Top 10 Rock and Roll Blogging Tips of All Time

Yan over at thou shall blog wrote this post Top 10 Blogging Tips of All Time. I thought it was interesting and decided to do something a little different and write a little response looking at the Top 10 Rock and Roll Blogging Tips of All Time and doing few of my favorite things, creating internal links on this site and chasing down music videos on YouTube. As you might guess, these ‘tips’, well more like observations, apply primarily to “Make Money Online” blogging but they might fit other blogging situations as well.

10. Eddie Cochran - Summertime Blues

I’ve been working all summer
Just to try and earn a dollar.

I’m sure some people have been blogging all summer and just earned a dollar from Adsense. Just imagine Google in the role of the parent and Congressman in this classic 50’s rock song that’s been redone many times.

9. Rolling Stones - (Can’t Get No) Satisfaction

And that man comes on the radio
And he’s tellin’ me more and more
About some useless information
Supposed to fire my imagination

Sums up how to write niche blog article, doesn’t it?

8. Weezer - Beverly Hills

I wanna live a life like that
I wanna be just like a king
Take my picture by the pool
Cause I’m the next big thing in

How many people start a blog with that as a goal. Given the number of dead Make Money Online blogs like this you’ll find out there it seems that many people decided that “I might as well enjoy my life  And watch the stars play.”

7. Bruce Springsteen - Prove It All Night

You hear the voices telling you not to go,
They made their choices and they’ll never know,
What it means to steal, to cheat, to lie,
What it’s like to live and die.

This is one of my favorite Springsteen songs and one of three songs I wrote about a while ago in relation to my Social Blogging Success series.

6. Nada Surf - Popular

I’m the party star
I’m popular

This song, a sarcastic look at high school popularity, was also one of that catalysts for my Social Blogging Success series, particularly the ‘fake it until you make it’ part.

5. Pink Floyd - Money

Money, its a gas.
Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash.
New car, caviar, four star daydream,
Think Ill buy me a football team.

Hmmm…who has a new car and caviar on their blog that might match up well with this satirical view of crass commercialism?

4. Henry Rollins - Liar

I’ll hide behind a smile
And understanding eyes
And I’ll tell you things that you already know
So you can say
I really identify with you, so much

This song/spoken word performance is by one of punk rock’s most intense front men. While the song is about a user/abuser in a romantic relationship it can also apply to the way some of the top “Make Money Online” bloggers abuse and use their loyal followers.

3. Cyndi Lauper - Money Changes Everything

Ah but everybody’s only
Looking out for themselves
And you say well who can you trust
I’ll tell you its just

I wrote about this one back in my Social Blogging Success series as well.

2. Spinal Tap - Gimme Some Money

But baby I don’t intend to leave empty handed
Gimme some money, gimme some money

You visit some blogs and this song seems to be the theme, doesn’t it? Well, I’m kind of guilty too I guess with my Big Honkin’ Ads and Inline EPN ads.

1. Queen - I Want It All

I’m a man with a one track mind
So much to do in one lifetime
Not a man for compromise and where’s and why’s and living lies
So I’m living it all, yes I’m living it all
And I’m giving it all, and I’m giving it all

I guess this one is for someone who wants to reach the top.

That’s mine, feel free to add your own in a comment.


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Comment by Rich Hill
2008-08-17 10:27:26

Killer post!

Money, Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll Baby!

Stumbled and Dugg!

Rich Hill

Comment by jfc
2008-08-20 07:17:47

Thanks Rich and thank you for stopping by.

Comment by Mike
2008-08-17 13:55:19

What fun. I was singing away in my head. Finding those kinds of connections is what distinguishes real thinking from search algorithms.

Comment by jfc
2008-08-20 07:18:30

Hi Mike,

That won’t stop Google from trying. :)

Comment by Blog for Beginners
2008-08-17 14:46:19

Though I’m not a fan of Rock n Roll, I enjoy your creative version of blogging tips. I’ll go for #1 Queen as my favorite. Great idea, Frank and thanks for the shout.


Comment by jfc
2008-08-20 07:20:53

Hi Yan,

As you might guess, I am a big rock fan.

Queen has a number of good ones that would fit. I’d have to give honorable mention to Somebody to Love.

Comment by Grizzly
2008-08-17 16:12:47

Frank that was original - kudos. Thanks for the luv as well. Now to get those darn songs out of my head… ;-)

2008-08-17 19:10:41

“I can’t get no satisfaction, and I try and I tryyyyy” - that’s what Im going to sing at the big G now! Great post Lissie

Comment by jfc
2008-08-20 07:30:03

Hi Lissie,

You Can’t Always Get What You Want from Google but you can ask them to Gimme Shelter before you have your 19th Nervous Breakdown. :)

Comment by Lin Burress
2008-08-18 01:37:43

LOL, that was fun Frank! Your list of the Top 10 Rock and Roll Blogging Tips of All Time cracked me up and brought back memories from when I was um… heh. How am I supposed to go to sleep now with these songs stuck in my head? :)

Comment by jfc
2008-08-20 07:34:44

Hi Lin,

I guess I should have thrown in some rap/hip-hop songs to be a little more modern but I don’t listen to them with only a few exceptions.

Comment by Rhonda Holland
2008-08-18 13:44:10

Frank, I think you should add Culture Club’s “Do You Really Want To Hurt Me” it would go nicely with Vic’s BU header of “The Truth Hurts, So Be Ready”

I wonder if we could get Vic to do a video post dressed as Boy George? Everyone loved the clown video.


Comment by jfc
2008-08-20 07:35:32

Hi Rhonda,

Now that would be really scary!

Comment by JR
2008-08-18 20:02:15

Thanks Frank, very cool list and I like many of those songs as well, especially Weezer!

Comment by jfc
2008-08-20 07:36:20

Hi JR,

Weezer is one of my wife’s favorite groups so I get to hear their music often.

Comment by Cheap GPS Systems
2008-08-20 01:34:46

Frank, what a great idea and you carried it off with perfection. But right now all I can hear in my head is Mic Jagger shouting about how he can’t get no satisfaction! Thanks a bunch…

Comment by jfc
2008-08-20 07:37:30

Hi Cheap GPS,

You’ve gotta have pre-owned domains to get BANS satisfaction from Google, right. ;)

2008-08-20 19:10:45

[…] post. Well, the first half comes courtesy of Optempo. Over on that blog, you’ll find the top 10 rock and roll blogging tips of all time. From Weezer to Spinal Tap, rockers have blogging tips to share with […]

Comment by Luxury Paris Hotels
2008-09-02 01:50:15

You have a warped mind Frank - nice post! Money,money,money from Caberat springs to mind too - but its not really rock and roll. Lissie

Comment by kouji
2008-09-24 05:14:39

nice list. :D maybe, ‘under pressure’ for me. chasing and chasing backlinks and serps spots. :O

Comment by Jonathan Meager
2009-01-13 10:58:22

How about ‘Smells like teen spirit’:

“I feel stupid and contagious, here we are now entertain us”

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