Samsung MyShot SCH-R430 Review

Here’s a video, first look, review of the Samsung MyShot SCH-R430 that is distributed by Metro PCS in the US courtesy of Hulu and CNet.



Like many previous phones offered by MetroPCS the Samsung MyShot SCH-R430 is yet another affordable, but rather uninspiring, phone. As the name implies it sports a camera but it isn’t all that great at 1.3 megapixels with only 20mb of RAM backing it up. You would probably be better off just getting a small camera rather than mixing functions. However, the phone is small and compact so that is a plus if you don’t want to be weighted down with multiple devices.

One interesting feature of the Samsung MyShot SCH-R430 is a built-in tip calculator, I guess for people who aren’t good with calculating percentages using the regular calculator that’s also built in, go figure. Other features are pretty typical for phones in the price range such as Bluetooth and a wireless Web browsing. Reviewers have praised the call quality of the Samsung MyShot although the user interface for some functions is rather obtuse, typical of many cell phones these days.

At $149 without a contract the Samsung MyShot SCH-R430 won’t hurt your pocketbook but you won’t be turning any heads with it or making a ’statement’ like you would with some higher end, more expensive, phones, like that one that begins with a lower case ‘i’. But, the Samsung MyShot will get the job done. And, if you look around, you might find one at a nice discount.


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Comment by Luxury Paris Hotels
2008-08-09 07:34:21

LOL dont think the Samsung MyShot SCH-R430 is going to beat the iPhone for cool! A $20 phone works for me: a function to calculate a tip -only in the US - I guess that’s why I can’t buy a Samsung MyShot SCH-R430 in Australia !

2008-08-09 07:57:56

Oh so cool Samsung MyShot SCH-R430 I want a pink one! LOL - just kidding if I was going to spend that sort of money I’d want an iPHone!

Comment by Cheap Sprint Phones
2008-08-10 01:11:48

I’ve never cared one way or another about “making a statement” — and certainly not with my phone for goodness sake! — but it doesn’t look like the Samsung MyShot SCH-R430 is much of a buy.

2008-08-16 23:04:42

Too bad the camera has only 1.3 megapixels and only 20mb of RAM. I am all for multi-purpose electronic gadgets, but only if the quality remains the same or better than individual gadgets. I agree it would probably be better to just get a small camera rather than mixing functions.

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