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Mixed up Content

I had mentioned a few months ago that I was working on content generation program that you can use on ‘link cluster’ blogs and other sites where you can get away with lower quality content. After several months of refinement, data building and development work it’s almost ready for release.

The way the program works is that you supply the keywords, select the article length and click the generate button. The program then stitches together an article using your keywords and phrases that are common cliches found on blogs and forum posts. Plus, you will be able to add your own phrases to the mix if you want. My original concept for the program was more ambitious but, in the interest of usability and maintainability I trimmed down the feature set to a more manageable level.

Would you like to see an example of the output of the program? Here’s generated paragraph on the topic of ‘golf clubs’.

Every day before I start work I do these things with Golf clubs. There isn’t anything inherently evil about a Golf club outlet. With regards to Golf club outlet, a lot is said about the importance of Cheap Golf clubs. This is simple but few of my regular readers already know this. Now you may get a bigger picture about Golf clubs. They know it and we know it. Once you have discovered Golf clubs, you will still have a lot to do. I won’t teach you how to buy a Sand wedge. You have to do that for yourself.

And another, also using golf keywords:

I’m so hopping mad. Do you get crazy frustrated about 9 iron? This is one of the easiest things I have found out about Golf clubs. The competition for 9 iron is stiff out there. I have no choice. What do you think? That 9 iron kind of took my breath away. I’m saying too much 9 iron is good. Some very interesting points were raised about Golf clubs. I know it sounds time consuming but finding Cheap golf clubs is worth it. I have way too little Golf clubs. I will focus on buying used Golf clubs.

OK, so the result kind of reads like a blogger with severe ADHD or someone who doesn’t write English all that well. But, then again, so do many real blogs. And, you can always tweak the content to make it more readable. I’ll be giving more details about how to use it when it is released.

Now, when will the program be released? I’m shooting for Tuesday, September 2, 2008. I’ll have an announcement as a feature post here on OpTempo with a link to the landing page for the program when it’s ready to go. What will the price be? Don’t worry, like Link Luv Post Builder the price will be very reasonable. Any other questions? Feel free to ask.


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Comment by Link Building Bible
2008-08-23 12:19:56

The Shield season premiere comes out September 2nd, so i’ll be a little bit more excited about that, but this looks pretty sweet.

Are there enough cliches and stuff to avoid duplicate content issues?

Comment by jfc
2008-08-23 13:25:44


The final release database will have somewhere around 25,000 phrases. These phrases will be assembled in a random order with random keywords inserted into them at appropriate spots. This mean that, if I’ve done the math right, there are at least 312,488,000 different combinations possible with the smallest article with only 2 keywords. For larger sets of keywords and longer articles, it would approach statistical infinity. That goes well with my monkey typing logo, doesn’t it. :)

Comment by Wayne
2008-08-23 12:27:19

That’s too cool! Making up content on support blogs is almost as boring as link building! Count me in!

Comment by Rich Hill
2008-08-23 12:43:17


That is so cool. Can you just imagine what it will look like after a few million blog posts are published using Content Generator Program, and then CGP starts to index them in the mix results?

This might spiral down into a morass of consonants and vowels and punctuation marks. I can’t wait to use it!


Ha ha ha !

Love it!

2008-08-23 16:33:24

WOW, this sounds really exciting!

Comment by Costa
2008-08-23 19:32:14

this sounds real interesting. It’s getting real tiring doing write ups for my affiliate stores. Definitely giving this a shot.

Comment by Bunn Coffee Makers
2008-08-24 00:45:47

Looks good, and I think it might work well for blog comments too:

Every day before I start work I do these things with Content Generator. There isn’t anything inherently evil about a Content Generator. With regards to Content Generator, a lot is said about the importance of Cheap Content Generator. This is simple but few of my regular readers already know this. Now you may get a bigger picture about Content Generator. They know it and we know it. Once you have discovered Content Generator, you will still have a lot to do. I won’t teach you how to buy a Content Generator. You have to do that for yourself.


Comment by Dinheiro
2008-08-26 01:11:39

eehehhehe, frank this comment proves that the “content generator” works :) :) :)

2008-08-26 23:56:13

Frank, I can’t wait for this man, I just got the link luv post builder today and will definitely be salivating at 9/2

Comment by Lucas
2008-08-29 07:31:45

Wow, this is interesting. I’ve subscribed to your blog - I’m eagerly waiting for this program.

Comment by Dreamscaper
2008-08-29 17:14:04

My tired brain and failing eyes thank you for this…

Comment by Steve
2008-08-29 20:13:08

I’ll be waiting anxiously… pretty sure I’ll be among the first to jump on this.

Comment by Denise
2008-08-31 14:04:05

Frank this looks great! I was wondering if there is any way to add a copyscape type checker into the program so we can check for duplicate content?

Comment by jfc
2008-09-01 09:08:21

Hi Denise,

I’ll explain more about the dupe content issue, or non-issue, when the program is released. But, randomization and the shear number of possible combinations should prevent any significant duplication.

Comment by Denise
2008-09-02 08:21:18

Thanks Frank for all your responses. I am anxious to get my hands on this one. Over to read your launch on the Content Generator Software.

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Comment by dreamscaper
2008-08-31 21:31:04

The developers of BMD just announced the inclusion of their own version of BMDbuddy in the next version (BMD 4), I guess this means that there will soon be a CGDemon. lol

You are definitely ahead of the mass market curve and deserve to profit from it … right after you have sold it to us at your lower, good karma rate lol…


Comment by Otooo
2008-09-01 03:42:45

When I saw the title of this post, I like started jumping up and down
Then I saw the content it produced - I’m not so happy anymore

Comment by jfc
2008-09-01 09:05:48

Hi Otooo,

I agree that it doesn’t produce Flagship blog worthy content. It’s really designed with the idea of quickly generating an throwaway article for link cluster blogs and, in some cases, niche marketing blogs. When you have dozens of these kinds of sites this type of program is a big help.

As I mentioned, it’s also easy to generate the base article, clean it up a bit so that it reads better, add in a few extra sentences and publish it.

Comment by Vacation Pack List
2008-09-02 09:53:00

Hey you stuck to your timeline too - give or take a timezone - looks like Vic is struggling with his - he is so optimistic that guy ! Lissie

Comment by Armen Shirvanian
2008-10-15 13:11:58

It is positive to see that the program was presented here before it was released, and that it was released in a reasonable time period from when it was presented. This is a sign of following one’s own protocol.

2008-10-28 08:44:33

I bought the program, love it and I get a few good laughs with my friends at the articles it generates! Somewhat like someone who has imbibed on some illegal substances. I might fix the articles up a little because I feel soooo guilty using this. I’ll get over it somehow, I’m sure. Enjoy reading your site. Thanks.

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