Dateless Mini-Site WordPress Themes

Here’s the result of my quest to create a very stripped down free WordPress theme for use with niche blogs and other ‘no frills’ WordPress sites: Dateless Mini-Site WordPress Themes Demo Site. This is a not just a single theme but a set of seven different themes built around the same basic, very stripped down, PHP code and stylesheet.

Here are some screenshots of the themes:

Blue Mini-Site Theme

Blue Mini-Site Theme

Red Mini-Site Theme

Red Mini-Site Theme

Black Mini-Site Theme

Black Mini-Site Theme

Green Mini-Site Theme

Green Mini-Site Theme

Pure Blue Mini-Site Theme

Pure Blue Mini-Site Theme

Memo Mini-Site Theme

Memo Mini-Site Theme

News Mini-Site Theme

News Mini-Site Theme

On the demo page I have a theme switcher plugin installed so that you can switch between themes easily. There is also a download link on the sidebar of the demo but if you want to download from here: Dateless Mini-Site WordPress Themes.

Why No Date?

Each of these themes has had the dates removed from every location they normally appear. The only exception is in the date related widgets, such as Archive, but if you don’t use them, they won’t show up at all. Even with Archive, you’ll only see the date in the sidebar widget, not in the search results. But, why wouldn’t you want a date on a blog?

For niche blogs with timeless content the date is a distraction. By not having a date it makes your information look fresher to the visitor and makes them more open to it and to your advertising. The stripped down nature of these themes make them a natural match for content that is valuable but doesn’t change that often.

The Problem With Tags

I did run into one small problem with the theme and that’s the way tags work in WordPress. You can’t change the style of tags displayed via widgets with the stylesheet. This means that longer tags will overrun the sidebar and possibly break the browser display. The best way I found around this was to use a tags widget plugin that was more flexible. If you have an alternative to this that uses the built-in WordPress Tags widget, please leave a comment and let me know about it.

Give Them a Try

Try out these themes and let me know what you think. If you have any changes or customizations you would like to make to one of them and need some assistance, let me know and we’ll see what we can work out.


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Comment by dave2point0
2008-10-30 22:43:14

Great job Frank. I’ll definately be using these in the near future.


2008-11-22 23:40:56

Looks like they would be great for adsense websites!

Comment by lissie
2008-10-31 05:40:19

Thanks Frank - I will definitly being using these!

Comment by Trent Brownrigg
2008-10-31 09:26:33

Very nice Frank. Thanks a lot!

2008-11-01 08:45:50

Thanks so much for creating these site templates. I do love the dateless versions of templates and they will work well with my site project plans for the future. Knowing the date when a writer writes an article is, in some ways, useless information, at least, that’s what I think…. Excellent work Frank! Vera Z.

Comment by jfc
2008-11-01 09:14:43

Hi Vera,

For an info site where the information is timeless the date isn’t important at all. It’s more like a book.

However, on sites that follow trends you need a date. They’re more like a newspaper or weekly magazine.

Comment by Michael
2008-11-01 09:00:15

Great wordpress themes. You make a great point in that a simple theme for you blog/site is much better than cluttering it with too much stuff. When you have a simple design, people are more attracted to the content than what else is on the page.

Comment by jfc
2008-11-01 09:11:09

Hi Michael,

Either your content or your inline advertising.

2008-11-01 10:55:21

Well done once again. I’ll definately add these to my theme collection.

2008-11-02 00:17:22

I have finally found a template that will go great with my mini niche sites. Thanks Frank!

I am going to be using all of them. I just put one up on one of my mini-sites. I had a regular wordpress blog on it but it looked to over powering for the niche I was working. These are nice and simple looking but have a lot of nice perks.

Nice work!

Comment by Raman
2008-11-02 04:58:56

themes are really awesome, i’ll try ‘Green Mini-Site Theme’.

Comment by Ben Pei
2008-11-02 07:49:37

Yeah..some themes to look into for a change. Thanks!

Comment by Mayan Hammocks
2008-11-02 19:21:16

These are great themes and much “prettier” than the sniper themes that Court was giving out. (he had 2 I think that we the same basically)
You are the man, Frank!

Comment by Terry Didcott
2008-11-03 13:01:27

Hey Frank, very nice themes. I’ve just downloaded them and will spend a little time to see whats what. Always curious to see someone else’s css! Thanks man!

Comment by How To Make Money
2008-11-04 21:34:41

Really good. I like the orange and blue one. Very good use of space above the fold.

Comment by Wholesale
2008-11-05 11:38:38

These are excellent for those who are still novice to web design. It allows them to write all the content they want and be able to display it well knowing little or no web design. That’s the great thing about wordpress.. anyone who can figure out the UI can use it.


Comment by cat
2008-11-06 03:48:56

Very well good job the pure blue theme is the best the others are good too

Comment by Ralph Tenney
2008-11-07 05:35:51

Nice theme. But i found some bugs with long links.

Comment by Web Marketing
2008-11-07 06:26:18

They look very clean and simple, just perfect for a quick blogger. I’m happy with what I see so far, and the date/time function isn’t an issue at all.

Comment by Collagen Production
2008-11-14 20:01:18

I like these alot. I have seen and used Court’s Dateless Sniper, but so has everybody else. This gives us more variety. Wish there were more of these “dateless” themes. Are you working on any more templates. I think they are great. Thanks lots.

Comment by jfc
2008-11-15 00:00:46

Hi ‘Collagen’,

I’ve got some more in the works that are related to these themes.

Comment by Collagen Production
2008-11-15 08:36:23

Hi Frank,

Sounds good. I am looking forward to seeing them.
I will keep checking back to see them.


(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Australia News
2008-11-19 08:54:34

Frank its late - I’ve lost the plot - I love the themes but I can for the bloody life of me figure out where I should be putting the large Adsense ad front and centre: which file do I hack or should I use some plugin. Please don’t say openx - I’ve decided that I will be forever be smartpriced so openx isn’t really worth it!

Comment by jfc
2008-11-19 10:28:33

Hi Lissie,

I probably need to add an Adsense section to this set of themes. I’ll probably do that soon. But, for now, check out this post in the demo site:

You can insert a <div> like this into the post, probably after the -more- tag, to put an Adsense block into the post.

<div style="width: 360px; height: 280px; float: left; display: inline; background-color: #000; padding-right: 0px; padding-left: 0px; margin-bottom: 5px; padding-bottom: 0px; margin-right: 5px; padding-top: 0px; color: #fff">your adsense code here</div>

You may want to change the colors though to match.

Comment by Nerdizen
2008-11-20 15:39:33

These are a great addition to anyone looking to move their domain names from a parking program and want to develop the names themselves without having to do any serious coding. Thanks Frank and keep the themes coming.

Comment by XYFloyd
2008-11-20 16:26:08

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Comment by seo tester
2008-11-24 04:54:29

I like the 5th theme. Because i love blue.

Comment by internet marketing
2008-11-24 16:07:16

They are rather simple, but look suitable for small niche Adsense sites.

Comment by Stephane
2008-11-28 18:12:01

Nice set of themes, i was looking for a starting point to build eBay niche sites from (like BANS), these served as more than a great starting point. You saved me a whole bunch of hassle and i thank you for that.

2008-12-02 05:30:21

honestly I prefer 50% 50% for body and sidebar magnitude ….

Comment by jfc
2008-12-02 10:11:15

Hi Brandon,

I’m working on some variations to these themes so I’ll add a 50/50 one to the list.

Comment by Shirley
2008-12-07 11:28:40

Nice set of simple themes. I have a ton of undeveloped domains so I’m planning on adding blogs to them offset their annual cost. These would work well and save me the time of creating my own simple themes.

Comment by torkGalsloals
2008-12-11 11:30:42

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Comment by Matt Helphrey
2008-12-11 15:19:59

Thanks for sharing. The themes look nice and clean and very professional. I never thought about not having a date or time there and it makes sense. I’ll consider using one.

2009-01-04 13:10:39

[…] Minima template.  I have several examples I did a while back that are available on OpTempo: Dateless Minisite Themes, Boring Memo Theme, Blogger eBay Minima Theme. A few others from other people I recommend include: […]

Comment by Nokia 5800
2009-01-04 21:16:30

Thanks for putting these together. I am finding that recently I have been going into the post.php file and removing the date from the blogs I’ve been building. If you want them to look more like static sites, this is the way to go. These will save me some time on some! Thanks again.

Comment by Mr. Angry
2009-01-08 18:50:55

Thanks for creating thesevFrank.

Crappy WP themes make me angry!

Comment by Mireille
2009-01-08 20:29:35

These look great Frank.

Comment by Shower Grab Bar
2009-03-24 14:30:26

Hi Frank,
Just getting around to using these templates. I would, however, like to have the content take up the whole width of the page, then have all my widgets at the bottom. Is there an easy way to do that?


Comment by jfc
2009-03-24 15:03:17

Hi Steve,

I have an updated version of these themes that do this on my other blog: Info Magazine WordPress Theme.

Comment by Lorecee
2009-05-10 14:02:44

I’m using your blue dateless memo style theme on two of my money sites. It really makes the AdSense pop out of the page and say “click me.” Very nice. Will try out the Dateless Magazine style themes soon.

Comment by Seo Solutions
2009-06-10 20:35:23

Just downloaded the blue theme for my new insurance site. Thanks!

2009-06-17 13:53:56


Great site and gorgeous theme.. I love all of them. Nice work!

Comment by Cat
2009-08-09 15:33:01

These are fantastic - thank you! I’ve just installed the ‘News’ one on my new adsense blog - it has a nice uncluttered look & draws attention to the ads very well.

BTW - I checked it in IE 8, & the footer is wonky - there’s an extra bit underneath that is pushed over to the left of the page.

2009-09-16 00:50:03

[…] Dateless Mini - Frank’s boringly timeless theme […]

Comment by hospitalera
2009-11-14 08:54:53

Hi, great themes, I am just playing around with them and would like to know what is the best way to remove all reference to the comments. Not only just to close the comments, I would also like to remove “Sorry, the comment form is closed at this time.” “RSS feed for comments on this post.” and the like, thanks for your help, SY

Comment by jfc
2009-11-18 21:01:23

These can be removed by editing the theme.

When I get the time I’ll do an updated version of these themes that have a comment on/off function built in since several people have asked about this.

2010-01-18 11:58:30

nice layout,
nice and clean design
will try them
thank you

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