Dyson DC16 Root 6 Handheld Vacuum Review

Today’s product review is for the Dyson DC16 Root 6 Handheld Vacuum. Dyson is known for making excellent, but pricey, floor vacuum cleaners. How does this foray into handheld vacuums, designed for quick clean-ups and looking like a weapon from Men In Black, measure up as compared to its big brothers and its competitors?

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A quick look at the specs shows that the Dyson DC16 Root 6 Handheld Vacuum is quite a powerful handheld vacuum with nearly twice the suction power of most other handheld units. It is a bagless design with a .21 gallon bin and a washable, long lasting, filter. It is cordless, with a 21.6 volt lithium-ion battery and a charger unit. Other accessories include a crevice tool and combo accessory tool. The unit is lightweight, just a tad over 3 pounds, which makes comfortable to use.

As with other Dyson vacuums, the Dyson DC16 Root 6 Handheld Vacuum does a great job of filtering the air as it vacuums and it doesn’t lose power as it fills with dirt. This feature alone places it well above most other handheld vacuum units that tend to lose suction and spew out dirt rather quickly. Is the Dyson DC16 overpriced? That’s a good question. I think it is at the suggested retail price. However, with a little research you can find deals on overstock and refurbished units that are more reasonable.

Cordless is another caveat with the Dyson DC16 Root 6 Handheld Vacuum. While it’s nice not to have to drag a cord about when, for example, vacuuming your car or stairs, the Dyson DC16 runs out of power quickly. About 5 minutes of operation is all you can expect out of a single charge. This is enough if you’re vacuuming a sub-compact car but you’ll run out of charge before finishing your average mini-van, crossover or SUV. And, you can forget about finishing carpeted stairs with it if you have pets.

The bottom line with the Dyson DC16 Root 6 Handheld Vacuum is that it’s a top performing hand held vacuum and can easily beat most, if not all, lower priced handheld vacuum units. The downside is that like other Dyson products it’s quite expensive, unless you catch a good deal, and the charge time is very limited for many cleaning chores.


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Comment by Cheap GPS Systems
2008-08-20 01:37:54

Five minutes? You have got to be kidding me! I could never live with that situation. That is a shame to have a company with otherwise good products put time and energy into a unit with only 5 minutes use time on a charge. Thanks for the warning and I will not buy one.

Comment by jfc
2008-08-29 14:16:27

Hi Cheap GPS,

My first impression of the Dyson DC16 was “You sold a reverberating carbonizer with mutate capacity to an unlicensed cephalopoid” :)

The limited run time is THE big issue with it since it performs well otherwise. I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t come out with a newer unit with improvements soon, particularly given that you’re seeing the DC16 more and more in closeout sales online and offline.

Comment by Vacation Pack List
2008-09-03 07:16:04

I had contemplated that I should like to verify my data less. It is my belief that these are the feelings about Dyson DC16 Root 6 Handheld Vacuum. Dyson DC16 Root 6 Handheld Vacuum is one of the toughest things I have found. I hope this is on track. There‚Äôs a lot to learn about Dyson DC16 Root 6 Handheld Vacuum. I want to bring my ‘A’ game. If you can use Dyson DC16 Root 6 Handheld Vacuum that’s great but not critical. Good stuff. If it does you have a problem. I may have to eat crow.

Comment by bodybuilding supplement reviews
2008-11-11 19:54:24

Never heard of the Dyson handheld vaccum. It looks like something I could use, thanks.

Comment by steve james
2008-12-15 22:03:55

While I love my Dyson stand up and as an ex-pat Brit living in the USA
am proud of the Tyson company I’m not sure just how convenient a hand held vac can be with just 5 minutes use before needing a recharge. I think I’ll stick with the accessories for my upright when it comes to cleaning my furniture,stairs and car.


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Comment by Angelina Maben
2008-12-23 04:58:13

Dyson DC16 Root 6 Handheld Vacuum is very helpfull and reliable vacuum.

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