How to Buy Longaberger Baskets

Longaberger baskets have been a collectible item for nearly 90 years. These handcrafted baskets, such as the Medium Market Basket, have been sold primarily through independent home consultants. In recent years, there has been a secondary market growing online in rare retired Longaberger baskets . Fakes and replicas have also appeared. What should you look for in a collectible Longaberger basket and how can you avoid being duped by fakes?

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First of all, you’ll find a Longaberger stamp on the bottom of every authentic Longaberger basket. In addition to the stamp, you’ll also see the date the basket was made along with the signature of the weaver who made it. This personal touch is one of the things that not only displays the pride in craftsmanship but that helps authenticate the basket as genuine. Baskets made prior to 1978 may not be signed, however, the logo should still be there.

Some very rare Longaberger Baskets were made by company founder J.W. Longaberger. These may be unsigned and have other identifying characteristics. Should you suspect that you’ve found one you should contact the company to verify the authenticity of the basket.

The Longaberger logo has changed over the years although the title text will always say “Longaberger” or “Longaberger Baskets” along with “Dresden OH” or “Dresden, OH USA”, the city where Longaberger Baskets are made.

Occasionally Longaberger releases factory seconds. You can identify these baskets by their blacked out logo. Beware of dishonest sellers trying to sell these as regular production items.

One last indicator of authenticity is that real Longaberger baskets are made from hardwood maple splints. Handles are also made of hardwood like oak. Cheap replicas or fakes are made from other, cheaper, woods and this isn’t to hard to spot, particularly if you get a chance to see them side by side.

I hope you have found this information helpful when it comes to How to Buy Longaberger Baskets. Please feel free to add any additional information you might have about these baskets.


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2008-07-10 19:11:10

YOu are forever introducing me to new facets of American culture: these Longaberger baskets are not well known outside the USA. I don’t really have the space at the moment to collect Longaberger baskets but they are so attractive I bet that rare retired Longaberger baskets do well for years to come

Comment by Germz
2008-07-10 19:47:54

Hahaha wow I never knew what they were called.

Comment by Fergus Mayhew
2008-07-11 02:37:14

Authentic Longaberger baskets are very beautiful. One of my aunts collects them, and I was able to persuade her to let me have a Longaberger paper tray basket which sits proudly on my desk.

There is something very nice about seeing a piece of real craftsmanship and hand work in a largely sterile and technical environment like my computer desk.

Comment by Judy Online
2008-07-11 07:20:26

I had one of these Longaberger baskets but until I read your article I had no idea of their prestige and heritage. A friend from America gave me one some years ago, and it sits by my chair. I use it to hold my embroidery supplies.

Comment by Fort Wayne Indiana
2008-07-11 20:45:09

I used to auctioneer and it never ceased to amaze me just how much collectors would pay for Longaberger baskets. I have a few auctioneer friends that hold annual auctions with nothing but Longaberger baskets. Its crazy the demand for those baskets. I believe they have lifetime warranty and you can send them in to have the repaired if necessary but not certain.

2008-07-31 23:37:28

Longaberger baskets used to be made in Ohio. I wonder if they still are. I remember seeing a newspaper article about twenty years ago showing their new corporate headquarters. It was a giant replica of a Longaberger market basket, complete with handles. It was an expensive building and required special architectural considerations. Imagine driving through the backroads of Ohio and seeing a huge concrete market basket in the middle of a field!

Comment by Arlette
2008-08-17 12:53:29

I am a Longaberger Home Consultant and wanted to reply to let you know that the Longaberger baskets are still made right here in the good ol USA in Frazysburg Ohio. If you ever get a chance to visit the Homestead you can take a walk through the factory and watch the weavers hard at work. You can even go to the Make A Basket shop and sign up to make a basket with a weaver’s guidance right there in the Factory the day of your visit. That is a true treasure to be passed down for generations to come! :) One look at these baskets and the great craftmanship put behind them is obvious. They are thee best quality hand woven baskets you can buy. Feel free to email me if you have any further questions that I may assist you with concerning Longaberger baskets.

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