Gorgonz Behind the Head Fleece Ear Warmer

It may not feel like winter yet but it’s just around the corner and, when it arrives, you’ll want something like the Gorgonz behind the head fleece ear warmer to keep your ears warm. In this article, we’ll take a look at the Gorgonz ear warmer and some outdoor winter tips.

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Gorgonz behind the head fleece ear warmer is one of the better ear warmers, or, to use their old name, ear muffs, that are on the market today. Yes, you may still look a bit dorky wearing them but protecting your ears, especially your inner ear, from the cold air is worth it. Fortunately, the Gorgonz ear warmers come in enough colors and patterns to help improve the look. Plus they’re adjustable and can be worn with glasses, hats and even football helmets easily. They would also make a great gift item for the outdoors person on your holiday gift list (yes, that’s coming up too).

Now let’s look at what products like the Gorgonz behind the head fleece ear warmer can do for you. Naturally, they keep your ears warm and comfortable in cold weather. More importantly though, they offer protection from heat loss. As you may know, most of your body heat is lost through your head and neck. Wearing a wrap around warmer like this helps prevent some of this heat loss although you will probably also need a hat and scarf or maybe even a balaclava (no, not a pastry, a full head/face wrap :) ).

Wearing a Gorgonz behind the head fleece ear warmer won’t protect you from ear infections. They come not from cold but from bacteria that travel to your ear from your throat. However, a good ear warmer can greatly reduce the pain you feel in cold weather from such an infection. Another health benefit from ear warmers is that they can prevent painful ‘frost nip’ from exposure to cold temperatures.

If you have any thoughts about Gorgonz behind the head fleece ear warmers or cold weather wear in general, please leave a comment below.


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Comment by April
2008-10-15 14:22:34

I don’t know if it’s this brand that I have but I do have ear warmers that wrap around the back of the head like this and they work really well. My boyfriend bought them for my Christmas one year instead of sexy undies LMAO!!

Comment by webmaster
2008-10-18 06:16:20

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Oh crap, you’re removing my links. Looks like my IP is going on the spammers list. Here’s what I should have said:

The ear warmer provides people with satisfaction because warmth has a lot to do with it. Fleece is very practical. I love practical fleece ear warmers because the tips of my ears won’t freeze that way. The wrap around design provides a good way to deal with the cold. It’s like a quick fix for cold weather. I want to suggest that this is the one method for wrap around design that can be more effective than any other. I wish everything was as simple as this wrap around design. This is the best cold weather gear I’ve ever found.

2008-11-09 20:52:25

Oops - I was going to say - if you need Gorgonz behind the head fleece ear warmers you clearly need to get packing and head for warmer places.
But instead I will say that whether you are somewhere cold and need Gorgonz behind the head fleece ear warmers or even somewhere warm where you should wear a good sun hat - then its important to protect your head - not only the smart part of your body but also the part which has the maximum heat loss - is that OK - do I pass! Lissie

Comment by Holly
2008-12-08 16:30:50

Have you tried the Fleece Earband? I love it. I got mine at Harriet Carter

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