Pentax Optio M50 8mp Digital Camera with 5X Optical Zoom

Today’s product review takes a look at the Pentax Optio M50 8mp Digital Camera with 5X Optical Zoom. Pentax has been around quite a while in the photography industry. Let’s see how their entry level digital camera stacks up against others in the same price range.

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A quick look at the specs tells us the following about the Pentax Optio M50.  It has a 5X optical zoom with digital shake reduction, 9 point autofocus, rechargeable battery, built-in flash, macro focus and several other features you would expect a well equipped, lower price, digital camera to have. It has a generous 51.1 MB of memory, while this is small by today’s standards it’s better than many other cameras in the same price range that stop at 16MB or 32MB. This can be upgraded via the SD memory slot though.

The Pentax Optio M50 digital camera is available with a light blue and pink metallic finish as well as silver at a slightly higher price. This makes it attractive to teens and tweens who want a digital camera of their own. Given the price range that you can find this camera for these days, it would make a good gift item for someone in this age range.

There are a few neat features that the Optio M50 has such as the ability to take pictures in B&W and Sepia tones if you feel artistic and don’t want to fire up Photoshop to do the work for you. The panorama mode is also a nice touch. There’s also a ’smile capture’ feature built into it’s face recognition technology. This is a fun feature although it isn’t perfect.

The few gripes I have about the Pentax Optio M50 are much like others I have with lower end digital cameras. First, there is no viewfinder so you have to frame your picture in the LCD screen. Call me old-fashioned but I find that I frame shots much better with a viewfinder. The digital features, like the shake reduction and auto face recognition are rather weak as compared to higher end digital cameras. As long as your expectations are in line with the price range you probably won’t be disappointed though.

The picture quality of the Pentax Optio M50 digital camera is quite good, perhaps the best I’ve seen in the $75-150 8mp price range. While the color tones aren’t as good as a nice analog 35mm camera or higher end digital cameras they are quite adequate for ordinary every day picture taking.

My bottom line on the Pentax Optio M50 8mp Digital Camera with 5X Optical Zoom is that it’s a good value for the money with very good picture quality and a plethora of features that should satisfy most casual photography needs.


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Comment by Travel Over 30s
2008-11-09 20:29:25

The Pentax Optio M50 looks like a nice camera. Is it common for the newer cameras to have internal memory - that’s a nice touch. My older camera only uses memory cards. I think if you wanted a quick point and shoot and a camera that was easy to carry the Pentax Optio M50 would be a great option. As you say Pentax is a big name in digital cameras

Comment by Gamer
2008-11-12 23:00:10

A ’smile capture’ feature?!? What will they think of next? That sounds pretty cool.

Comment by April
2008-11-13 06:25:15

I think my digital camera needs upgrading as it’s starting to show it’s age. Maybe I will buy one of these Pentax Optio M50 cameras. Where can I buy a Pentax Optio M50? Oh yeah, eBay of course!

Comment by Web Marketing
2008-12-03 07:08:18

8 mega pixels is awesome. Now that’s great picture quality, I like the colours too, quite trendy.

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