Kodak EasyShare Z1275 12MP/720p Digital Camera Review

Today’s review takes a look at the Kodak EasyShare Z1275 12MP/720p Digital Camera with 5x Optical Zoom. How does this inexpensive digital camera stack up against the competition?  Does it have any quirks you should be aware of? Is the Kodak EasyShare Z1275 a good purchase to make or should you wait? We’ll look for answers in this review.

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First, we’ll review the basic specs of the Kodak EasyShare Z1275. The 12 megapixel resolution insures that you can get higher quality prints than most other cameras in the same price range that have between 4 and 8 megapixels. The 5x optical zoom is a plus that will result in higher quality photos as well at both a distance and close-up shots. There are numerous settings for different lighting levels which is another nice touch. The rest is pretty standard like MPEG4 Quicktime videos and 64 MB internal memory with SD/SDHC/MMC card expansion capability. 

OK, how well does the Kodak EasyShare Z1275 12MP/720p Digital Camera perform? First of all, you will find the 64MB of internal memory rather paltry so you will want to purchase a compatible 2GB card to get the most from the camera. Be aware though that the Kodak EasyShare Z1275 is rather picky about the SD memory cards it will use. Another notable quirk of the Kodak EasyShare Z1275 is that it will eat up a standard battery quickly so Ni-NH rechargeables are recommended.

From a photographer’s point of view, the flash is a weak point on the  Kodak EasyShare Z1275. I’ve always had problems with flashes on these low end digitals and this one is no exception to that rule. Another bit of quirkiness that someone who grew up with analog cameras won’t like is the lag time between pictures. Often you’ll get the ‘processing’ message while snapping a sequence of shots. It’s common with digitals and the Kodak EasyShare Z1275 seems worse than average in this area. The lack of a viewfinder is another thing that I found annoying.

So far as taking pictures, the Kodak EasyShare Z1275 12MP/720p Digital Camera isn’t going to set the world on fire. It is perfectly adequate for your average vacation photography and casual usage. It should work well enough to take pictures for selling on eBay and the like. The color quality isn’t the best I’ve seen although the photos taken with it are high enough quality for easy color tweaking with Photoshop or the like.

Bottom line, the Kodak EasyShare Z1275 12MP/720p Digital Camera has decent features and isn’t a bad camera for the price you’re likely to buy it for these days. Remember though that you’re buying an inexpensive digital camera with a few quirks that may or may not be acceptable to you. Also remember that by spending about $200-400 more you can purchase a much better digital camera than the Kodak EasyShare Z1275 so you may want to save your money if that is a consideration for you. 


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Comment by Web Services India
2008-08-05 14:05:52

Usually I like a camera which is less expensive and quality product. In this regard z1275 is the best idea to purchase. It is worth making your dreams come true.

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