Phiten Necklaces - Do They Work?

Phiten Necklaces are all the rage right now as we go into the Major League Baseball playoff season. The Phiten company, based out of Japan, holds an official MLB license, one of the few companies outside the USA to do this. These necklaces and other accessories, purported to enhance the physical and mental well being of the wearer, are worn by several prominent players such as Joba Chamberlain of the Yankees and Josh Beckett of the Red Sox. Do these Phiten titanium necklaces really have healing powers? Let’s see…

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The Phiten company was founded in 1982 by Yoshihiro Hirata, an alternative medicine practitioner. Hirata was looking for something to help him overcome physical problems that impeded his ability to work as a chef. His discovery was that titanium infused tape help him to improve. He founded a company based on this assumption and parlayed it into an international corporation. Quite an impressive marketing feat.

Hirata’s assertion is that the Phiten necklaces and bracelets work by stabilizing the flow of electrical energy through the body through balancing the body’s positive and negative ions. Unfortunately, medical science doesn’t concur with this assumption. Research doctors will tell you that the magnetic effects of the necklaces aren’t sufficient to affect the body. In short, there is only one branch of medical science that will vouch for positive effects from Phiten necklaces and that is psychiatry.

Yes, there is a significant psychological benefit from having the belief that something is helping you out, whether it’s a lucky bat, like in the movie The Natural, or a Phiten necklaces. This is sometimes called a placebo effect or perhaps simply the power of belief or the power of positive thinking. Baseball players are already a superstitious lot and, as they say, a lot of the game is mental. Having a healing necklace that gives you a mental boost can improve your performance and even aid in speeding healing of injuries.

So, can a Phiten necklace help you. Well, that’s a qualified ‘maybe’. If you believe it will help you, then it just might set your mind in motion in a positive direction. If you think it’s hokum, then it probably won’t work for you.

If you’ve had positive experiences with Phiten necklaces or other Phiten products or if you haven’t been impressed by them, please feel free to leave a comment below.


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Comment by Make Money Blogging
2008-10-14 14:29:37

Hey I bought one of those myself and it definitely helped relieve stress and stiffness. Not entirely though.. maybe its the psychological aspect.

Comment by Chris Sanchez
2008-10-19 00:57:08

Well I bought one about 3 days ago. I’ve been wearing it since very few times to I take it off. I seem to have more energy than I used to by the end of the day my back usually would kill me in pain- due to the suffering of herniated discs. Since I started using Phiten its aided me in with standing the pain, sometimes I really don’t feel pain anymore. Well tomorrow is my real test I will play my first baseball game since my accident. Will see how it goes!!!! All in all it was a good help for me.

Comment by jfc
2008-10-19 07:33:54

Hi Chris,

I guess it beats being put to sleep by some two bit carney hypnotist. ;)

Comment by Milkman
2008-10-19 20:07:42

Hokum… I haven’t seen that word in forever!

I used to see people with those copper arthritis bracelets and think, “it must all be in their mind.” Maybe it was and maybe that’s where most of the benefit came from, but apparently there’s research that shows they work on physiological (I believe that’s the right word) level as well.

Maybe that’s the way these Phiten necklaces are as well: They work to small extent on some level but the majority of their “power” lies within the wearers themselves.

Good information!

Comment by Billy
2008-12-22 18:48:59

I got a PHITEN bracelet for a christmas present yesterday and it works great. I had a couple people pinch me and i couldn’t even feel it. I think now that I have a PHITEN product I can throw a 108 mph fastball.

Comment by Phiten
2009-01-10 14:48:16

yea i was skeptical at first when i heard about phiten… but when they came out with Phiten MLB i had to get one. My wife also has bought a tornado necklace and hasn’t had a sore neck since. If your thinking about getting one these guys are pretty reasonable

Comment by Greg
2009-02-06 15:59:58

I think Phiten is the best thing ever! I wear one and now I can shoot lasers out of my eyes!

Comment by anonymous
2009-02-24 18:33:50

I actually used to work for Phiten long time ago. The funny thing is, I was actually very skeptical of the effectiveness of the product for so long. I’ve gotten into many arguments with my coworkers about it too.. but after hearing the customer’s experiences hundreds of times a day.. and listening to how it works for them.. I do think that it might actually work. We also tried our own little experiments using controls to make sure there’s no placebo effect. I can’t explain it, but it really did work.

Comment by Little Dragon
2009-03-02 19:07:10

I have 2 hernias on my lombar area (L4-L5 and L5-S1), and some problems on my neck.
Age, I understand, I am 50.

Since I use a Phiten Belt on my waist, the pains are much lighter, they don’t go away 100%, but gets much much better.
Me and my wife wear a necklace, always.
I train martial arts and I am teacher for 10 years.
It makes possible for me to go on training as hard as if I were 40.

Mind games? Hmm, don’t think so. Of course mental disposition helps, with or without phiten articles, but they help a lot, that’s for sure.

See you, good health for all.

Comment by jfc
2009-03-03 09:16:41

Hi Little Dragon,

Thanks for sharing your experiences.

I also did martial arts for a number of years and had a Kung Fu teacher who was also an acupuncturist and Chinese herbal doctor. He could do some amazing things with Chi and some herbal remedies and these methods are often disregarded by Western science. Placebo effect or not? It’s hard to tell objectively but there does seem to be something to it.

Comment by omarintaiwan
2009-05-24 06:06:37

Well just got a necklace as a birthday gift.tried it on and could feel a slight difference.a bit longer”an hour” the neck pain just disappeared.took it off and could feel it coming back.will send another comment.

Comment by qwerty
2009-06-06 14:59:28

I wasn’t right away, but I’m deffinately a believer.

I’m a baseball player, and I was amazed at how my team’s third baseman was reacting to the ball compared to the year before. I asked him and he said he started wearing his titanium necklace. It wasn’t a Phiten, but one off Ace Magnetics I guess. But I bought one and was amazed. A lot of people say it’s psycological, and maybe it is, but it is deffinately working!

Comment by justtriedphiten
2009-06-07 23:36:53

hey, my father just bought me a necklace and a bracelet today, i play tennis and i bboy (breakdance) one of my lower vertebrea is slightly out of place and i have constant pain and muscle spazams, when we walked into the phiten store i didnt believe in it at all bc i never believe in any of that type of stuff, so they did the tests and i didnt believe them or feel any difference and i was sure it didnt work, then they put the phiten tape on my muscle spazam and about 10 min later i swear i didnt feel much pain anymore, im still wearing them and i dont feel much pain at all like i ussually do, it feels like i took a muscle relaxant, and the necklace also relaxed my neck and shoulders when they are usually tight from dancing etc. the bracelet i put on bc my wrists have been stiff lately and i feel like its looser now, i got online to read about phiten bc i still cant believe it really works so i wanted to see whateveryone else thought about it, i do believe its a placebo type effect but if so, why if i dont even really believe in it, is it still working? we shall see what happens in the next days and see if it really does anything…it still makes me laugh that i actually have all this stuff on when ive never been a person to believe in this stuff.but hey, if its mental and it feels like it works, then it works for me! as long as i dont have intense spazams in my back and a stiff neck! anyway peace out!

Comment by dan
2009-06-23 03:29:35

i have been wearing phiten for a week, now i can see thru glass

Comment by Chris
2009-06-25 08:17:38

So you couldn’t see through glass before?? WHAT A BREAKTHROUGH!! Anyway for all the ______ on here you’re ____ and probably haven’t tried it before.

Comment by seth
2009-06-27 13:02:19

These things are just power of suggestion. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing though. I mean hey if it works for you keep using it but, don’t splurge on the real deal buy it off ebay (then its not as much as a rip-off!) Like i’ve been wearing one for 3 weeks and am in current pain for getting burnt for eating HOT cheese pizzzza!

Comment by jeff
2009-07-06 08:48:05

hahahahahaha i have a phiten and i ther has been no change in anything i do

Comment by Js43ls
2009-07-26 14:35:49

I had tendonitis on my wrist for two months and tried everything from magnetic bracelets to having the doctor treat me with some kind of steroids, yet nothing worked. Then I tried the phiten bracelet and in one week, the pain went away! It made a believer out of me!

Comment by Dajuan
2009-07-26 21:30:01

I bought a phiten neckalace and i think it makes my neck feel good at times… so i think they work some

Comment by Al Miller
2009-08-18 15:52:20

I bought the tape for my back last night at Play It Again Sports. I have two herniated disc in my back that have cause significant pain over the last couple of years albeit off and on. Lately, the pain has been pretty bad. We’ll see what happens!!

Comment by ian
2009-12-13 22:37:58

i have a friend who has herniated discs also. tell me if the Phiten products work. It would be great if you could


Comment by Maddog
2009-08-21 10:55:32

It must work to make me stronger because since I bought one, my wallet feels much lighter.

Comment by Denise
2009-10-11 08:17:13

If people feel they receive benefits, well then it’s good but I doubt you will see clinical research backing any benefit claims.

Comment by Rudy - Hawaii
2009-11-19 16:58:56

2009 will mark my 12 year running in the Honolulu 26.2 mile marathon. I started using the Phiten tape on my legs about 4 years ago. When you’re on mile 18 and there’s 8.2 more miles to go, trust me, it’s not all in the mind. When your circulation is flowing, it’s less aches and pain and more energy. I don’t ever think about it when I have it on. I just notice and question myself, “okay, what did I do today to have such a great run” while training? So then, I run without the tape, and again, I don’t think about it while running. You’ll feel the effects while running and after the run the the aches kick in. Phiten works!!!

Comment by Blake
2009-12-14 17:28:50

Phiten Really does work. I was in the gym on a bike machine and I had more energy then ever! And I have less aches and pains now.

Comment by Joe
2010-01-04 14:48:51

Since I started wearing my phiten necklace I can dunk a basketball, Im 5′9. This thing does wonders for your vertical.

Comment by austin
2010-01-05 21:12:13

I love this thing!!!!! its awesome!!! plus i have way more energy then ive ever had before!!!!!!!!!! woohoo!!!! go phiten!!!!!!!!

Comment by Danielle
2010-01-06 19:25:42

My friend Hunter gave me a Phiten and I havnt heard my neck crack in years but today (the first day Ive wore the phiten)My neck cracked twice!

Comment by david
2010-04-29 05:49:23

Hi all,i’m working in phiten,a 1000 times of question “do they really works?” i’ve been heard everyday,its a common question for me..well,what i can share it out for ya’ll here is,those people who questioned or doubt about phiten before,they will came back for more phiten products or recomended to their friend after they tried it out themself,it happened more small things to share with ya’ll,even doctors are using phiten too now a days,so physcological? allow me to thorw out u guys a question,”how we can physco doctor?” even more skeptical than,please figure out yourself dear all..what i can say is “TRIED IT OUT YOURSELF” first is better than u listen all the things that our phiten staff tell you dear friend..Cheers..

Comment by Carpet UK
2010-06-25 06:26:15

One does wish these Phiten necklaces provide luck to the wearer.

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