Blaze Media Pro Software Review

Blaze Media Pro

Today we’ll be taking a look at Blaze Media Pro. This modestly priced, yet quite powerful, multimedia application provides one stop media file conversion, DVD and CD ripping and burning, audio and video editing as well as plain old playback. In fact you would be hard pressed to find something that it didn’t do.

At first glance you may ask, “Why do I need CD burning software or DVD burning software? Don’t I get that with Windows?” That’s right, you do. However, you’ll find that the standard, in-the-box, audio and video options with Windows are limited, sometimes annoyingly so. You may find that in order to add a needed feature to Windows Media Player that you’ll need to purchase an add-on driver that costs more than what Blaze Media Pro will cost you for that feature and more.

One area where Blaze Media Pro is very useful is when you want to convert DVD to AVI, MPG, WMV. This is a great when you want to rip a DVD for playing while traveling. No more carrying extra weight around, a big plus.

While you can find out more about the exact features of Blaze Media Pro at their web site, I’ll run down a few of them here for your convenience.

  • CD, VCD, SVCD, and DVD ripping, copying and burning
  • Video capture, creation and video editing
  • Still Frame video ripping
  • Over 30 special effects, enhancement and alternation for video and audio
  • Lyrics search
  • Combining video, audio and still pictures

Is it perfect? No, you won’t find software this inexpensive and this powerful without a few warts. I think that some people might find it a bit complex to work with even though it tries hard to be easy to use. There is so much functionality crammed into it though that it can be a little overwhelming. Another area of concern, typical of this kind of software that operates at a low level, is system compatibility. A bad driver can throw software like this off it’s game. That’s just a fact of life.

If you’re looking for a powerful video/audio processing program I recommend that you give Blaze Media Pro a look.

The Blaze Media Pro Website

I’ll wind up this review with a brief mention of their web site. Overall, I liked their site. The black on white theme looks sharp and there is plenty of info for the perspective buyer, including a demo download and program screen shots.

However, there is one glaring problem with their site that they should correct immediately and that problem is that they use Google Adsense ads on it. The very last thing you want on a site where you’re trying to make a sale is the customer leaving for a competitor’s site.

Adsense, Just Say No

Having Adsense on this kind of site means lost sales and I’d guess that product sales pay a whole lot more than Adsense does in this niche. Get rid of the Adsense guys and you’ll probably see your sales figures improve. Think about that screen shot. Would you make more money if I clicked on the demo download link and bought Blaze Media Pro or if I clicked on the ad for a competitors product and bought theirs instead?


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Comment by Nancy
2009-02-08 23:13:48

I think this program is best at conversions, recording and burning.

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