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Today Vic Franqui launched the Niche Blogging Network, a site dedicated to providing high quality Private Label Rights (PLR) content. I was given the opportunity to get a sneak peek at this membership site and the content that’s being provided there. I’m not a big fan of Internet Marketing hype and hoopla and, even though my links to it are affiliate links I’ll give you the straight scoop on what this site does and doesn’t provide.

What are Private Label Rights articles and what can they do for you? Essentially PLR articles are articles sold to be reused by the purchasers. If you’re like me and run several niche marketing blogs and are adding more each month you’ll find that having good fresh content is important. PLR articles are a good way to obtain some of this content.

Now, if you’ve been around a while you’ve probably seen some really bad Private Label Rights articles. Yes, I have too. These often republished articles generally aren’t too good. You may have also seen articles that were butchered by an article spinner. Sometimes my own Blog Content Wizard does a better job than these spinners. Niche Blogging Network doesn’t give a rehash from 2002 or a clumsy spun articles. The articles on Niche Blogging Network are fresh, new, articles that are well written and informative, perfect for a niche blog.

The membership at Niche Blogging Network gives you at least 250 new articles a month in at least 10 niches. If you consider the price for having 250 articles written every month you’ll be talking a minimum of about $1000 to get articles of comparable quality, probably even more. Plus you get comments to go along with the articles to help you seed discussions on the blog, another great value add. And Vic is throwing in some great extra bonuses with the membership too that you should find helpful. Best of all, for a limited time, you can use this discount coupon code, G3ZJLY69JB, to get $20 off the regular membership price of $29.97. That’s $9.97 for a lot of content on a monthly basis. You can’t beat that.

But, are there some downsides to using Private Label Rights articles? Yes there are.

First of all, everybody worries about ‘duplicate content’ when it comes to PLR articles. I suggest that anyone who thinks that Google does anything about this go Google on the lyrics to their favorite song. You’ll find page after page of lyrics sites, all with the same basic content, the lyrics, with the only difference being the on-site navigation and advertisements. What really matters so far as search placement is the number of backlinks and the authority Google gives a site. If your site offers what Google’s algorithms consider the best experience for searchers your site will be in a good position in Google, PLR or no PLR article. So far as Google goes, this isn’t an issue except that you’ll have to work to get enough links for Google to recognize your blog as an authority on the topic.

The other downside is that you will be competing to some degree against other Niche Blogging Network members, including me and, yes, probably Vic too. However, don’t let that deter you. Remember most people fail to take action and you’ll be far ahead of them. You can also use the content to create your own autoresponder series, eBook, or private membership course. You can also do a minor rewrite of the material to make it more unique to you. Sometimes you only need to change the title and add an opening and closing paragraph to achieve this.

One other downside of the PLR articles is that major article directories frequently reject duplicate PLR content. So, these articles won’t be suitable for submitting to article directories without a significant modifications.

If you’re into niche blogging I highly recommend that you sign up for Niche Blogging Network with the G3ZJLY69JB discount coupon code. You’ll be glad you did. If you have any questions about it, feel free to ask in a comment and I’ll try to answer them.


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Comment by Houseboat Rentals
2009-01-04 20:55:46

I could not agree with you more. Niche Blogging Network has got to be one of the best private label rights content around. And the price is just stupid. Especially with the discount coupon.

I don’t think your readers will be disappointed.

Comment by jfc
2009-01-05 14:28:48

Hi Denise,

It looks like Akismet doesn’t like Houseboats again :(

Comment by Nicole Price
2009-01-05 07:54:53

I doubt that this will be of use to my small blog. It is nice to have this information in any case. Thank you.

Comment by Setai miami
2009-04-08 05:32:59

Small blogs won’t benefit from it but there are people who start a lot of niche blogs and they certainly could use any help they can get.

Comment by Fernando | Jackie
2009-01-05 11:30:18

A service like this, for that price, does sound like quite a bargain. Coming up with content to populate blogs, and especially niche blogs, can be a pretty painful and time consuming task, so anything which can help in this regard is welcome, I’m sure.

Comment by Judit
2009-01-11 08:19:17

That is indeed very low price for that amount of PLR articles that you can get every month. The question is if they made some limit of members base that will get in hand those articles? Because, the more members they have, the bigger competition, and less chance to break into top of Google. Anyway this cheap PLR articles can indeed be used as base for article rewriting which is much cheaper then new article creation.

Comment by Travel Over 30s
2009-01-23 07:40:44

Its the best PLR site Ive ever seen its an eyeopener just seeing the topics - assuming that anything that Vic includes in NIche blogging network will be well worth the price. I ercommend niche blogging network too

Comment by SEO Busby Tester
2009-01-29 03:24:13

i have just known about niche blogging
thanks for the information

Comment by Earn Passive Income
2009-02-05 21:06:43

Its a great resource - I am enjoying using niche blogging network content a lot - even though sometimes I rewrite it a bit its a great time saver - especially as the PLR is well written in the first place

2009-02-10 18:30:57

PLR products are a great way to make some extra money. Im not too familiar with the network in which you reviewed but Ill have to check it out.


Comment by Dintz
2009-03-03 08:08:23

That’s a pretty awesome sales page he’s put together! I haven’t bothered with PLR just yet, but I’m sure I’ll give them a go (and keep Vic’s site in mind) when I do plan on starting a bunch of niche sites.

Comment by do it yourself
2009-03-07 16:37:08

Thanks for the post. I havent tried plr either, I have been using some ezine articles on wordrpress, it working well. Im getting top rankings. I just put a couple paragraphs before and after it works good.

Comment by Lorecee
2009-05-10 13:50:32

I bought the subscription and I like it a lot. It’s nicely organized and is better written than 90 percent of the PLR out there. I’m thinking of discontinuing it now that I get all the free PLR that comes with Blog Content Wizard, but haven’t decided yet.

Comment by Video
2009-06-13 13:52:57

I doubt that this will be of use to my small blog. It is nice to have this information in any case. Thank you.

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