How To Buy Vintage Golf Clubs

Here’s an unexpected sports hobby, Collecting and Buying Vintage Golf Clubs. It’s surprising, given how much technology has gone into designing modern golf clubs but some people love to collect these old golf clubs just for fun or even to play a few rounds with. Why are vintage golf clubs an increasingly popular collectible? What should the vintage golf club collector look for in a club? What are some of the best ways to buy a vintage golf club? Let’s take an overview of this hobby.

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Why do like to buy vintage golf clubs? For one, to save money. Considering that new high tech clubs will often set you back several hundred dollars, finding a vintage set of clubs for a lot less is an attractive deal. Many of these old golf clubs are good enough for the once a month duffer who doesn’t want to have a huge investment in clubs.

Some people just love the look and feel of vintage golf clubs and may admire old masters like Sam Snead or Lee Trevino and enjoy playing with one of their vintage signature club sets. These clubs can not only be great to play with but can also be an excellent decor item for an office or club room.

Others like the improvement playing with old golf clubs gives their game. New, high tech, clubs help you compensate for bad shots to some degree. Vintage golf clubs are ‘truth detectors’ when it comes to how you swing. Older clubs don’t help you in this area so you can work on areas of your golf game that need improvement without any high tech help.

When selecting a vintage golf club or set of clubs you should check the following items. First, make sure that the club has good grips if you’re intending on using it for playing. If the grips are worn or don’t fit you consider having the club regripped. You will also want to inspect the golf club for the condition of the head. There should be no rust or cracks or peeling chrome. Other club hardware should be in good shape as well. On a wood, make sure the finish is intact or consider having it refinished. When buying vintage clubs online always check the reputation of the seller and request good photographs and information before you commit to a purchase.

I hope this overview of How To Buy Vintage Golf Clubs has been helpful to you.


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Comment by jatin naik
2008-07-13 06:12:20

Woods to become first billionaire athlete by 2010: Report

2008-07-13 09:51:48

My golf game has a lot of room for improvement playing with old golf clubs may be new approach for me! Odd how vintage golf clubs hold their appeal isn’t it: every thing old is new again!

Comment by Buy Gothic Dresses
2008-07-13 14:14:26

I’m not a golf fan, yet even I can see the appeal of some of these beautiful vintage golf clubs, particularly the woods.

2009-09-19 17:36:04

Very nice guide indeed! You should also ask seller about return policy - remember, you are buying a vintage, not new one! 30 money back would be great, remember that. And one more thing - ALWAYS ask for hi res pictures, as there are a lot of scamers out there!

2010-01-17 23:24:52

I would consider vintage golf clubs rather for collecting than playing ;) But as for collectibles - it is as good idea as anything else. If someone is really serious about that and want his collection to have some value - should build it with care and like other commentators advise - should stay in touch with the seller when buying online, and make sure that is buying what description says, and be protected by return policy…. Otherwise, why not to buy whatever feels good to you - it’s all about great fun - isn’t it?

Comment by Sarah
2010-05-11 04:48:22

I have been beginning to learn playing golf recently. Do you know what brand of golf clubs is best for a beginner like me? Thanks :)

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