Philips GoGear SA2825 Review

Here’s a video review of the Philips GoGear SA2825. This MP3 player is one of the new, small, inexpensive players that are hitting the market right now. Let’s see what this review, courtesy of Hulu says about the Philips GoGear SA2825 (I’ll recap for non-US visitors who can’t see Hulu videos)

To recap, the Philips GoGear SA2825 is a 2GB flash memory based MP3 player. It measures a tiny 1.5 inches square by .5 inches thick. One neat thing about this player is that it includes a generous 1 inch screen. The control buttons are on the sides of the screen. The reviewer gave the Sansa Clip higher marks on sound quality than the Philips GoGear SA2825.

Would the Philips GoGear SA2825 make my short list of players to buy? No, it would not. Why? Because it unfortunately lacks subscription music support and the sound quality is questionable. One thing that I’ve found about any digital music player is having the right EQ adjustments pays big dividends in the listening quality of unit. So far as non-iPod players go, I think Creative Zen and Sansa have the others beat in this area. Another concern I’d have would be the size of the control buttons. This might make it a bit clumsy to use if you have larger hands.

I think the Philips GoGear SA2825 will appeal to people who like the small size and the small price but I agree with the video reviewer. There are some better options so far as small, inexpensive, MP3 Players go than the Philips GoGear SA2825.


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Comment by Halim-Belajar SEO
2008-07-08 04:04:23

Can you put image for non-visitor next time?

Comment by Cheap Anime Games
2008-07-08 06:31:35

Well, that player really is extremely small. Of course, with that size come limitations as you point out, and if the Philips GoGear SA2825 only has two gigs of memory I’m not certain how useful it would be to me. However, to have a 1 inch screen in a player that is only 1.5 inches square, is quite impressive.

On the whole, I’ve never been very impressed with Philips equipment, and I agree that a lack of subscription music support is a downer. Although, the vast majority of music I listen to is ripped from my own CDs, so perhaps there wouldn’t be such a problem. Thanks for the review of the Philips GoGear SA2825, I appreciate it.

Comment by All About Nothing
2008-07-08 06:39:01

The Philips GoGear SA2825 is quite an impressive looking MP3 player, but I think I’m probably going to pass based on your review.

What I’m really looking for is an ultra cheap little MP3 player, just something to play music — it doesn’t need a screen — but that I don’t mind losing if worst comes to worst.

For situations where I know that my MP3 player will be secure, I’m very happy with my current iPod. I’d love to also have a cheap and cheerful “throwaway” MP3 player that I could take on a hike, or to the pool, or really to any place where there is a danger that it might get damaged or stolen. Any suggestions for a good candidate?

Comment by Fergus Mayhew
2008-07-08 10:14:57

Well, eBay is usually a good source for cheap electronics. I would imagine that you could pick up, for instance, a Creative Zen Stone MP3 player for a pretty good price.

Sounds like the widget is not much of a buy. Oh, and one other suggestion… keep an eye on Woot, where they quite often have refurbed and close-out equipment at very good prices.

Comment by jfc
2008-07-08 13:03:50

Hi Nothing,

I have a 1GB Coby MP550 that I’m using right now until I get a better replacement. I’ll do a full review of it soon but it was very cheap ($12). I’ve used other Coby players in the past and they’re pretty decent, very cheap, MP3 players.

Comment by All About Nothing
2008-07-08 13:31:52

Great, thanks for the lead … I’ll take a look at those.

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2008-07-31 23:48:56

Thanks for letting us know what inexpensive mp3 player NOT to buy. I like your reviews, Frank. You give just enough information to make an informed decision.

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