Lexmark X9350 Wireless Office All-in-One with Duplex Review

Today I thought I’d take a look at another All-in-One printer, the Lexmark X9350 Wireless Office All-in-One. Like many other such units this one gives you basic printing, copying, faxing and scanning but also includes wireless networking and duplex printing which are rarer features to find on lower end all-in-one units. I’ve been checking out and testing a number of these units to find a replacement for my old Epson all-in-one. Let’s see how the Lexmark stacks up…

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Feature-wise, the Lexmark X9350 is impressive, especially for the price. Not only does it cover the basics, including having PictBridge and Bluetooth interfaces for picture printing, it also has wireless 802.11g (802.11b compatible) networking and duplex printing. The scan and fax features are networkable which is also nice. It works well with Windows, including Vista, and Macs. But, do all these features perform well?

Unfortunately, the printing quality of the Lexmark X9350 isn’t all that great. Sure, it does fine on quick black-and-white copies but the 4 ink system it uses produces poor photographic prints as compared to better, dedicated, photo printers with more inks. The duplex printing seems to streak occasionally as if the ink wasn’t drying quickly enough or the unit was putting out too much ink. The duplex printing and copying also seemed to jam a lot. That was kind of disappointing but I guess that being used to $1000+ duplex copiers at work kind of spoiled me in that regard. I suppose one shouldn’t expect that level of performance out of an inexpensive home printer/copier/fax/scan unit.

One problem I’ve encountered with some inkjets in the past is ink clogs. It seems like the Lexmark X9350 Wireless Office All-in-One suffers from that as well. One way I get devices to test is working with a local electronics store computer repair tech and he has told me that he’s gotten several of these units back with gummed up jets plus he’s gotten complaints about the level of ink usage being high. Another common complaint by purchasers has been that the wireless networking fails. Of course, wireless can be kind of tricky sometimes due to router placement but this seems more like an out and out failure since even an on-site service call couldn’t correct the problem.

Another common complaint about Lexmark printers in general is that they have poor customer service and durability. Sadly, you get what you pay for in a lower end unit. If we were still paying $1000 or more for an all-in-one we might expect good tech support but when we pay $100-200 for one we’re probably lucky to get someone to read a page from the manual to us over the phone. That said, Lexmark, in my experience, is one of the worse when it comes to supporting customers.

The bottom line is that the Lexmark X9350 Wireless Office All-in-One has some impressive features for its price point but that you’re likely to be buying a more or less disposable printer that may not work as well as you might wish. It also isn’t a good choice if you want to do photo printing. For small office/home office (SOHO) work or college and other educational work I think that there are better, more reliable, options out on the market.


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Comment by Nicole Price
2009-01-05 07:57:39

If it does not give good quality color printing, I doubt that it will be very popular. The wireless aspect appears to be the only good idea worth pursuing for an improved version.

Comment by Fernando | Jackie
2009-01-05 11:32:51

That’s too bad. Then again, you’re right. I guess in this case, the consumer gets what he or she pays for. Still, you’d think that a lot of these issues could be improved upon, even in a relatively inexpensive product.

2009-01-05 16:44:34

I have had Lexmark printers in the past and you are right about the poor customer service. In spite of the Lexmark service I have had good results with Lexmark’s All In One printers.

The wireless feature of the Lexmark X9350 is a welcome convenience for me as I don’t have space on my desk for the printer. Like most other printers if you do photo printing on the Lexmark X9350 be prepared to go bankrupt buying ink.



Comment by jfc
2009-01-05 17:01:04

Thanks Ray,

The wireless and duplex options are certainly attractive features. If I was printing out a lot of invoices and postage like I used to in my active eBay selling days I’d have a big use for it. The reliability issue worries me though.

Comment by RNB Love Songs
2009-01-07 09:42:51

I’ve always felt like Lexmark printers are essentially disposable. Their printer quality is usually pretty weak.

I’m also always weary of the all in one gigs as I feel like they do everything poorly and nothing well.

Comment by Atniz
2009-01-09 05:55:37

I never tried this but I have a Lexmark printer and still happy using it. No problem with it.

Comment by RNB Love Songs
2009-02-01 14:51:00

Hrm, I’ll have to check out their newer models then. I’ve always felt like the lexmark printers were too cheaply built.

Comment by Judit
2009-01-11 08:14:51

Thanks for the review. Although i usually prefer HP printers, this one has really interesting wireless function which can come handy in many situations.

Comment by Funny Junk
2009-01-29 16:22:09

I’ve been looking for a printer to use for college in my room, but after reading your review, I think I am going to pass on this.

Comment by Travel Over 30s
2009-02-05 21:04:31

I have a cheap lexmark though not the Lexmark X9350 Wireless Office All-in-One - its a wired one and right pain it is too! I would go wireless in the future

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