Sennheiser MX70 Sport Earbuds Review

I’ve been a fan of Sennheiser headphones for a while so I thought I’d take a look at the Sennheiser MX70 Sport Earbuds in this review. How do these low price earbud headphones weigh in against more expensive Sennheiser models and their competitors? Do they offer an improvement over stock earbuds or is the Sennheiser MX70 Sport Earbuds not much improvement? Let’s examine these questions, shall we?

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Aesthetically speaking, you had better like bright green with these earbuds because the Sennheiser MX70 Sport only comes in a bright, sporty, green. Assuming you get past the color, which people seem to either love or hate with little middle ground, what else is there to consider in this department? Another weak point of this earbud is the cord length, a stingy 22.5 inches. This isn’t bad if you’re a shorter person but if you’re around six feet tall, it’s going to be a bit too short for you. I don’t know about you but I dislike such short cords. The cord is symmetrical which helps some but not enough.

The sound quality of the Sennheiser MX70 Sport Earbuds is adequate but not outstanding. Sennheiser is known for above average sound quality but, in order to compete in the lower end of the earbud headphone market, they appear to have cut some corners on the MX70 Sport. I don’t think you’ll see a dramatic improvement in sound from these, particular over stock iPod earbuds. If you want better quality sound, you’ll need to spend more. That’s just the way things are.

The last thing to consider is that there are a number of complaints about how well the Sennheiser MX70 Sport Earbuds fit people’s ears. Some people had trouble getting them to fit comfortably or to stay in their ear, particularly when exercising. While these earbuds come with interchangeable adapters, the two-sizes-fits-all approach doesn’t seem to work so well with this earbud set. If your ear structure fits, then it works well, otherwise, it’s frustration city with the Sennheiser MX70. 

My recommendation would be to hold on to your money and save up to get the Sennheiser CX series or a Maximo iM 490. I think you’ll find those earbuds a much better choice than the Sennheiser MX70 Sport Earbuds.


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Comment by Jacob Angel
2008-07-06 04:03:55

It seems like an incredibly bad idea for Sennheiser to sacrifice sound quality in order to bring the price point down. They’ve managed to achieve a really good brand awareness by selling high quality earphones with excellent sound.

Why bother selling something that isn’t as good as the rest of their range, simply in order to compete with a bunch of other manufacturers who don’t share their commitment to creating quality headphones?

Thanks for the heads up about the Sennheiser MX70 Sport Earbuds, I’ll be sure to steer clear of those.

Comment by Buy Gothic Dresses
2008-07-06 04:10:02

Bright green? Are you serious? Bright green? Just on the color alone, there is no way that I would ever buy these Sennheiser MX70 Sport Earbuds.

What a horrid fashion statement that would make … My Gothic dresses — which of course are largely black — paired with a set of bright green headphones.

And given that the sound isn’t very good either for the Sennheiser MX70 Sport Earbuds, according to your review, these really would make a very bad buy for me, or any other Goth girl!

2008-07-06 11:03:36

Ugly green or not, I see that the Sennheiser MX70 Sport Earbuds are todays offer on for $13 plus $5 shipping. At that price, I might not be too fussy about the sound quality!

Comment by jfc
2008-07-06 15:01:14

Hi Frogskin,

It’s my opinion that the sound quality and comfort quality of these earbuds aren’t a significant improvement over the stock earbud headphones that come with the iPod, Sansa, Zune or other decent quality digital music players. If someone is seeking a cheap replacement for a lost or broken earphone set, then they might be a good deal. But, if they’re looking for a quality upgrade, then they should save their money.

2008-07-07 10:11:23

Thanks for the tip. In the end, I just let the Woot come and go … they’ve had enough of my cash over the last few months. I’m serious, that site is like crack for geeks.

Glad I passed on the Sennheiser MX70 Sport Earbuds … I’ll look for an alternative elsewhere.

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Comment by jfc
2008-07-07 10:37:06

Hi Sunglasses,

(I’m entertained by these keyword rich names, that’s one reason why I allow them)

You can always find good closeout deals on electronics gear and many other products. Somebody is always running a sale or coupon or rebate deal. Sometimes a deal isn’t such a good deal and there are better alternative products available. That’s one of my goals with my reviews, to provide a good, realistic, look at products that are on sale and if they’re a good deal or not.

2008-07-08 13:35:57

I know, sometimes I feel like introducing myself as Mr. Frogskin. I guess I should be glad I don’t have a site offering free coupons for Preparation H!

Comment by tony
2008-12-31 15:39:37

Interesting preview! It can be useful for us. Well, that is if we knew what it was actually about, headphones, and we weren’t comment spamming software.

Comment by Kitchen Remodeling
2009-01-24 11:34:28

Thanks for the info on these earbuds. I’m always looking for cheap replacements myself because I usually break or lose these things so easily. My wife says that I should buy them in bulk. :)

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