Buying Tips for a Used MontBlanc Fountain Pen

Montblanc is considered one of the best makers of fountain pens and other fine writing instruments in the world.  Montblanc was founded in 1906 in Hamburg, Germany was acquired by Dunhill in the 1970’s. Montblanc fountain pens are known as not only as a great writing instrument but for their status symbol appeal as well. As such, there are fakes and replicas out there so you must be wary when you wish to buy a Used MontBlanc Fountain Pen.

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First of all, you should know that all MontBlanc fountain pens feature their logo, a six pointed star that represents Mont Blanc, the tallest mountain in Europe. Since the mountain stands 4810 meters, Montblanc uses this number, 4810, often in their pens. This mountain logo is virtually always white on a black background. Replicas are typically the reverse of this.

Another important factor is that all authentic MontBlanc Fountain Pens have a serial number on the ring connected to the clip. Serial numbers a generally 2 letters with 7 numbers afterward but there are exceptions when there are fewer numbers, mainly for limited product runs. You will also see ‘Germany’, the country of origin, around the ring and clip as well. Replicas typically don’t have the serial number or otherwise don’t have authentic markings because repro makers can’t afford to put the time and craftsmanship into making their fake fountain pens.

You should always be wary of MontBlanc Meisterstuck pens since these are the most often faked. When buying online, make sure the seller has a good reputation. Of course, this is important in any online transaction. Make sure that the pictures are good quality and reveal enough detail for you to determine the authenticity of the Montblanc fountain pen as best you can. Good photos and descriptions are quite important.

While you may still encounter replica or fake MontBlanc fountain pens you can greatly reduce your chances of buying one by following these precautions. Then you will be happy with your purchase of a Used MontBlanc Fountain Pen.


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Comment by Buy Gothic Dresses
2008-07-02 04:02:49

I own a beautiful Montblanc fountain pen that my parents gave me for my 18th birthday. I used to write with it much more, but now that I spend so much time on the computer I find I write very little on paper, even with an old ballpoint pen let alone an authentic MontBlanc Fountain Pen.

Every so often, I will get my Montblanc fountain pen out if I’m writing a birthday card or a letter to a special someone. You’ve inspired me to go grab my Montblanc fountain pen once again… now I have to think who I’m going to write to. Can I use a fountain pen to comment on this blog?


2008-07-02 12:40:33

I’ve never owned a Montblanc fountain pen, but I do have a treasured Parker pen, which originally belonged to my grandfather. It’s used only on very special occasions, such as adding names to the family Bible.

Comment by Judy Online
2008-07-04 06:46:18

When my husband was still living we owned a shop in St. Peter Port market that was aimed primarily at tourists. Since Guernsey is a largely tax-free zone, we sold many luxury goods including Mont Blanc fountain pens. They really are amongst the best pens ever created.

Interesting that you should mention the problem with fake Mont Blanc fountain pens; we once had a salesman come into the shop and try and sell us some fakes. Since by that time we were both pretty expert at knowing all of the various makes and brands of fountain pens, which were just one of the many items that we sold in our shop, my husband kept him talking, while I called the local police.

He ended up paying quite a hefty fine, and lost all of his stock — not a nice business to take part in, the faking of luxury goods.

Comment by Joe
2008-07-07 21:26:07

I’ve never owned a Mont Blanc pen either. I am just a regular craftsman trying to get by. But I do really like fine pens and make ones similar to both the Parker and Mont Blanc…notice I said similar but not nearly as expensive or I guess as exquisite! I’ll keep trying.

Comment by All About Nothing
2008-07-08 08:29:57

Joe, I just took a look at the pens on your site, and they’re very beautiful. Some of the exotic woods that you use are just lovely. I particularly like the marblewood blank. While, as you say, you may not be making Parker or Mont Blanc pens, you are definitely making something gorgeous.

2009-05-04 01:16:49

I have never had a Montblanc fountain pen - though I still own my grandmother’s Parker fountain pen - I used to like writing with a fountain pen and used it all the way thru school and college - how old does that make me. I do think items such as Montblanc fountain pen will always be collectable because they are beautiful.

Comment by Tim M
2009-09-30 03:11:54

I own a Mont Blanc Meisterstuck ballpoint pen. Has anyone had the same problem as me in that the colour of the black ink has changed in the last two years and is now more grey? It is not as strong a black and weaker in colour than a $2 pen.
I sent back my refills back to the Sydney Mont Blanc store. The refills were damaged in the postal service and Mont Blanc has now said they are unable to help me, in spite of the product being faulty!
Great customer service for a ‘premium’ product! Be warned…

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