Dyson DC17 All-Floor Vacuum Review

Today I thought I’d do a review of the Dyson DC17 All-Floor Vacuum. As you probably know, Dyson vacuums are a premium vacuum that are both powerful and pricey. The DC17 comes in a few different models, Animal, Allergy and All-Floor, based primarily on the accessory pack. So, the question really is if the Dyson DC17 is worth the money.

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Let’s start off with a look at the specs for the Dyson DC17 Vacuum. This vacuum uses Dyson’s new “Level 3 Root Cyclone Technology” which addresses some of the suction problems that earlier models had, namely that while the vacuum wouldn’t lose suction the suction was as good as it should have been anyway. The motorized beater bar has a separate power switch so you can use this unit on carpet, wood, tile or linoleum. The clear bin is large and and easy to dump. As is typical of most mid to high end vacuums, the Dyson has HEPA filtration.

The usability of the Dyson DC17 All-Floor Vacuum is good overall. The cord is a generous 35 feet which I find good since it’s long enough while not being overly short like some vacuums I’ve owned in the past. The central pivot design makes it easy and comfortable to push around carpets. The wand is a handy ‘quick draw’ design, which is nice. The unit is heavy and bulky when you carry it up and down stairs and for vacuuming the stairs themselves. It also isn’t quite as graceful as I would like around furniture, particularly getting under things. These factors make the DC17 a little clumsy to use in tight, furnished, areas and on stairs.

Performance-wise the Dyson DC17 All-Floor Vacuum is impressive. I guess you can say this vacuum ’sucks’. (OK, I had to say that). It is good at pulling out pet hair and deep dirt from the carpet. The performance on hardwoods is OK. Surface dirt comes up but you’ll still need to buff and polish. The air powered mini-beater brush, which is included in the DC17 Animal package and available for separate purchase for other models, is a good addition is good for on and under furniture. It’s also good on the stairs but you have to deal with the bulk of the main unit.

It’s too early to speak to the long term durability of the Dyson DC17 All-Floor Vacuum. I’ve heard good and bad about this but mostly good. It does seem very well built and worth the hefty price tag. It does get minor pet hair clogs like other vacuums I’ve used so you will be cleaning out the cone area and other parts if you have a pet home.

All in all, the Dyson DC17 All-Floor Vacuum seems to be worth the money. I do recommend looking around for substantial discounts on refurbished units and even deals on used ones because the new list price isn’t cheap. Make sure that you check the accessories that you get up front with refurb or used unit though. Otherwise you’ll have to buy the separately and this isn’t cheap either.


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Comment by trade show booths
2008-10-17 19:48:59

Hi Frank,
Nice review. I’ve been thinking of getting a Dyson. I have a 4 year old Hoover WindTunnel and hate it. I find the bagless concept doesn’t work for me. I’ve got to empty the container and clean the screen after almost every use (could be because we have a cat). I think I might go back to the old Hoover bag-type vacuum, but I intend to check out the Dyson first since I’ve heard such good things about it. Based on your mentioning “pet households” it sounds like I may have the same problem with it. ~ Steve (aka trade show booths)

Comment by Mr. Ex Back
2008-12-06 14:37:36

I work at Best Buy….and these are excellent vacuums I always suggest them to customers

Comment by Gail
2009-02-08 15:04:17

Vacuum works OK. Not as well as I expected after reading some of the reviews. Big hassle when belt breaks. You cant get one anywhere (not even there website) you have to call dyson, I had to hold almost 10 minutes then spoke with a very rude person and now have to do without a vacuum 7 to 10 days before I receive belt.

Comment by jfc
2009-02-08 21:30:31

Hi Gail,

Thanks for your input. Sorry to hear about your customer service problems but that seems like par for the course these days.

I always check eBay and a few other online sources for vacuum cleaner parts before going to the company direct. It usually saves some money doing that. Belts breaking on vacuums is always a pain. Also, I’ve found that the plastic parts around the belt drives tend to warp over time from the heat. My Dyson is too new yet for that to happen to it but we’ll see how long it holds up against our cats.

Comment by Moving House
2009-02-17 00:51:54

I can see maybe getting one of these refurbished Dyson DC17 All-Floor Vacuum if you had allergies or a cat - but to honest its a helluva lot of money - for what is just a vacuum cleaner! Having hard floors or a good quality carpet makes a bigger difference in cleaning time than the brand of vacuum cleaner I suspect

2009-08-10 17:57:10

Excellent review! I have been reading lots of consumer reports and this Dyson seems to perform very well. My last one simply ade too much dust and it now official sucks “no pun intended”.

Comment by JoeJack
2009-12-29 21:38:17

Best Buy has these on sale for $300 now, down from $500.

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