How To Buy Vintage Bakelite Jewelry

Collecting Vintage Bakelite Jewelry is a popular among those hobbyists who just like to collect vintage jewelry and those who like to wear these retro pieces of jewelry. In this article, we’ll take a look at collecting Bakelite Jewelry and how to buy Bakelite Jewelry in the online marketplace.

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Although Bakelite was officially invented in 1907, people didn’t start making jewelry from it until the 1930’s when less expensive jewelry was needed in the marketplace. The most common Bakelite Jewelry pieces were those that were popular at this time. These include bangles, usually polka dotted or in bright colors, and various pins. Butterscotch and pea green are the most common colors you’ll find. Swirl pieces, made from different colors swirled together at the end of the manufacturing day are popular too.

Even though some pieces of Vintage Bakelite Jewelry are a bit steep in price, there are affordable choices out there for you to consider. Dress clips and less elaborate pins are usually quite reasonable. Commonly available bangles are another option for the casual Vintage Bakelite Jewelry collector.  But how do you avoid being ripped off with a fake or reproduction?

Unlike some collectible markets, the Vintage Bakelite Jewelry market isn’t overrun with fakes although they’re out there. One important distinction to make is that there are great pieces of Bakelite Jewelry made from vintage genuine Bakelite stock that was never used and Bakelite recycled from old radio cases and the like. As long as this is stated up front, it’s OK. This is often a good way to get an exquisite piece of Bakelite Jewelry at a good price.

Unfortunately, there are some people who import fake Bakelite items and sell them as the real thing. You can tell a fake by a few simple signs. A fake will have a chalky looking appearance on the carving ridges that can’t be removed by simply dusting the spot. If you tap two pieces of genuine Bakelite together they’ll make a distinctive ‘clunk’ sound. Fakes won’t do this. Another good test to do is to look for wear, such as scratches, on the piece of Bakelite jewelry. Bakelite was subject to wear and a pristine piece of jewelry would be kind of suspect. And, as always when buying online where you can’t examine the piece of Bakelite first, check the reputation of the seller to insure that you aren’t dealing with a ripoff artist.

I hope this article has given you some insights into How To Buy Vintage Bakelite Jewelry Online.


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Comment by Luxury Destinations
2008-06-27 20:47:38

Collecting Vintage Bakelite! You find a new collectable every day don’t you. I associate Vintage Bakeite with those old brittle electic kettles which you probably have never seen if you are under 40. I also have some old furniture with vinage bakeite handles. You have some quite attractive bakelite here though :I might consider Collecting Vintage Bakelite

Comment by jfc
2008-06-29 10:56:19

Hi Lissie,

People collect all sorts of things. Vintage Bakelite jewelry is just one example. My parents love going to auctions where they can buy stuff like bakelite pieces and resell them in antique store booths and online.

2008-07-01 00:40:55

Frank, I had no idea Bakelite was that old! I have fond memories of the stuff from my childhood. I am sure my grandmother had several pair of earrings from the stuff. I remember that distinctive sound of Bakelite clinking together. I know my mom had a purse with a bakelite handle. Now you make me want to go to the thrift stores and find a piece of memorable Bakelite!

Comment by Buy Gothic Dresses
2008-07-01 08:35:28

I have some beautiful black vintage Bakelite jewelry that complements my gothic dresses perfectly.

It’s all genuine Bakelite stock and you’re right, the fake Bakelite doesn’t compare with really high-quality vintage Bakelite jewelry.

Comment by Cheap Gift Card
2008-07-01 12:09:50

I would have never thought that there were people who collected Vintage Bakelite Jewelry. I will have to put it on my radar of things to look for at yard sales and flea markets.

Vintage Bakelite Jewelry, yet another niche market on eBay. eBay rocks!

Comment by Judy Online
2008-07-02 04:20:44

When I was younger than I am now (I won’t go into the details of my age). I had a lot of genuine bakelite jewelry. How foolish of me to get rid of it all years ago … I now see it on sale in antique stores locally, for remarkably high prices.

And incidentally, yes, I do find it ever so slightly offensive to see the vintage bakelite jewelry that I bought as a young woman being sold in “antique” stores … I may be a little older than some people, but I certainly don’t think I’m an antique!

Comment by Jacob Angel
2008-07-04 06:54:31

I don’t remember my grandmother having vintage bakelite jewelry, but pride of place in her dining room was given to a beautiful Bakelite radio. It was a gorgeous deep brown color, with cream trimmings and a cloth mesh over the speaker. I remember being fascinated that there were push buttons that switched the station directly, because they had been preset. I’d never seen a radio like that.

Sadly, after my grandma’s death, the house was emptied and sold and I have no idea what happened to that wonderful radio. Bakelite has such a beautiful look to it, almost a glow, and it would be nice to still have that radio as a memory of her.

2008-07-09 03:00:02

Vintage Bakelite Jewelry is just beautiful - I much prefer unusual jewelry such as Vintage Bakelite Jewelry rather than the normal precious and semi-precious stones. It has to texture and interesting patterns Vintage Bakelite Jewelry has a glow like good greenstone

Comment by do it yourself
2009-03-07 11:45:06

I’ve never even heard of this jewlry, apparently it was or is quite popular.

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