Skil 7.2-Volt 1/4″ Drive Cordless Power Wrench Review

In this power tools review, we’ll take a look at the Skil 7.2-Volt 1/4″ Drive Cordless Power Wrench. Skil is know for making rather decent power tools and I was curious if their power wrench made the grade or not. My two questions were is the performance better than a standard had socket wrench and is it a cost effective addition to a home handyman’s tool box. Let’s see what I found…

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The specs on the Skil cordless power wrench include a 7.2 volt lithium ion battery  power supply that provides  75 in.-lbs. of torque in auto mode and 400 in.-lbs. in manual mode. It does have both forward and reverse modes as you might expect. The grip is soft and ergonomic. The unit comes with a charger that protects against overcharging and can be easily bench or wall mounted. Any standard sockets or driver bits fit the 1/4 inch square drive. It weighs in at about 2 pounds.

My initial thoughts were that the Skil cordless power wrench was a bit underpowered. It’s not the kind of power tool that will make you grunt like Tim Allen. You won’t be using this unit on tough chores like freeing rusted bolts. It’s forte is repetitive bolting tasks like you might have putting together furniture or some other home projects like that. If you’re into stuff like engine rebuilding then you may want to consider something else.So don’t expect too much from it power-wise. 

Speaking of power, the lithium ion battery seems to hold a charge well and last a long time. Unlike some inexpensive power tools I’ve used in the same power range, it doesn’t lose power excessively right off the plug but stays consistent during use. This part of it worked well for me although I have seen some complaints about batteries around.

Is the Skil power wrench better than your standard socket wrench? Well, sort of. If you don’t have good hand strength it will help you considerably. While it isn’t terribly small, it isn’t terribly large either. It can fit into small places although a small hand socket wrench might be a better choice in some situations.

Is the Skil cordless power wrench cost effective for the home handyman? The original price on the Skil 7.2-Volt 1/4″ Drive Cordless Power Wrench was about $60. At that price, I’d have to say no. Today you can find them for around $20 on the closeout and refurb marketplace if you look and wait. At that price it makes a little more sense.

The Skil 7.2-Volt 1/4″ Drive Cordless Power Wrench would be a good choice for someone with reduced hand strength or if you did a lot of repetitive work with nuts and bolts. Otherwise, a standard socket set should fill the same niche in your home toolbox.


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Comment by Save Money Tips
2009-03-02 06:00:25

I guess if someone was disabled it would be a useful tool - but I don’t think I will be recommending the Skil 7.2-Volt 1/4″ Drive Cordless Power Wrench to anyone who wants to save money

Comment by Typhoon
2009-03-02 06:28:56

Never used a wrench but it looks good in design :)

Comment by RNB Love Songs
2009-03-02 09:28:55

I love your reference to Tim Allen, that show was great back in the day! Overall, a nice review but yea, this is a product that I wouldn’t go for.

Comment by sweaty palms
2009-03-02 18:28:05

Well… after you see it’s design you know it’s worth those additional $40… that is if you are into wrenches :)


Comment by Dintz
2009-03-03 08:05:18

Looks pretty tight, but I’ve got enough of these babies in my attic already!

Comment by Used Tires
2009-03-03 22:22:06

I like the reference you made to Tim Allen, I enjoyed watching Home Improvement when they were coming out with new episodes, and I still enjoy watching the re-runs on nick at nite!

In regards to the product review, I can certainly see this being a great tool for an older person.

2009-03-06 09:29:24

Jonathan Taylor Thomas baby! He was the cat’s meow back in the day. Wonder what happened to him.

I agree that this tool might have some audiences but it’s a tough sell for most people.

Comment by The Blogger Source
2009-03-04 01:06:11

Great for the hobbyist not for the professional.

Comment by Funny Junk
2009-03-04 10:39:40

Although I do have weak hand strength, $60 is too much for me. It would be better at a lower price.

Comment by Typhoon
2009-03-23 05:55:56

Yeah..$60 is too high… I wish it too be less than $20(I love Bargaining) :)

Comment by do it yourself
2009-03-07 11:39:44

It seems new tools come out everty month. I was at the home depot the other day and realized probably 80% of the tools for sale were not even around 10 years ago. Tools are a place of constant innovation.

Comment by Web Marketing
2009-03-19 08:25:39

I love tools, but this one leaves me cold. It is an entry level toy, and won’t withstand hard use. More a hobbyist tool than a professional tool, in my opinion.

Comment by bluetooth gps
2009-03-21 03:54:10

Really very good widget indeed! I am impressed.

Comment by Black Labradors
2009-03-28 01:24:14

This is actually a must have… You will find out when you get one… They come in VERY handy with little projects in the house…

Comment by web design miami
2009-04-01 07:44:17

I love this wrench. The battery lasts surprisingly long and it’s actualy pretty comfortable to handle. I’d recommend it for everyone who needs to use a wrench from time to time.

Comment by Tim
2009-04-29 17:58:03

My wife brought one home, and thinks it’s great. As a general contractor I think otherwise. I guess I like my tools a little more powerful!

Comment by melayublog
2009-05-20 07:31:01

If it using ion lithium battery that it is okay for me. Definitely buy it at the end of this month.

Comment by Online Shopping
2009-05-21 08:18:06

I’ve been thinking about buying a set of power tools to use in carpentry applications (Im tired of borrowing my grandfathers). I’m in the process of remodeling my home and need a circular saw, a drill/screwgun and a recipricating saw. I saw the Milwaukee V28 set and it looks like just what I need. My grandfather who is a very experienced carpender tells me Milwaukee is a very good brand. Tell me what you think…..thanx.

Comment by jfc
2009-05-21 08:36:23

Hi Online Shopping,

Milwaukee is a pretty good brand of power tool that’s on more of a contractor/pro grade level than a consumer level like Skil and Black & Decker. As such, they are usually more durable and powerful but also usually much more expensive.

2009-06-01 13:13:27

I think this would definitely be handy to someone who needs to do a lot of wrench work. Doing that manually can be tough on your wrists. This is a great alternative. I don’t think it needs more power, otherwise it would have to be bulkier.

Comment by izle
2009-06-11 07:40:30

I think this would definitely be handy to someone who needs to do a lot of wrench work. Doing that manually can be tough on your wrists. This is a great alternative. I don’t think it needs more power, otherwise it would have to be bulkier.

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