Music Road Hotel in Pigeon Forge TN Review

We recently took a vacation to the Pigeon Forge / Gatlinburg Tennessee area and, while we were there, we stayed in the Music Road Hotel in Pigeon Forge. Here’s our review of this hotel and the executive suite we stayed in during our week long vacation. Did we find that it lived up to the impression we got from their website? Sadly, it did not. Read more to find out why…

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We were looking for an upscale hotel room that had a lot of amenities, such as a nice swimming pool and free breakfast and, of course, high speed Internet access, and that had 2 room suites so that we wouldn’t all be crammed into the same room and that fit our vacation budget well. Music Road Hotel won out on these three points based on the information available from the Internet. We had also considered the Inn at Christmas Place and Wilderness at the Smokies Resort but the Christmas Inn didn’t have the room type that we wanted available and the Wilderness Resort, while nice, was kind of pricey for being far away from the heart of both Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg. Booking reservations at the Music Road Hotel was easy and the staff was helpful over the phone.

Upon our arrival in Pigeon Forge, we checked in to the hotel and went up to our room and were greeted by a small fruit basket and a room that reeked of cigarette smoke and damp carpets. We also found ashes and tobacco residue on one of the night stands in the bed room area of the suite. Note that the entire hotel is supposed to be non-smoking. We found it annoying that the room wasn’t well prepared, especially since, according to the staff, it had be vacant for nearly a week. The did not have another executive suite available to switch us to so, while we were out eating supper, the maintenance staff came in and used an ozone machine to remove the cigarette smell from the room.

Our next disappointment, especially mine, at the Music Road Hotel was the Internet access. You would think in today’s market that Internet access would mean Wi-Fi access in the rooms. Sadly, this was not the case. The only available connection was an ill placed wired connection nearly behind the pull-out couch while the desk was in the bedroom area. I did a quick furniture switcharoo, exchanging the desk and an end table. The service was rather poor and connections were dropped often, thus requiring a page refresh after many page loads.

My family dragged me away from the laptop to try out the Music Road Hotel’s water park. On paper, this looked good. A large outdoor pool with a diving board and a nice water slide, a ‘lazy river’ tubing pool, an indoor pool and a hot tub. The outdoor pools were up to our expectations. They were well maintained, spacious and quite fun. The diving area of the pool was 9 feet which isn’t all that common these days. Unfortunately, the indoor pool and hot tub were quite lacking.  The indoor pool looked as if it hadn’t been maintained in quite some time. It had signs of algae growth plus there was a considerable amount of dirt floating in the pool. It appeared that the filtration system did not work well for this pool and that the staff couldn’t be bothered to vacuum the pool or remove debris with a skimmer. The hot tub looked even worse with a lot of dirt and debris in it.  

Another disappointment was their “Delicious 18 Item Continental Breakfast including Hot Biscuits and Gravy”. While we did expect the usual fare such as toast, sweet rolls and such from the description we did expect it to be a little better than average given that the Music Road Hotel was supposed to be a somewhat upscale luxury hotel. Honestly, we’ve had better continental breakfasts at places like Hampton Inn and Country Inn and Suite hotels. Another indication of the poor attention to detail at this hotel was that the orange juice was regularly watered down to the point that it was orange colored water.

Lastly, we found that the housekeeping was somewhat lackadaisical. Our room wasn’t vacuumed properly on several occasions, sheets weren’t changed and towels weren’t replaced.

On the good side for the Music Road Hotel, I do have to say that the front desk staff was responsive to problems and helpful with suggestions and directions. The rooms are on the large side, as advertised, and the furniture was good although some pieces were old, worn and dirty looking. The location is quite convenient to Pigeon Forge attractions and restaurants, but, then again, so are a lot of other hotels and motels.

All in all, we found our stay at the Music Road Hotel in Pigeon Forge to be a disappointment. It wasn’t a total disaster but it didn’t meet our expectations. The hotel has obviously seen better days and is now in decline and in need of some modernization and repair. If you’re vacationing in the Pigeon Forge / Gatlinburg Tennessee area I’d recommend that you find a different place to stay.


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Comment by Mary Fellows
2009-06-07 21:31:31

Thats the trouble with booking hotels sight unseen isn’t it! Oddly I still find I get much better WIFI in hostels than far more expensive hotels. Its like the hotel world just thinks WIFI is a nice to have instead of an absolute necessity - if I make it to Pigeon Forge TN I will check into a different hotel thanks to your music road hotel review!

Comment by london hotels
2009-06-10 06:53:38

Oh gosh, the cigarette smell is so annoying to the senses! Sadly, you had a disappointing experience with the hotel you chose through review. Luckily, I always get good hotels when I am on a vacation, thanks to some of the excellent hotel review websites.

Comment by gas rebate cards
2009-06-10 17:43:47

Its really sad that the hotel was not offering the quality services it advertised for itself. They may cheat their way into snagging a few unsuspecting customers, but they will never see them again. You can never trust the actual advertisements from the hotel, so I typically use review sites from those who have stayed before, to snag the real big picture behind the glossy images on the hotel website. Its typically a great way to make sure that I am paying for what I wanted.


Comment by Lorecee
2009-06-10 22:25:18

I can’t believe your hotel skimped on the WiFi–it’s one of the cheapest ways available to keep guests happy.

When I was looking for places to stay in New York City, I found the review sites online very helpful. You always get a few disgruntled customers who aren’t happy with anything, but if the majority of guests are disgusted, I know to stay away. I ended up in a plain but very clean, quiet place in Queens, a block from the subway and a 15-minute ride into Manhattan, for half the price of staying in the city. I’ll go dig up some links when I get a minute.

Comment by Used Tires
2009-08-01 22:40:35

Wow I would have been super mad at the hotel and I would have been asking for a discounted final price on my hotel bill. Offcourse I would do that when I would be leaving the place.

Till then,


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