Save Money with an Electric Tankless Water Heater

How many times have you heard, “Honey, don’t use all the hot water!”? Have you looked at your gas bill lately and seen how much it’s gone up? The solution to this problem may very well be an Electric Tankless Water Heater. In this article we’ll look at the basics of this type of hot water heater and what kind of money savings you can expect from buying and installing one.

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First, let’s take a look at the basics of Electric Tankless Water Heaters. These water heaters provide hot water only as it is needed unlike traditional hot water heaters that have a reservoir of heated water that need constant replenishing and reheating. When a Tankless Water Heater is called into action cold water flows into the unit and is heated at a rate of about 2 to 5 gallons a minute depending on the unit. This is generally sufficient for an average household although heavy hot water users and large families may want multiple tankless water heaters or larger units.

Are there any cons to owning an Electric Tankless Water Heater? Yes, there are. As I mentioned your heated water flow will be about 2-5 gallons a minute. Therefore you will need to use flow limiting faucets to use them most efficiently. If you use a dishwasher and a shower at the same time you may push the water heater too hard unless you have them on separate water lines. In fact, you’ll see the best energy cost reduction and efficiency by installing multiple Tankless Water Heaters.

Energy cost savings with Electric Tankless Water Heaters is very good as compared to traditional gas fired hot water heaters. An Electric Tankless Water Heater will cost about $25 a month on average while a gas water heater can cost upward of $80 a month to operate in an average household at today’s high energy prices. This means that you’ll recoup the cost of the Electric Tankless Water Heater within a few months time.

What’s involved in buying and installing an Electric Tankless Water Heater? Surprisingly it isn’t that expensive or difficult. Since these units are relatively lightweight they can be purchased at a discount over the Internet, often with free shipping. Installation of a Tankless Water Heater is fairly straightforward for someone with a little electrical wiring and plumbing knowledge and even if you pay to have it done by a pro it shouldn’t be all that expensive.

If high energy costs are getting you down or if your current traditional hot water heater isn’t doing its job that well in your house, consider replacing it with an Electric Tankless Water Heater.


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2008-07-15 04:27:45

We have Electric Tankless Water Heaterin the flat we rent now: I am more used to the gas version - but they both work great and save the huge waste of space which is a hot water cylinder. I have never really understood why the Electric Tankless Water Heater is not a lot more commmon: so u can’t run the dishwasher and a shower at the time - big deal thats what a delayed start is for! Much better having a Electric Tankless Water Heater and never running out of water again !

Comment by jfc
2008-07-15 10:44:21

Hi Vacation,

They have become very popular in new and renovated apartments (aka flats outside the US) because of the energy cost savings from the Electric Tankless Water Heater. Not to mention the reduced maintenance costs.

It is true that there are gas Tankless Water Heaters available but the cost savings is less than with electric in most cases due to the high cost of propane and natural gas right now.

Another way to save with these water heaters is using them to supplement a solar water heater on cloudy days or at night.

2008-07-15 16:06:56

I hope I can find an Electric Tankless Water Heater here in the Philippines when the regular one I have craps out. Somehow, I think that’s going to be a challenge.

Comment by jfc
2008-07-15 16:27:16

Hi RT,

Some Electric Tankless Water Heaters are made in China and may be available in your local Philippine market. Many of these, especially cheaper ones, are point-of-use, rather than whole house, and will have a showerhead assembly included with them.

Comment by Judy Online
2008-07-16 14:14:14

Electric Tankless Water Heaters are very popular here in the United Kingdom. One of my children had one installed when they when they renovated a small bathroom in their flat. This was some years ago, and truthfully, the specific model of Electric Tankless Water Heater that they bought was not particularly good.

But a friend of mine recently installed one in her flat, and she’s thrilled with it. I think they’ve come a long way over the last decade.

Comment by Run Your Car On Water
2008-08-03 18:24:09

its amazing what can be done these days lol..

Comment by do it yourself
2009-03-07 11:43:52

Looks like an efficient answer to the on demand propane water heater which isn’t really all that effecient.

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