Sony NWZ B135F Walkman MP3 Player Review

In this review we’ll take a look at the Sony NWZ B135F Walkman. This MP3 player marks Sony’s entry into the lower reaches of digital music player market. Have they made any compromises in doing so? Let’s take a look and find out…

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The basic features of the Sony NWZ B135F Walkman are ones that you might find on any other lower end MP3 player such as the ability to play both MP3 and WMA, including subscription protected WMA, files, FM radio and voice recording. It has a tiny LCD screen you can use for navigation and selecting options. This is quite a small digital music player, only slightly larger than your standard USB thumbdrive. It comes in 2GB and 1GB sizes. The battery is a built-in rechargeable. Music files and recharges both go over a built in USB port.

Controlling the Sony NWZ B135F Walkman isn’t too tricky. The main face controls are play/pause and forward and back while the side controls include a volume up/down toggle, bass boost, record and a hold button. The main face also lights up which helps give you some positive feedback as you press the controls. It’s pretty simple to control and to find the songs you want to play.

The sound quality from the Sony NWZ B135F Walkman is quite good for a small player. It is certainly a cut above some of the lower end models I’ve tried out from the likes of Coby and Emerson. The bass boost helps bring modern music alive and the ability to fully adjust the EQ settings on 5 frequency bands is quite welcome. Unfortunately, you have a choice of the bass boost or the EQ settings of your choice since the bass boost takes over the EQ circuit. Like most other lower end digital music players the stock headphones are inadequate so upgrading them is a must.

On battery life, the Sony NWZ B135F Walkman isn’t all that great for long term listening, averaging about 12-14 hours out of a single full charge. However, it does have a quick charge feature that will let you get about 90 minutes of listening time out of a 3 minute or so charge. This is a quite welcome feature for a small ‘on-the-go’ MP3 player like this.

The bottom line is that the Sony NWZ B135F Walkman isn’t a fancy digital music player but is quite impressive for a unit on the lower end of the market place. I do recommend it for those who’re looking in the sub $50-60 range for a MP3 player.


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Comment by Nicole Price
2008-12-29 08:16:08

Good review for me to work on too. Thank you.

Comment by RNB Love Songs
2009-01-04 20:14:32

Thanks for the review, I’ve been going back and forth on this.

Comment by Wastehog
2009-03-24 07:32:20

This definitely sounds like one of the better lower end players. I think i’ll end up getting one myself. I just cant justify going down the iPod route.

Comment by Marketing Man
2009-12-02 01:50:49

Lets face it, even when competing in the lower end of the market, the quality that is represented by and expected of the SONY brand is beyond dispute. SONY rates as one of my favourite manufacturers (except when it comes to notebook computers, that is!) and their products are a benchmark that really sets a hard act to follow.

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