understand the bookmarking strategy.

Comment by Bidet
2010-01-24 15:27:11

This looks like a great ebook. Its very informative and good for beginners. Thanks for sharing it.

Comment by used tires
2010-02-03 02:26:59

That looks like a really excellent book so thanks for the recommendation. I’ll be sure to check it out.

Till then,


Comment by taoist meditation
2010-02-05 02:17:06

I haven’t bought it yet, but I’ve been tempted to. I’ve seen people talk about it on various blogs and they’ve all seemed quite happy with it.

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