Introducing Blog Content Wizard

Blog Content Wizard

Blog Content Wizard, my content generation program, is officially released as of today. Click on the wizard picture to visit the Blog Content Wizard sales site.

The price of Blog Content Wizard is $47. I had given serious consideration to selling it for as base price of $147 and charging a monthly subscription fee for access to the database and incremental updates. In the end, though, I decided to keep the price low, at least for now. I will be continuing to build onto the phrase dictionary and making it available for download via the support forum. I also have several expansions and improvements planned so buying now insures that you’ll have access to them at your low original purchase price.

I’ll be supporting Blog Content Wizard via a private support forum where, as I mentioned, updates will be available along with ideas on using the program and getting the most out of it.

For more details about the program, visit the Blog Content Wizard sales site. There you’ll find more details about the program, including screen shots and more example articles created by the program. And, yes, that site uses the infamous $7 Script so you can see it in action there.

If you have any questions or encounter any problems with Blog Content Wizard please feel free to leave me a comment here.


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Comment by Luxury Paris Hotels
2008-09-02 01:43:44

Frank the sales page is appalling there is no flashing red font - its less than 5000 words long and it doesnt have testimonials from people I never heard off with their smiling gobs! All you have is facts and what it will do for me - you will drummed out of marketing school with this approach ! Lissie

Comment by jfc
2008-09-02 07:05:01

Hi Lissie

Looks like you’re still staying at the Akismet Hotel. :(

Well, I did make sure that I had big bold red text, highlights, dotted line coupons and so forth. That should be worth something. Oh, and I mentioned that you can buy it at 3 AM in the morning, always worth bonus points. :)

Comment by Luxury Paris Hotels
2008-09-02 09:47:00

The Paris branch of Hotel California - you can check in but you can never leave - I have emailed several times but go no reply - pathetic ! Meanwhile I get heaps of real spam on my blogs which DONT get askimetted!

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Comment by Web Marketing
2009-04-14 07:40:20

The Akismet Hotel….heheheheheh….that comparison definitely appeals to me, seeing that I really don’t like Akismet and their system! Nothing worse than those hard sell web pages, complete with false testimonials, Lissie!

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Comment by Vacation Pack List
2008-09-02 02:33:50

You realised this on a holiday - what were you thinking LOL - definitly looking at this one as I actually got $30 from ebay I might as well spend it on something useful! Lissie

Comment by jfc
2008-09-02 07:07:31

Hi Lissie,

This ID got by OK.

I actually published it at what I thought would be just after midnight Eastern Time US on September 2nd but I forgot the server is on Mountain Time US so it got tagged as a post on the 1st. Oh Well.

2008-09-02 04:15:18

[…] Frank’s post for more details: Introducing Blog Content Wizard and the sales page with significantly more detail, on it’s own domain, is at Blog Content […]

Comment by Robert
2008-09-02 05:33:40

I’m almost certain it’s a scheduled post, unless Frank gets up at 4AMish on holidays. :)

Comment by Denise
2008-09-02 08:54:34

WOW Frank, this looks awesome. As someone who only has a couple of hours a day to work online this will be a huge time saver. Building content is one a the hardest parts and the most time consuming for me. An automated content generator is a huge plus to build those farms.

I will have to wait however until I get some money in my accounts before purchase. I will be buying this however. I have your Link Luv Post Builder and I do know the quality of your work.

I will be posting on Blog Content Wizard on my blog to try and help spread the luv.

Congrats on the launch and I only hope the price does not go up any time soon.

Comment by jfc
2008-09-02 09:05:52

Hi Denise,

Don’t worry, I plan on keeping the price at $47 for at least a month or two.

And thanks for the mention on your blog.

Comment by Sunshine
2008-09-02 09:20:52

Hi Frank,

Clicking the sales link takes me to a godaddy park page.

Comment by jfc
2008-09-02 09:43:09

Hi Sunshine,

It works for me and I know other people have visited it OK and Google indexed it about 5 hours ago. Maybe it’s a DNS propagation problem since the domain is only a few days old. It can take up to 72 hours to propagate and it’s right at that threshold now. Try it again a little later and you should be able to get to it.

Comment by christmas trees
2008-10-10 03:28:22

same thing happened in my case also. what to do?

Comment by jfc
2008-10-10 09:24:38

Hi Christmas Trees,

The sales site seems to be working fine for me. Try it again and see if you’re still having a problem.

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Comment by Vacation Pack List
2008-09-02 09:50:02

Im getting php errors on the landing page - is this a new technique we are going to learn at the Vic Academy ? LOL LIssie

Comment by Ditto Rahmat
2008-09-02 09:53:39

Yup,same here. I got php error too. I’m curious about this program though. Anyone tried it ?

Comment by jfc
2008-09-02 11:21:10

Hi Ditto,

Splork of Lost Ball in High Weeds wrote a review of it: I Like Blog Content Wizard.

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Comment by jfc
2008-09-02 09:55:05


If you can, use the contact page here to send me an email with the specifics of the PHP problem you encountered so that I can look into it. I know it went through test runs OK but when you get a new website/program out it in the ‘real world’ unexpected problems can happen.

Comment by jfc
2008-09-02 09:58:49

It looks like there’s some problem with the page. It was working OK earlier. I’ll have to see if I can figure out what’s going on with it. I hope it hasn’t been hacked or something like that!

Comment by jfc
2008-09-02 10:49:39

Looks like it’s working again after I reuploaded parts of the site. I’m not sure why it had a problem but I’ve put in a support ticket.

2008-09-02 11:16:31

[…] Blog Content Wizard has just been launched today over at Optempo and some people are asking how to make money with a content generating software. I will try to explain the core concepts of how you need several blogs if you are involved in niche marketing. […]

Comment by April
2008-09-02 14:07:26

Just to let you know that I’m happy with the software and have been using it to spam my own blog comments and also have been using it to create content for the lower part of my BANS store pages.

Comment by jfc
2008-09-02 14:19:52

Hi April and Thank You,

I’m glad the Blog Content Wizard has been useful to you.

Comment by dreamscaper
2008-09-02 20:18:48

Hi Frank,

I just purchased the Blog Content Wizard today and have already started using it on my blog network. I really want to thank you for this piece of software; It is a real enabler for someone like me that wants to produce content on any semblance of a regular basis but is hindered and frustrated by a lack of time in which to do so. Now with your software, what was once only a pipe dream has now become a reality. Thanks again.


Comment by jfc
2008-09-02 22:31:04

Thanks Stephen,

I need to add your comment to my sales page as a testimonial. :)

Comment by Houston23
2008-09-02 22:25:43

Hi Frank,

one question, can the software be used on multiple PCs? I have 2-3 PCs at home. Hope to hear from you soon.

Comment by jfc
2008-09-02 22:34:08

Hi Houston,

It’s licensed for personal use so as long as you’re the person using it you can run it on multiple PCs. I don’t put much in the way of protection on it but the real value is going to be in the ongoing data updates that will only be accessible by authorized buyers.

Comment by dreamscaper
2008-09-03 00:39:39

Yeah Frank, I kinda had that in mind when I gushed about your sweet piece of software, heh, heh. ;)

Seriously though, great work and I posted a positive comment on Splork’s review on his blog.

BTW, is there any way to edit the raw text on the botom half of the results page instead of just the html, or is that in the works (or not doable)?


Comment by jfc
2008-09-03 05:38:44

Thanks Stephen,

The bottom pane is essentially Internet Explorer confined within the application. I would require a bit of work to make it into a WYSIWYG HTML editor but it is a feature I might consider adding sometime in the future. For now, it’s pretty easy to just drag and drop the contents of that pane into the standard WordPress visual editor or a program like Windows Live Writer.

Comment by Dinheiro
2008-09-03 03:33:31

Just want to give my support to this software. I’m using it now, and i must say: what a piece of art this is!! Excellent work Frank, and i recommend this software for everyone, from newbies to pros!

2008-09-03 08:23:33

[…] I bought Blog Content Wizard from Frank. It’s a tool to create keyword rich content for your niche sites. For example, instead of using a […]

Comment by Stay At Home Jobs
2008-09-03 09:13:19

I asked this question on Splorks review but I thought I would ask it here too. It seems the examples I have seen are poor enough that I might be scared to use it on a made for Adsense site. Don’t get me wrong, I think it is great but some of the examples meander all over the place and really don’t stay on topic and it seems like maybe this should be used for a link farm only?

What are your thoughts? I want my writing to be not that great for my Adsense sites but I at least want to stay on topic which this software might have trouble doing. Or maybe if you use only related keywords it will spit out a more on topic post?

Comment by jfc
2008-09-03 10:21:33

Hi Bruce,

I wouldn’t recommend using it on an Adsense site unless you did a little additional work to clean up the article to make it a little more readable. And, as you noted, insure that your keywords keep things on target. I have some suggestions on this that I posted in the private support forum.

Comment by Dan
2008-09-03 12:26:03

Frank, this looks great. I’ll buy it later, maybe at 3AM ;-)

Comment by jfc
2008-09-04 08:43:08

Hi Dan,

Akismet doesn’t like you, even at 3 AM. :(

You might want to contact them so that they’ll take you off the list.

Comment by Dan
2008-09-03 12:32:32

Frank is there an API for this? Or can I feed it XML to generate a bunch of articles and save then to a database or something?

Comment by jfc
2008-09-04 08:45:31

Hi Dan,

I didn’t include any import functionality in this release but I’ll put it on my list for the future.

Comment by best home work
2008-09-03 23:24:29

Interesting piece of software you’ve come up with, Frank. I didn’t quite “get” the various uses for it until I read the comments here - some awesome ideas! Maybe some additonal sales copy for you?

Comment by Terry Didcott
2008-09-04 10:46:44

Frank, this is a great piece of software and what a time saver! I’ve already started to pad out some agricultural blogs with much needed content. I’ll bet if any of them actually get a visitor the content will be perfect to have them heading straight for the clickout… hehe

Seriously, this is a godsend for someone like me who is always so pressed for time but with so many sites that need just very basic keyword rich content.

Thank you so much for this,


Comment by Willdini
2008-09-04 15:25:18

Hi Frank,

Just got finished generating my first article, and I couldnt help buy chuckle a little bit :D. This is going to be a sweet program. I was in need of generating some content for the farm. You just saved me a TON of time. This program is worth way more then $47 in the time it will save me.

Thank you!!!


2008-09-04 21:16:38

Frank, thanks so much for creating and releasing this sweet piece of s/w Blog Content Wizard. I’m finally able to build more while not taking too much time away from my main sites. Real value for money here!

Comment by Voice Software
2008-09-07 02:03:17

The software looks and feels amazing. However I have a question, the content offered by the wizard is copyscape ok ? If so this is the most amazing peace of software I have ever seen.

Comment by jfc
2008-09-11 09:21:58

Hi Voice Software,

Akismet doesn’t like you for some reason. You may want to contact them to see if you can get off their blacklist.

As to your question, in my testing across several test blogs with a sample set of 100 posts I haven’t seen any articles flagged by Copyscape. Cliches and other common English phrasing are generally ignored, which helps. I also use a variation of a combiner encryption/randomization algorithm that further decreases the chance of any significant duplication. As more data is added to the system, the chance of duplication will fall even more.

Comment by Marc
2008-09-07 11:12:21

Hi Frank,

Is there some way that this software can be primed to write content for people? For example, if you took a paragraph off the web and fed your software the essential nouns and verbs of that paragraph would it be able to rewrite the paragraph in perfectly legible form?

By giving it a lot of input and restricting the output to only 50 words, could it be used to rewrite content fit for human reading?

Comment by dreamscaper
2008-09-07 21:40:14

Man, if Frank could come up a piece of software that would re-write PLR stuff that is basically readable he should charge an arm and a leg for it since you know it would be making piles of moolah for the rest of us! lol ;)

Comment by jfc
2008-09-07 23:27:55

Hi Dreamscaper,

My original concept for Blog Content Wizard was to rewrite PLRs but I wasn’t able to get them readable enough unless I moved too far in the direction of other content spinners such as random replacer and synonymizers. Essentially to move further in this direction I’d have to develop a fairly complex expert system. If you want a “my eyes glaze over” computer science explanation of it, read this Wikipedia article: Rete Algorithm

Comment by Wayne
2008-09-10 22:25:38

Frank! I love it! I’ve been putting content on the bottom of my bans sites where no one is going to read anyway. I’ve even tried building some personal content list, that’s such a cool idea!

2008-09-12 16:40:50

Thought I’d take a break from legitimate blogging and let BCW do the talking… kind of amusing!

Blog Content Wizard has been incredibly helpful already, thanks Frank!

Comment by Make Money
2008-09-14 19:45:41

Just a tip - don’t use the bevel and emboss for the title on the front of the book thingy (the cover) - it looks really amateur

Comment by jfc
2008-09-14 20:03:04

Thanks for the idea. I’m planning on redoing the cover at some point. I can’t find my Photoshop CDs and my PC that had it installed died on me recently so I had to use other tools to kind of slap it together.

Comment by Ruby Web
2008-09-16 07:10:42

You have outdone yourself with this Blog Content Wizard software. So are going to bring it up to $147 from $47? Well I guess you’ll first see how its sales will do and make a decision after that.

Comment by jfc
2008-09-16 07:23:49

Hi Ruby,

If I decide to add an affiliate program or do PPC with it I’ll need to raise the price to cover that cost.

Comment by Houston23
2008-09-18 04:57:48

Hi Frank,

I will be getting BCW end of this month, will the price increase till then? As you said, it will be around for a month or two.

Hope it wouldn’t increase real soon.


Comment by jfc
2008-09-18 07:50:22

Hi Houston,

I won’t be raising the price until at least next month sometime.

Comment by SoLinkable
2008-10-04 22:56:35

Has the price been raised yet? Its now Oct, not sure if I’m too late or not…

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by jfc
2008-10-04 23:06:37

The price is still $47. The price increase will go into effect when I have a second release of the program, probably later this month. People who purchase now will get the upgrade for free.

Comment by kouji
2008-09-24 05:09:11

fascinating. something that a lot of people with little time and a need for more content need. i wonder how it works. :)

Comment by Vera
2008-09-27 09:02:03

I have just discovered your site and am very, very glad I did. I’m just wondering where to start because there is so much here. (Okay, I am a “late bloomer”). The question is always “where do you begin” when one encounters a new site. So I’ve started at the Blog Content Wizard because, lo and behold, that is just what I might need or might be looking for. I have three gurus I’ve been following for a while now. Looks like I will now have Four! Thanks for your site, Cheers, Vera.

2008-10-01 21:48:22

I am concerned to discover this site: which appears to be using a version of BCW ! I am wondering if you are going to add a translation program to Blog Content Wizard?

Comment by jfc
2008-10-03 06:15:02

Funny one Lissie. :)

Sadly you’re still checked into the Akismet Hotel. :(

Comment by Webmaster Forum
2008-10-08 00:08:41

does it gaurantee of unique content ??? any money back offer??

Comment by jfc
2008-10-08 07:41:05

Hi Webmaster,

The generated article is unique in terms of LSI and other common measures. Given that it uses common cliches as part of the content there will be occasional single lines that will be duplicated. However, these are not enough to trigger any duplicate content filtering. With 2 keywords, the minimum, the odds of generating a duplicate article is in the millions to 1 range. Given a set of 10 or more keywords the chances for a duplicate article approaches infinity.

Yes, there is a money back guarantee.

Comment by Web Marketing
2008-10-09 10:28:23

Well I buy every bit of software I find, will try it out and up-date you.

Comment by Armen Shirvanian
2008-10-15 13:09:28

This looks to be a suitable content examination program, and it is nice to see the creator releasing it as he would like to do. The sales method is appropriate as well.

2008-10-27 22:57:19

Frank this is Hwould, I can say enough how much I love Blog Content Wizard. It makes doing what I need to do real estate wise a breeze. Definitely my favorite content generation programs.

2008-11-03 06:48:10

[…] in other skills than writing. If you have troubles in writing fast, then you can check out this content generation program which can help you a lot. We are not using any software to generate content, because I’m just […]

2008-11-03 22:04:46

I am so BUMMED!!

I finally am able to buy Blog Content Wizard and the payment went through some e-check thingy and says I have to wait until Friday to get this tool.

I was expecting instant access. :-(

I am so disappointed! I have to whole day off tomorrow and now I have to wait till the weekend which I have to work.


2008-11-04 10:48:52


Sorry about being such a whiner. This was all my fault. :-(

My card had expired the first of Nov. and I did not know it. Now that it is upgraded hopefully things will run quicker.

I have been waiting since the first day Blog Content Wizard came out and I was just so excited to get it that I totally got bummed when I ran into another road block.

I cannot wait for my Karma to change. I must have a lot of making amends to do! :-)

Comment by Article Submissions
2008-11-19 11:46:20

Hey would you consider feeding our content into your program? We have about 15,000 articles that are category based?

2008-11-29 13:29:37

Frank I just luv this program! Thanks for saving me so much time keeping content on my blogs. You are my hero! :-)

Comment by PaulG
2009-03-23 11:28:21

Frank, just downloaded this and have already launched 5 new supporting blogs. It really is lightning quick. :-)

2009-04-08 21:43:14

[…] in other skills than writing. If you have troubles in writing fast, then you can check out this content generation program which can help you a lot. We are not using any software to generate content, because I’m just […]

Comment by it support london
2009-08-24 05:59:03

Anything that can generate blog content quickly and effectively is absolute gold, it will never beat hand written unique content but still if this program works well then it’s genius!

Comment by Cartuse imprimanta
2009-11-02 15:47:39

Absolutely Don, this is a fantastic tool for SEO and building blogs as well as adding content to what would otherwise be seen as thin affiliate sites such as BANS.

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