Samsung 2GB Portable MP3 Player YP-K3 Review

Today we’ll be investigating the Samsung 2GB Portable MP3 Player YP-K3. This thinline, flash memory based, digital music player is priced right, typically under $50. How does it compare to other MP3 players in this price range. Is it a good deal or a dud? Let’s find out…

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The Samsung K3 is said to be the slimmest MP3 player on the market. At 1.76 ounces and about 3 3/4 inches by 1 1/4 inches it is small and compact. It features a 1.8-inch full-color OLED display and does all the standard things that most digital music players in this price range do, that is play MP3’s, WMAs and protected and subscription WMAs. It also includes a picture viewer, audio recorder and FM tuner.

Sound-wise the Samsung 2GB Portable MP3 Player YP-K3 is quite good for the price range. The EQ presets are good and you can use the built-in seven-band equalizer to do your own adjustments, something I find critical if you want to plug the player into a car or home audio system rather than listening on headphones. The stock headphones are what they are. They aren’t as bad as some I’ve tried in this price range, they don’t buzz with heavy bass sounds, but you’ll probably want to get a better ones eventually.

Battery life for the Samsung K3 is quite good. I was able to get over 20 hours of playing time on the rechargeable Li-Poly battery. I’ve been used to seeing lower times from other MP3 players in this price range so I was very pleased with this. Charging is done through a standard USB 2.0 cable so there’s no worries there.

The user interface for the Samsung K3 MP3 player isn’t bad. I can find the controls easily by touch and thumb it fairly easily while driving which is a big plus for me. The touch pad is light emitting so it’s easy to use in the dark. The OLED display is OK I’m not into trying read tiny screens.

Downsides to the Samsung 2GB Portable MP3 Player YP-K3? I’ve had occasional problems with the device not being recognized properly by Windows XP systems and Windows Media Player when I plugged it in. I don’t know where the fault lies here but it’s only a minor annoyance. I just unplug it and plug it back in and it usually works OK then. Of course, at 2GB, you won’t be packing around your entire music collection but 2GB is more than enough for a week or so of commuting time or most plane trips.

All in all, I found the Samsung 2GB Portable MP3 Player YP-K3 to be a very good, low cost, digital music player. If you’re not into going the iPod route, I highly recommend it.


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Comment by Sweaty Palms
2009-02-10 11:54:06

I really like its design. ATM I don’t have an mp3 player but I just might consider buying this one.


Comment by Best CSS Gallery
2009-02-11 05:01:06

It looks nice and pretty good considering the price/quality correlation, but I still want an iPod :)

Comment by Typhoon
2009-02-15 06:45:15

Yup, you should really go for iPod in this generation..I think Mp3 player are going to be outdated soon.

Comment by Ibanez Guitars
2009-02-12 12:43:40

yikes, this thing makes my old ipod look like it needs jenny craig or some of that new acai weight loss product. Cool mp3 player though, the FM tuner is a really nice feature.

Comment by Funny Junk
2009-02-12 16:34:03

It does look pretty nice and the battery time is pretty good. Might be a new replacement for my old iPod nano.

Comment by Typhoon
2009-02-15 06:43:08

Now I don’t need any MP3 player since i have purchased my own iPod Touch..It is really awesome .. :)

Comment by The Blogger Source
2009-02-19 11:06:05

It serves the basic need. However I wonder about the sound quality. I actually use portible XM, you get the best of both worlds.

Comment by jfc
2009-02-20 13:47:39

Hi Blogger Source,

The sound quality is good. The 7 band EQ really helps with listening over a car sound system (plus I’ve got a fairly nice sound system in my vehicle anyway). Of course, it isn’t equal to CD music but MP3’s and WMA’s are compressed so you lose a lot of richness there no matter what plays them. The stock earbuds aren’t bad for the price range either but there’s always room for improvement there.

2009-02-20 12:17:51

I like the design but I’m truly weary of any samsung mp3 player. When I used to sell them, we’d have so many come back returned. :(

Comment by jfc
2009-02-20 13:41:18

Hi Hip Hop,

I have to wonder how many of those came back because a ‘budget conscious’ parent had bought one for their teen who rejected it because it wasn’t the cool iPod but (horrors) an off-brand. :)

2009-02-21 09:55:28

Some of them definitely did… but others came back due to freezing issues. I wonder how the ipod will do now with the state of the economy. Perhaps more off brands will sell more due to lower prices…

(Comments wont nest below this level)
2009-03-02 10:04:49

That’s a good thought Hip Hop. As people find their budgets tightened, they might be more willing to try off name brands. That would be a crippling factor for the ipods.

Comment by Odzyskiwanie Danych
2009-03-03 03:18:11

I don’t think that making everything thinner and smaller is a good trend. I’ve almost lost my ipod shuffle just because it’s so damn small and light that you don’t even notice when it’s suddenly not in you pocket,

Comment by Used Tires
2009-03-03 22:16:14

Odzyskiwanie Danych, to each his own, thats what I love about this mp3 player, it is small! Looking at the prices on ebay, they are going fairly cheap, I might get one for my sister who wanted an Ipod, this may be a good ipod alternative. :)

Till then,


Comment by Wastehog
2009-03-24 07:37:07

Damn i just read your review of the Sony NWZ B135F and had decided to buy one of them now it looks like i’ve got a tough decision to make thanks ;)

Comment by Black Labradors
2009-03-28 01:21:15

I actually have one of these and I must say its GREAT! I use it when I am running. I wish I would have found one at that great price in your auctions.

Comment by web design miami
2009-04-01 07:58:04

How does it handle shaking and sweat? It seems so delicate I’d be affraid to take it out running or biking. Also how does it work in high temperatures (when I jog it’s usualy pretty hot)?

Comment by jfc
2009-04-01 08:17:34

Hi Miami,

MP3 Players tend to work best in non-extreme temperatures but I’ve noticed more problems in cold temps (under 32F) than hot ones (over 90F).

Solid state MP3 players don’t have a problem with shaking although they can get damaged by dropping. Also most a sealed well enough against moisture although full immersion in water will ruin them.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Jack
2009-04-12 10:02:15

Great price with excellent sound
I ordered this as a gift to my friend.
Its slick design, good catch of radio signal and decent playing mp3 files all added to satisfaction, said my friend.

Comment by Baby Boy Gift
2009-06-01 07:42:32

You should just be able to explore the phone from My Computer, although sometimes you may need samsung software installed on your computer for the phone to even be recognized on your computer.

Comment by oelly
2009-06-12 10:46:27

It looks nice and pretty good considering the price/quality correlation, but I still want an iPod.

Comment by Free Memo
2009-07-23 00:57:10

his MP3 player exudes class, its extremely beautiful in its black high gloss surface, surrounded by chrome lining. It will appeal to anybody who takes design seriously. But the best thing about it is its not all looks and no show; it sounds truly amazing in its original state even with the equalizer off.

2010-01-21 07:52:51

I don’t know that it has good price or not but it seems very great digital music player to have.

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