How To Buy Thomas Kinkade Collector Plates

Today’s buyer’s guide is on Thomas Kinkade Collector Plates. There’s a good chance that you have a Thomas Kinkade collectible in your home already since they’re popular as gifts, especially for house warmings. Many Thomas Kinkade items are sold new by the Bradford Exchange and other partner corporations and many more are sold on the used market online and offline. In this article we’ll be looking specifically at the collector plates, one of the more popular collectibles sold under this brand name

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Thomas Kinkade is considered America’s most collected living artist and is known as “The Painter of Light”, his official trademark. His designs are meant to be inspirational and realistic with their warm and inspiring themes. Some critics complain about the mass production of what they call his ‘kitsch art for the masses’ while others praise his approach to art. None though can deny though his success at marketing and selling his artwork through his company Media Arts Group.

Thomas Kinkade Perpetual Calendar

The Thomas Kinkade collector plates take one of Kinkade’s paintings and reproduce them on plates of various shapes and sizes. One of the more popular collectible designs are the Thomas Kinkade Perpetual Calendar with 12 plates, one for each month. Others popular styles include Christmas plates, great for seasonal decorations, and religious and patriotic themed plates.

When looking for these collectible plates on the used market you should try to get a certificate of authenticity and the original box if at all possible. There are fakes out there so having this information along with the plate or plate set can help. However, it isn’t uncommon for this documentation to be lost along the way, particularly when the plates are acquired at estate sales and auctions. If you’re buying online always check the seller’s reputation and their knowledge. Don’t be afraid to contact them with questions and to help you establish the provenance of the plate.

As with other plates and glassware, you will want to know the condition of the Thomas Kinkade collector plates you are considering. Always be mindful of possible damage such as chips and cracks. Also watch out for damage from exposure to sunlight, such as can happen when a plate is displayed in a sunlit foyer.

Thomas Kinkade collector plates are very popular and most are not too expensive. Buying used plates is a good way to fill out your collection with discontinued or limited edition plates. Even if you don’t see the exact plate you want at first, keep checking back with online sources and you’ll probably find it sooner or later.


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Comment by Nicole Price
2009-01-07 09:16:05

An important aspect of the Thomas Kinkade collection is the cost. Unless one gets a gift to start off and get hooked, it is difficult to afford one in one’s younger years.

Comment by Atniz
2009-01-09 07:18:54

It would make a perfect gift sets and valuable too.

Comment by Setai miami
2009-04-08 05:29:31

I don’t know if I’d be happy with a gift like that. But then again I certainly know people that’d appreciate it so I guess you might be right.

Comment by Australia News
2009-01-11 23:34:11

These are huge down under as well Thomas Kinkade Collector Plates are loved by grannies everywhere as far as I can tell. In fact there are a lot of needlepoint designs based on Thomas Kinkade Collector Plate designs too. For me its tacky and romantic - but what would I know - I guess popular taste is beyond me! Lissie

Comment by Karine
2009-02-02 06:52:13

I am sure that the majority of my acquaintances would love to get these wonderful pieces of art.

Comment by Web Marketing
2009-02-09 07:09:01

I’m sure there’s a lot of knock-offs of these out there. It’s important to be able to distinguish between the two.

Comment by The Blogger Source
2009-02-19 11:14:12

The question is will they hold their value. A friend just got a lot to sell via ebay. Not one sold.

Comment by bluetooth gps
2009-04-02 05:41:22

Perfect set of tips.

Comment by Kampanye Damai
2009-04-24 06:05:40

nice plates for collection. and cheap enough

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