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The Pillsbury Doughboy, aka Pop ‘N’ Fresh has been the advertising mascot for The Pillsbury Company since 1965. This lovable character, famous for giggling when poked in the stomach, has had many promotional items made in his likeness over the years. In this buyer’s guide article, we’ll look at some of the many forms Pop ‘N’ Fresh has been released as and we’ll also examine the disturbing trend of counterfeit and mislabeled Pillsbury Doughboy Collectibles.

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The Pillsbury Doughboy was conceived in 1965 by Rudy Perz or the Leo Burnett advertising agency and was brought to TV by stop motion clay animation or claymation. Pop ‘N’ Fresh has appeared in over 600 TV commercials for dozens of Pillsbury products. Also, Pillsbury has licensed dozens of different products, ranging from dolls to salt shakers, featuring the chubby advertising icon.

One of the most notable Pillsbury Doughboy Collectibles are dolls that were released in the early 1970’s. These included Poppie Fresh, a female version of the Doughboy of undetermined relationship to Pop ‘N’ Fresh, Grandparents, GrandPopper and GranMommer, and pets, Biscuit the cat and Flapjack the dog. These additional Doughboy characters weren’t used that much to prevent diluting the impact of Pop ‘N’ Fresh himself. Therefore, collectibles featuring them are particularly rare and occasionally counterfeited so it is important to check the provenance and authenticity of any of these collectibles you’re considering purchasing.

Danbury Mint, the collectibles manufacturer, has made a number of different Pillsbury Doughboy items over the years. One of the most popular is the 12 piece perpetual calendar figurines. Pillsbury Dough Boy Cookie Jars are another popular item. These were often bought as Christmas gifts by kids for their Mom, I suppose in the hopes of getting Mom to bake cookies. It isn’t unusual to find these jars still in the box after being stored for 20+ years.

When you’re considering the online purchase of a Pillsbury Doughboy Collectible it is important, as always, to check the reputation of the seller. Be very wary of any seller that can’t answer questions that help you pin down the identification, condition and history of the piece or who can’t provide good pictures. Also be wary of hand crafted items that may not be properly licensed. Also, remember that while handcrafted Doughboy items can be cute and attractive they have virtually no collectible value.

Collecting Pillsbury Doughboy items is a fun collectibles hobby since there’s a wide variety of merchandise to chose from that can fit into many collection niches ranging from fine ceramics to coffee cups to bakeware to dolls. Or one can just concentrating on collecting the many Doughboy items themselves.


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2008-08-20 00:37:03

Yes it is a disturbing trend to learn there are counterfeit Pillsbury dough boys being sold as the real deal. As a child I always laughed along with the Pillsbury dough boy when he laughed at the stomach poke. It might be fun to have one of these dolls now.

Comment by Cheap GPS Systems
2008-08-20 00:41:03

I haven’t thought of the Pillsbury Dough Boy in ages. Is that character still being used on television commercials? He was awfully cute, come to think of it. I never did have one of the dolls, though. I did not realize there were so many items made at the time. I also did not realize there are people collecting everything Pillsbury Dough Boy these days.

Comment by Decatur Indiana
2008-08-21 06:34:03

My mother is the biggest Dough Boy collector you’ll ever see. She has over 200 pieces of Pop N Fresh Items. There are many of the original pieces that were only available by sending in cake box lids to redeem points for Pillsbury items, these are now fairly expensive collectibles


Comment by Dennis Friesen
2008-11-08 03:07:17

I’m actually quite surprised at the attention that this little mascot has received since his inception. Gives me a great idea for a blog post; best product mascots in history :)

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